Construction of a model for an open system of teacher training in Taiwan

Wen-Teh Liu, Florida International University


The purpose of this study is to find an ideal teacher training model to be used in Taiwan, ROC. The teacher training model currently in use in Taiwan is no less than fifty years old, and although it served the nation well in its early days it is now the source of a major problem. It is clear that the teacher training model for secondary school teachers used in Taiwan is no longer appropriate in a society and must be changed. Utilizing a research approach grounded in document analysis this study revealed that although the Government of ROC has revised the system for training teachers, the new teacher model is still not appropriate in the society of Taiwan. The major problem with this model is seen as the imbalance it causes between the supply of secondary teachers and the demand for them in secondary schools around the nation. After analyzing the problem it is shown that the guarantee of placement in a paying teacher position after the student has received a free education is no longer providing the teachers needed in a developing country and instead it is causing an oversupply of teachers in a modern industrial society. Government sponsored research has shown that the oversupply of secondary teachers is costly and ineffective. This model is identified as a closed system of teacher training and it is shown that it needs to be changed. An analysis of the Florida system of teacher training is examined. After analysis, this model is shown to be an open system which provides no job guarantees and costs the government less. It is proposed that Taiwan consider adapting the Florida Model and creating a hybrid system of teacher education as a solution to its problem of over supply. The ideal teacher training model is shown as follows:

Subject Area

Curricula|Teaching|School administration|Teacher education

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Liu, Wen-Teh, "Construction of a model for an open system of teacher training in Taiwan" (1996). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI9621573.