Such a Nice Man

Jack W Nease, Florida International University


In this novel, Gregory "Go" Overman, a Washington D.C. stock analyst, fears for the welfare of his beloved sister when she falls for a Florida billionaire with a shady reputation. While attempting to find evidence of the billionaire's chicanery, he gets involved with a young hooker his sister is attempting to rehabilitate. Beginning with a lie to his sister, Go's lust pulls him to such a low moral point he wonders if he's become no better than his greedy antagonist. But when tragedy strikes, he unearths secrets that enable him to avenge his sister and redeem himself. This novel is written from the viewpoint of a first-person narrator and contains four sections totaling forty-eight chapters.

Subject Area

American literature|Modern literature|Creative writing

Recommended Citation

Nease, Jack W, "Such a Nice Man" (1998). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI1392663.