Filtering the international gender paradigm: Perspectives of gender in Barbados

Astrid Soyini Natasha Ellie Hurley, Florida International University


My work presents a place-specific analysis of how gender paradigms interact across and within spatial scales: the global, the regional, the national and the personal. It briefly outlines the concepts and measures defining the international gender paradigm, and explores the filtration of this paradigm into assessments and understandings of gender and gender dynamics by and within Barbados. It does this by analyzing the contents of reports of the Barbados government to international bodies assessing the country’s performance in the area of gender equality, and by analyzing gender-comparative content of local print news media over the decade of the 1990s, and the first decade of the 2000s. It contextualizes the discussion within the realm of social and economic development. The work shows how the almost singular focus on “women” in the international gender paradigm may depreciate valid gender concerns of men and thus hinder the overall goal of achieving gender equality, that is, achieving just, inclusive societies.

Subject Area

Caribbean Studies|International Relations|Gender studies

Recommended Citation

Ellie Hurley, Astrid Soyini Natasha, "Filtering the international gender paradigm: Perspectives of gender in Barbados" (2011). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI3502109.