A novel hip implant using 3d woven composite material - Design and analysis

Hari Kishore Adluru, Florida International University


The present research focuses on analyzing the possibility of implementing three dimensional woven composite (3DWC) materials in hip implants. The integration of 3DWCs in hip implants has the possibility to both extend the life-time and improve patient outcomes; by spatially varying mechanical properties to meet both biological needs as well as required mechanical loading. In this study, the bulk material properties of 3DWCs were varied based on woven composite architecture and determined using physics based models, which reflect the realistic geometries of fibers in compaction and preform. The multi-digital chain method combined with Extended Finite Elemental Analysis (XFEA) are adopted in this micro-analysis for composite design. Four different woven architectures with a combination of different existing biocompatible fiber and resins are considered in this study. The main objective is to assess the mechanical response of these biocompatible materials in the design of 3D woven architectures and determine their ability to match the required modulus at different regions of a hip implant. Results obtained show 3DWCs are viable candidates for this application. Multiple architectures and materials chosen, were able to achieve the desired mechanical response. Additional studies can use these results as a starting point and framework for further mechanical and biological testing.

Subject Area

Design|Biomedical engineering|Mechanical engineering|Textile Research

Recommended Citation

Adluru, Hari Kishore, "A novel hip implant using 3d woven composite material - Design and analysis" (2015). ProQuest ETD Collection for FIU. AAI10165722.