A study of intrablack conflict and work attitudes within an African American organization

Max C Orezzoli, Florida International University


The present research evidences a field setting studying attitudinal and behavioral results of five Black group contacts. The research was designed, in part, to determine the demographic, cultural, social, and psychological factors associated with intrablack perceptions of conflict and work attitudes in an African American organization. Two organizational groups, African Americans and Caribbean/West Indians totaling 112 participants were studied. The objective of the research was to gain information about attitudinal levels perceived by each of the two groups. Each group rated the other group on items dealing with conflict and work attitudes. One-way analysis of variances (ANOVAs) were employed to test the overall differences on scale means among the groups. The findings in this study buttress some of the major themes in the impressionistic literature on cultural/multicultural diversity in organizations and Caribbean/West Indian literature. The data are reported and examined, and theoretical implications are discussed.

Subject Area

Ethnic studies|Social psychology|Occupational psychology|Black studies|Labor relations|African American Studies

Recommended Citation

Orezzoli, Max C, "A study of intrablack conflict and work attitudes within an African American organization" (1996). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI1384047.