Monetary cost-efficient query distribution in ISDN-connected heterogeneous databases

Leonardo Haddad Loureiro, Florida International University


Current technology permits connecting local networks via high-bandwidth telephone lines. Central coordinator nodes may use Intelligent Networks to manage data flow over dialed data lines, e.g. ISDN, and to establish connections between LANs. This dissertation focuses on cost minimization and on establishing operational policies for query distribution over heterogeneous, geographically distributed databases. Based on our study of query distribution strategies, public network tariff policies, and database interface standards we propose methods for communication cost estimation, strategies for the reduction of bandwidth allocation, and guidelines for central to node communication protocols. Our conclusion is that dialed data lines offer a cost effective alternative for the implementation of distributed database query systems, and that existing commercial software may be adapted to support query processing in heterogeneous distributed database systems.

Subject Area

Computer science|Information Systems

Recommended Citation

Loureiro, Leonardo Haddad, "Monetary cost-efficient query distribution in ISDN-connected heterogeneous databases" (1998). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI9903432.