Mechanical and electrical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by chemical vapor deposition

Yuehai Yang, Florida International University


Despite the tremendous application potentials of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) proposed by researchers in the last two decades, efficient experimental techniques and methods are still in need for controllable production of CNTs in large scale, and for conclusive characterizations of their properties in order to apply CNTs in high accuracy engineering. In this dissertation, horizontally well-aligned high quality single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) have been successfully synthesized on St-cut quartz substrate by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Effective radial moduli (Eradial) of these straight SWCNTs have been measured by using well-calibrated tapping mode and contact mode atomic force microscopy (AFM). It was found that the measured Eradial decreased from 57 to 9 GPa as the diameter of the SWCNTs increased from 0.92 to 1.91 nm. The experimental results were consistent with the recently reported theoretical simulation data. The method used in this mechanical property test can be easily applied to measure the mechanical properties of other low-dimension nanostructures, such as nanowires and nanodots. The characterized sample is also an ideal platform for electrochemical tests. The electrochemical activities of redox probes Fe(CN)63-/4-, Ru(NH3) 63+, Ru(bpy)32+ and protein cytochrome c have been studied on these pristine thin films by using aligned SWCNTs as working electrodes. A simple and high performance electrochemical sensor was fabricated. Flow sensing capability of the device has been tested for detecting neurotransmitter dopamine at physiological conditions with the presence of Bovine serum albumin. Good sensitivity, fast response, high stability and anti-fouling capability were observed. Therefore, the fabricated sensor showed great potential for sensing applications in complicated solution.

Subject Area

Condensed matter physics

Recommended Citation

Yang, Yuehai, "Mechanical and electrical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by chemical vapor deposition" (2013). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI3598143.