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Nongjian Tao

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Yesim Darici

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John T. Landrum

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Yifu Zhu

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Membrane-like structure formed by surfactant molecules of didodecyldimethylammonium bromide (DDAB) on both HOPG and gold electrodes were studied with AFM and SPR techniques. The study shows that the thickness of the adsorbed layer of DDAB is strongly dependent on the concentration of the vesicle solution.

We have also investigated the adsorption of redox protein, Cytochrome c, on graphite electrode with in situ tapping mode AFM. The protein adsorbs spontaneously onto the electrode covered with an adsorbed phosphate layer and forms a uniform monolayer. The adsorbed protein exhibits a reversible electron transfer at 0.17 V (Ag/AgCI) once the electrode potential has been increased to 0.75V.

Using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy we have measured subtle conformational change in protein, Cyt c, due to electron transfer of a single electron on MPA-coated gold electrode. The electron transfer induced change in the resonant angle is about 0.006 deg., which corresponds to ~ 0.2 A decreases in the thickness. This is consistent with that reduced state is more compact than the oxidized state.



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