Document understanding using data mining and machine learning techniques

Dingding Wang, Florida International University


With the explosive growth of the volume and complexity of document data (e.g., news, blogs, web pages), it has become a necessity to semantically understand documents and deliver meaningful information to users. Areas dealing with these problems are crossing data mining, information retrieval, and machine learning. For example, document clustering and summarization are two fundamental techniques for understanding document data and have attracted much attention in recent years. Given a collection of documents, document clustering aims to partition them into different groups to provide efficient document browsing and navigation mechanisms. One unrevealed area in document clustering is that how to generate meaningful interpretation for the each document cluster resulted from the clustering process. Document summarization is another effective technique for document understanding, which generates a summary by selecting sentences that deliver the major or topic-relevant information in the original documents. How to improve the automatic summarization performance and apply it to newly emerging problems are two valuable research directions. To assist people to capture the semantics of documents effectively and efficiently, the dissertation focuses on developing effective data mining and machine learning algorithms and systems for (1) integrating document clustering and summarization to obtain meaningful document clusters with summarized interpretation, (2) improving document summarization performance and building document understanding systems to solve real-world applications, and (3) summarizing the differences and evolution of multiple document sources.

Subject Area

Computer science

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Wang, Dingding, "Document understanding using data mining and machine learning techniques" (2010). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI3447450.