Control and Optimization of Energy Storage in AC and DC Power Grids

Samy Gamal Faddel Mohamed, Florida International University


Energy storage attracts attention nowadays due to the critical role it will play in the power generation and transportation sectors. Electric vehicles, as moving energy storage, are going to play a key role in the terrestrial transportation sector and help reduce greenhouse emissions. Bulk hybrid energy storage will play another critical role for feeding the new types of pulsed loads on ship power systems. However, to ensure the successful adoption of energy storage, there is a need to control and optimize the charging/discharging process, taking into consideration the customer preferences and the technical aspects. In this dissertation, novel control and optimization algorithms are developed and presented to address the various challenges that arise with the adoption of energy storage in the electricity and transportation sectors. Different decentralized control algorithms are proposed to manage the charging of a mass number of electric vehicles connected to different points of charging in the power distribution system. The different algorithms successfully satisfy the preferences of the customers without negatively impacting the technical constraints of the power grid. The developed algorithms were experimentally verified at the Energy Systems Research Laboratory at FIU. In addition to the charge control of electric vehicles, the optimal allocation and sizing of commercial parking lots are considered. A bi-layer Pareto multi-objective optimization problem is formulated to optimally allocate and size a commercial parking lot. The optimization formulation tries to maximize the profits of the parking lot investor, as well as minimize the losses and voltage deviations for the distribution system operator. Sensitivity analysis to show the effect of the different objectives on the selection of the optimal size and location is also performed. Furthermore, in this dissertation, energy management strategies of the onboard hybrid energy storage for a medium voltage direct current (MVDC) ship power system are developed. The objectives of the management strategies were to maintain the voltage of the MVDC bus, ensure proper power sharing, and ensure proper use of resources, where supercapacitors are used during the transient periods and batteries are used during the steady state periods. The management strategies were successfully validated through hardware in the loop simulation.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering|Automotive engineering|Energy|Systems science|Civil engineering|Sustainability|Natural Resource Management|Transportation

Recommended Citation

Mohamed, Samy Gamal Faddel, "Control and Optimization of Energy Storage in AC and DC Power Grids" (2019). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI28151125.