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A new approach to enhance the bandwidth of Tightly Coupled Dipole Arrays (TCDA) is presented. The new design achieves the integration of a semi-resistive Frequency Selective Surface network (FSS) composed of a non-resistive low-pass FSS and two resistive band-stop FSSs. The integration of this FSS network within a dual-polarized Tightly Coupled Dipole Array (TCDA) led to an increased impedance bandwidth of 28:1 from 0.20GHz to 5.6GHz. Notably, the use of an FSS superstrate allowed for scanning down to 60° at VSWR < 3 in the E-plane and VSWR < 4 in the D- and H-planes. Additionally, the strategic use of the inserted low-pass FSS reduces the resistive effects above 2.5GHz for improved average efficiency. A array prototype was fabricated and tested to verify the bandwidth and gain of a finite array. The simulated radiation efficiency was demonstrated to be 83%, on average, across the band.