Multipurpose portable system for environmental, industrial, and medical applications

Abel Rolando Sierra, Florida International University


This dissertation is about the research carried on developing an MPS (Multipurpose Portable System) which consists of an instrument and many accessories. The instrument is portable, hand-held, and rechargeable battery operated, and it measures temperature, absorbance, and concentration of samples by using optical principles. The system also performs auxiliary functions like incubation and mixing. This system can be used in environmental, industrial, and medical applications. Research emphasis is on system modularity, easy configuration, accuracy of measurements, power management schemes, reliability, low cost, computer interface, and networking. The instrument can send the data to a computer for data analysis and presentation, or to a printer. This dissertation includes the presentation of a full working system. This involved integration of hardware and firmware for the micro-controller in assembly language, software in C and other application modules. The instrument contains the Optics, Transimpedance Amplifiers, Voltage-to-Frequency Converters, LCD display, Lamp Driver, Battery Charger, Battery Manager, Timer, Interface Port, and Micro-controller. The accessories are a Printer, Data Acquisition Adapter (to transfer the measurements to a computer via the Printer Port and expand the Analog/Digital conversion capability), Car Plug Adapter, and AC Transformer. This system has been fully evaluated for fault tolerance and the schemes will also be presented.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering|Environmental engineering|Industrial engineering|Biomedical research

Recommended Citation

Sierra, Abel Rolando, "Multipurpose portable system for environmental, industrial, and medical applications" (2000). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI9966111.