Optimizing the radiation pattern of smart antennas using genetic algorithms

Chao-Hsing Hsu, Florida International University


This work is directed towards optimizing the radiation pattern of smart antennas using genetic algorithms. The structure of the smart antennas based on Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA) is proposed. It is composed of adaptive antennas, each of which has adjustable weight elements for amplitudes and phases of signals. The corresponding radiation pattern formula available for the utilization of numerical optimization techniques is deduced. Genetic algorithms are applied to search the best phase-amplitude weights or phase-only weights with which the optimal radiation pattern can be achieved. One highlight of this work is the proposed optimal radiation pattern concept and its implementation by genetic algorithms. The results show that genetic algorithms are effective for the true Signal-Interference-Ratio (SIR) design of smart antennas. This means that not only nulls can be put in the directions of the interfering signals but also simultaneously main lobes can be formed in the directions of the desired signals. The optimal radiation pattern of a smart antenna possessing SDMA ability has been achieved. The second highlight is on the weight search by genetic algorithms for the optimal radiation pattern design of antennas having more than one interfering signal. The regular criterion for determining which chromosome should be kept for the next step iteration is modified so as to improve the performance of the genetic algorithm iteration. The results show that the modified criterion can speed up and guarantee the iteration to be convergent. In addition, the comparison between phase-amplitude perturbations and phase-only perturbations for the radiation pattern design of smart antennas are carried out. The effects of parameters used by the genetic algorithm on the optimal radiation pattern design are investigated. Valuable results are obtained.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering

Recommended Citation

Hsu, Chao-Hsing, "Optimizing the radiation pattern of smart antennas using genetic algorithms" (2002). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI3049802.