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Religious Studies

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Albert Wuaku

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Christine Gudorf

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Ana Maria Bidegain

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Reverse, Mission, Ghanaian, Immigrants, Lay, Charismatic, Pentecostalism, Christian, Restoration, Ministries, International, Church, African, Healing, Deliverance, Ministration, Christianity, Invented, Traditions, Agency, Preaching, Prophesying.

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For the past three decades, there has been a rapid growth of African Pentecostal Christianity on America’s Christian religious scene. In general, researchers in Christian mission studies have concluded that the flow of Christian religious currents from Africa and other Third World countries to the West is something of a Christian mission in reverse process. Using agency and invention of tradition as the theoretical leads, this study explores the roles lay immigrants played in the rooting of the Christian Restoration Ministries International (CRMI), a Ghanaian founded charismatic church, in Miami, as a case study of how African Pentecostal churches originate in America. The study also shows how the Christian Restoration Ministries International (CRMI), practices an invented version of Ghanaian Pentecostalism. The study is field-work based. It concludes that the so called reverse mission thrives on the crucial roles of lay African migrant worshipers and their inventiveness.





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