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Dissertations & Theses from 2019

Aaron, Sharon (2019) Male Offenders’ Perspectives on Contextual and Proximal Events Associated with Incidents of Domestic Violence

Acevedo, Matthew M (2019) Auditing Quality: A Critical Exploration of Faculty Members' Experiences with Quality Matters

Ahrens, Joseph B (2019) Computational Analysis of Large-Scale Trends and Dynamics in Eukaryotic Protein Family Evolution

Altszuler, Amy (2019) The Effect of Methylphenidate on Associative Learning Among Youth with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Alvarez Oyoloa, Renzo Manuel (2019) Essays on International Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy

Alzate Garcia, Adrian (2019) Fighting Rebellion, Criminalizing Dissent: Governmental Responses to Political Criminality in Mexico and Colombia, 1870s - 1910s

Archer, Robert Joseph Lee (2019) Elaborating the Causes and Consequences of Unstructured Socializing with Peers: A Consideration of Mediating, Reciprocal, and Nonlinear Effects

Azimpourkivi, Mohzgan (2019) Image-based Authentication

Barber, Bill Bryan (2019) Japan’s Relations with Muslim Asia: Trans-Continental Normativity and Policy

Barbero, Maria (2019) Migration, Youth, and Nationhood: Reproducing the Racial State in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Barrios, Victor M. (2019) An Examination of Cuban-American Social Studies Teachers' Cultural Consciousness Relative to Identity, Educational Beliefs, and Curricular Decisions: A Critical Latino Theoretical Perspective

Bazar, Michael Calonje (2019) Evolutionary Genetics of the Genus Zamia (Zamiaceae, Cycadales)

Bazzaroni, Christina Nicol (2019) Transnational Sex-Positive Play Parties: The Sexual Politics of Care for Community-Making at a Kinky Salon

Belnap, Starlie C (2019) The Influence of Maternally Regulated Prenatal Sensory Experience on Postnatal Motor Coordination in Neonatal Bobwhite Quail (Colinus virginianus)

Bennett, Masonya J (2019) The "New" Black in the New South: Negotiating Race and Space in North Carolina's Immigrant Communities

Black, Heather D (2019) Stable Isotope Analysis of Japan Sea and East China Sea Sediments: Late Pleistocene Paleoceanographic Reconstructions

Blanfort, Candice Denise Ammons (2019) Taking Matters into Your Own Hands: Self-Help and Black Firearm Crime

Brown, Christina Estela (2019) Essays on Economic Valuation of Water Resources

Castro, Michelle M (2019) Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education Institutions Who Participate in Study Tours: A Qualitative Study

Cavasos, Kevin (2019) Cost Benefit Analysis of Restocking the Threatened Caribbean Staghorn Coral on the Florida Reef Tract

Chue-Sang, Joseph James (2019) Measuring Collagen Arrangement and Its Relationship with Preterm Birth Using Mueller Matrix Polarimetry

Cintron, Madelyn E (2019) An Analysis of Performance-Based Funding Measures in Florida

Clark, Ann-Renee (2019) Love from the Machine: Technosexualities and the Desire for Machinic Bodies

Cornacchio, Danielle (2019) Evaluating Intensive Group Behavioral Treatment for Children with Selective Mutism

Costa, Annela (2019) Examining the Cultural Intelligence and Perceptions of Educational Decision-Makers: Factors that Relate to Decision-Making for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students Who May Have Disabilities

Costa, Daniel (2019) Development of a Transfer of Training Measure for Law Enforcement

De Cabrera, Maria Eugenia (2019) Nucleoside Analogues for Positron Emission Tomography Imaging and to Study Radiation Mediated Generation of Radicals from Azides

De Francisco, Gabriela (2019) A Phenomenological Study on Self-efficacy and Self-regulated Learning Strategies and Their Link to Persistence in Hispanic College English Language Learners

Delgado, Stephanie (2019) How Are Social Studies Teachers Using Technology in the Classroom?

Ding, Wei (2019) A Quantitative Study of Expatriate Hotel Managers in Mainland China: An Exploration of Perceived Organizational Justice as a Mediator of Local Employee Job Satisfaction and Their Evaluation of Expatriate Manager Leadership Performance

Erpul, Onur (2019) Revising the Status Quo of Revisionism, Grand Strategy, and International Order

Fajardo, Francisco Javier (2019) Virtual Patient Simulation: Training Pre-Health Professionals in Suicide Risk Prevention

Falcon, Armando (2019) Affective States and Work Attitudes Linking Abusive Supervision to Employee Performance and the Impact of Ethical Climate on Abusive Supervision and Work Attitudes

Farzad, Masoumeh (2019) Retrofitting of Bridge Elements Subjected to Predominantly Axial Load Using UHPC Shell

Gillespie, Gabriela M (2019) What Factors Influence Affirmative-Action Students' Achievement in Brazilian Federal Universities?

Gonzalez, Israel (2019) Wavenumber-1 Vortex Rossby Wave Propagation in the Inner Waveguide of a Modeled, Barotropic Nondivergent Tropical Cyclone

Griffin, Isabel (2019) Swiping Right and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD): Examining Venue Selection, Risky Sexual Behaviors, and STD Among Persons Living with HIV, Florida, 2014-2017

Hadeed, Salma A (2019) The Validity and Reliability of an Adapted Problem-Solving Inventory (PSI): The Exploration of Paradoxical Problem-Solving as a Means to Manage Organizational Conflict

Hedemann, Erin R (2019) Reducing Risks for Anxiety and Depression among Urban Youth: Leveraging After School Programs to Promote Emotion Regulation

Heikkila, Mia Riikka (2019) Workplace Incivility Toward Individuals with Disabilities, Secure Attachment Style, and Mental Health: Focus on Mediator and Moderator Effects

Hernandez, Giselle (2019) The Role of Number Writing in Early Math Readiness

Homsi, Soamar (2019) Cloud Workload Allocation Approaches for Quality of Service Guarantee and Cybersecurity Risk Management

Howe, Adam E (2019) How State Capacity Matters: A Study of the Cooptation and Coercion of Religious Organizations in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Jaberi Jahromi, Azadeh (2019) Abc Closure Joints: Detailing, Design and Service Life

Jacobson, Ryan (2019) How Organizational Cultures Moderate the Relationship between Demographic Diversity and Intragroup Conflict: A Meta-Analysis

Jiang, Haoqiang (2019) Multiple Criteria Decision Models for Nurse-Patient Assignment: Balancing Workload and Continuity of Care

Kandel, Shambhu (2019) Tuning the Coordination Properties of Pyrazoles Towards Specific Applications Via Judicial Choice of Peripheral Substitution

Kaufman, Randall Haines (2019) How Does the Work of the Negro Youth Study (1937-1941) Fit into the History of the Social Sciences?

Kimble, Ashley Nicole (2019) Development of Improved Extraction/Purification Methods and Comprehensive Screening/Confirmation by Lc-QqQ-Ms Analysis for Novel Psychoactive Substances

Kreiger, David Ian James (2019) Towards Trigonal Prismatic Hexanuclear Copper Complexes for Catalytic Water Oxidation

Krupp, Karl Francis (2019) Heart Disease and Its Risk Factors among Slum-Dwelling Women in Mysore, India

Latorre, Willmarie (2019) Organizational Factors in Patient-Centered Medical Home Implementation and Chronic Disease Management in HRSA-Funded Community Health Centers

Lazarou, Konstantinos (2019) Phenolate Derivatives of Octanuclear Iron-Oxo-Pyrazolato Complexes; Enantiomeric Resolusion of T-Symmetry Species

Lewis, Cynthia Fairbank (2019) Florida's Pillar Coral (Dendrogyra cylindrus): The Roles of the Holobiont Partners in Bleaching, Recovery, and Disease Processes

Lewis, Jessica M (2019) Reproducing Privilege or Hippocratic Habitus: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Personal Statements and the Use of Capital to Facilitate Matriculation into Medical School

Lieberman-Leibovich, Ilisa Joy (2019) The Effect of Young Adult Literature on Adolescents' Acceptance of Relational Aggression

Lorenzo, Nicole E (2019) The Effect of Parent Emotion-Related Talk on Infant Behavior and Emotion Regulation

Luongo, Kevin (2019) Nanoparticle-Based Spintronic Computer Logic Switch

Maddah, Mahed (2019) Unleashing Crowd Wisdom: Leveraging Cognitive Memory Structures to Increase Quality of User-Generated Content

Melendez, Raquel (2019) Attentional Processes in Anxiety: Examining Threat-Related Attention Bias and Attentional Control in Anxious Youth

Mengist, Abraham Degarege (2019) Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Acceptability Among Parents of Adolescent Girls in Mysore, India

Merselis, Daniel Garret (2019) Mechanisms for the Persistence of the Coral Holobiont in the Warming Oceans of the Anthropocene

Mirtaheri, Elnaz (2019) The Effect of Proteome and Lipidome on the Behavior of Membrane Bound Systems in Thermally-Assisted Acoustophoresis

Mohamed, Samy Gamal Faddel (2019) Control and Optimization of Energy Storage in AC and DC Power Grids

Mokhtari, Shekoofeh (2019) Deep Learning for Learning Representation and Its Application to Natural Language Processing

Moncholi, Manuel Ezequiel (2019) A Holistic Process Model for Evaluating Alternative Biosolids Technologies and Operational Methodologies to Improve Performance and Sustainable Decision-Making at High Purity Oxygen Wastewater Treatment Plants

Morcillo Gomez, José Manuel (2019) Masculinidad y Nación: Modelos Alternativos De Masculinidad En Las Obras De Juan Goytisolo y Mario Vargas Llosa

Netepenko, Alexander (2019) Charged Fusion Product Plasma Diagnostics in Spherical Tokamaks

Nosratabadi, Seyed Javad (2019) Essays in Labor Economics and International Economics

Ogle, Robert R (2019) Self-Concept in Children and Adolescents as a Lever for Change in Academic Success for Under-served Youth

Ojha, Chet Raj (2019) Molecular Mechanism(s) of Zika Virus Infection and Associated Neuropathogenesis

Osibogun, Olatokunbo (2019) Poly-Tobacco Use Among Youth and Adults in the United States

Pelaez, Alberto (2019) The Relationship Between Aerobic Fitness, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, and Academic Achievement Among First Grade Students in Urban Schools and the Role the Relative Age Effect May Have on These Variables

Pena, Michelle M (2019) The Effects of Cognitive Bias, Examiner Experience, and Stimulus Material on Forensic Evidence Analysis

Perdue, Doyle L (2019) National Sovereignty and the Mexicanization of the Compañía Minera De Cananea, 1971 to 1989

Phan, Long (2019) Toward a Fast and Accurate Modeling Strategy for Thermal Management in Air-Cooled Data Centers

Pombo, Jose M (2019) The HPST Framework: A Case Study on an Organizational Tool Used to Understand Historical Narrative in a Social Studies Classroom

Pons, Eugene H (2019) Twitter Activity of Urban and Rural Colleges: A Sentiment Analysis Using the Dialogic Loop

Pouyanfar, Samira (2019) Spatio-Temporal Multimedia Big Data Analytics Using Deep Neural Networks

Pridemore, Amelia A (2019) Outlaw Citizenship in Artistic Cities: Local Artistic Communities and Citizen Participation

Reid, Merlene (2019) Employee Attribution of Human Resource Practices and Implications for Commitment, Turnover and Job Performance in Local Government Police

Rodriguez, Almi (2019) Women, Emotional Labor, and Higher Education Administration: A Qualitative Interview Study

Rodriguez, Anna L (2019) The the Relationships Between the Leadership Styles of Principals Assigned to Title I Middle Schools, Staff Longevity, School Climate, and Overall School Achievement

Roman, Patrick A (2019) Mesoscale Ceramic Cylindrical Ion Trap Mass Analyzers for In Situ Sample Analysis

Roman, Rosibel (2019) Quiet River, Heavy Waters: Un-Silencing Narratives of Social-Environmental Inequalities in the Cradle of Soviet Plutonium

Romero-Sardiñas, Alicia (2019) Music Literacy: A Multicase Study of Five Secondary Choral Directors' Use and Understandings of Choral Literacy in the Choral Classroom

Ros, Rosmary (2019) Self-Regulation as a Transdiagnostic Predictor of Treatment Response for Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

RoyChoudhury, Sohini (2019) Toward Stable Electrochemical Sensing for Wearable Wound Monitoring

Sornkhampan, Nalat (2019) Study of Charge Carrier Transport in Graphene and Graphite as Two Dimensional and Quasi-Two Dimensional Materials and Their Interfaces

Sullivan, Edward Joseph (2019) The Development and Validation of the M.A.W.W.: A Measure to Assess Men's Allyhood Toward Women in the Workplace

Talukder, Sajedul Karim (2019) Detection and Prevention of Abuse in Online Social Networks

Tanenbaum, Jaclyn L (2019) The Shift from Conspicuous to Inconspicuous Consumption and the Messages Hidden in Plain Sight

Tangnimitchok, Sudarat (2019) Non-Intrusive Affective Assessment in the Circumplex Model from Pupil Diameter and Facial Expression Monitoring

Thompson, Michelle G (2019) The Impact of Microaggressions and Minority Stress on the Psychological Well-Being of Emerging Adult Sexual Minorities of Color

Tian, Haiman (2019) Multimodal Data Analytics and Fusion for Data Science

Titze, Michael (2019) Coherent and Incoherent Dynamics of Quasiparticles in Monolayer Molybdenum Diselenide

Tiwari, Sneham (2019) Role of Withaferin A as a Neuroprotectant Against Beta Amyloid Induced Toxicity and Associated Mechanism

Trias, Ramon (2019) Democracy and Bureaucracy of Smart Place: Coral Gables, FL and the Role of Aspirational Content in Local Governance

Verlaak, Zoë Rosina Francesca (2019) Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages from Marshes and Mangroves in the Everglades (South Florida, USA) and Their Application as Proxies for Habitat Shifts Due to Sea Level Rise

Wang, Wenjie (2019) Topoisomerase and Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase Ratio as an Indicator for the Response of Glioblastoma Cancer to Topoisomerase Targeting Anticancer Drugs

Ward, Anthony Robert (2019) Cognitive Factors and Parasympathetic Regulation as Interacting Mechanisms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Williams, Nashira Amina (2019) Why Black Collegiate Women Volunteer: A Perspective on Meaning Making Through Service with the Community

Wylie, Bryan Keith (2019) Assessing Cognitive Interview Mnemonics and Their Effectiveness with Non-Native English Speakers

Xu, Shuai (2019) A New Study of Applying Complexity Theoretical Tools in Algorithm Design

Yao, Nan (2019) Developing a Meta-Population Framework for Caribbean Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) Stocks

Yawson, Gloria Angebelle (2019) Reggaeir@ Sou Eu: Race, Nation and the Politics of Identity in Roots Reggae Culture in São Luis do Maranhão, Brazil

Yu, Haixiang (2019) Functionalized Aptamers for Detection of Small-Molecule Targets

Zamudio-Orozco, Laura (2019) Dominant and Critical Mathematics: A Multi-Case Study Examining Mathematics Teachers’ Equitable Teaching Practices

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Dissertations & Theses from 2018

Abad, Carla (2018) The Development of Early Spatial Thinking

Abbaspour, Ali Reza (2018) Active Fault-Tolerant Control Design for Nonlinear Systems

Adadi, Elizabeth (2018) Supervisory Practices in a Virtual Internship Program: A Multi-Case Study

Ahmadivand, Arash (2018) Plasmonic Nanoplatforms for Biochemical Sensing and Medical Applications

Ahmed, Md Salauddin (2018) Synthesis of Antimicrobial Polymers to Overcome Antimicrobial Resistance

Ajabshir, Sahar (2018) The Effect of Vitamin D3 Supplementation on Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress and Glycemic Status in Adults With Type 2 Diabetes

Alabdullah, Ghanima (2018) Promoting Healthy Eating Habits And Physical Activity Among school-aged Children In Kuwait - "My Healthy Habits: Summer camp

Alam, Tauhidul (2018) A Dynamical System Approach for Resource-Constrained Mobile Robotics

Aljehany, Mashal Salman (2018) The Effects of Video Prompting on Teaching Daily Living Tasks to Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Allison, Jessica Leigh (2018) Developing Medicine: Cuba, Modernization, and Public Health, 1898-1945

Alssafi, Abeer Hussain (2018) A Mobile-based Intervention for Obesity Prevention among Female College Students in Saudi Arabia: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Altman, Christopher (2018) A Field Study Examining the Effect of High Intoxication Levels and Identification Format on Witnesses' Memory for Faces and Event

Anderson, Chelsie (2018) Understanding and Improving Older Male Participation and Older Adult Adherence in Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs

Antunes, Joana Alexandra Pereira (2018) The Study of Tissue-Specific DNA Methylation as a Method for the Epigenetic Discrimination of Forensic Samples

Areiza, Maria (2018) Regulation of Juvenile Hormone Synthesis by 20-Hydroxyecdysone in the Yellow-Fever Mosquito, Aedes aegypti

Awadallah, Osama (2018) Synthesis, Processing, and Fundamental Phase Formation Study of CZTS Thin Films for Solar Cell Applications

Bartley, Jessica E (2018) Exploring the Neural Mechanisms of Physics Learning

Barton, Mark B (2018) Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Arctic Nearshore Fish Community and Food Web Structures

Bechor, Michele (2018) Identifying and Intervening on Neural Markers of Attention to Threat in Children with Anxiety Disorders

Belina, Hambisa (2018) Occurrence and Consequences of Surprise Internal Control Disclosures

Belisario-Lara, Daniel (2018) Pyrolysis of Jet Propellants and Oxidation of Polycyclic Aromatic Radicals With Molecular Oxygen: Theoretical Study of Potential Energy Surfaces, Mechanisms, and Kinetics

Benitez, Diane (2018) Economic Development on U.S. Native American Reservations: A Case Study of the Tribes of Florida

Blanchard, Jesse Ryan (2018) A Confluence of Invasion, Behavioral and Theoretical Ecology: What Drives Ephemeral Metacommunity Re-Assembly?

Brunetta, Fabiana (2018) Social Dominance Orientation and Emotion Regulation: A Parallel Multiple Mediator Model of Instigated Incivility Moderated by Workgroup Civility Climate

Buschman, John D (2018) Do Community Food Security Assessments Contribute to a Reduction in Food Insecurity at the County Level?

Cao, Nan (2018) Structure and Mechanism of Mycobacterial Topoisomerase I

Chand, Bibek (2018) Buffer States in Sub-Systemic Rivalries: Analyzing Nepal's Role in Sino-Indian Security Dynamics

Chaparro-Baquero, Gustavo (2018) Memory-Aware Scheduling for Fixed Priority Hard Real-Time Computing Systems

Charles, Sean P (2018) Saltwater Intrusion and Vegetation Shifts Drive Changes in Carbon Storage in Coastal Wetlands

Charvet, Andrea (2018) Eating Frequency and the Role of Snacking on Body Weight of Wic Preschool Children

Clayborn, Jaeson Tyrone (2018) Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Understanding the Fate of the Federally Endangered Schaus' Swallowtail Butterfly (Heraclides Aristodemus Ponceanus

Clovis, Meghan A (2018) An Investigation of the Effects of Taking Remedial Math in College on Degree Attainment and College GPA Using Multiple Imputation and Propensity Score Matching

Coccaro-Pons, Jennifer (2018) A Mixed Method Study of Prospective Teachers' Epistemic Beliefs and Web Evaluation Strategies Concerning Hoax Websites

Corzo, Ruthmara (2018) Elemental Characterization of Printing Inks and Strengthening the Evaluation of Forensic Glass Evidence

Cui, Danni (2018) Fundamental Mechanistic Studies on the Ultrasonic Treatment of Problematic Water Pollutants and Toxins

Darvish, Shadi (2018) Thermodynamic Investigation of La0.8Sr0.2MnO 3±δ Cathode Including the Prediction of Defect Chemistry, Electrical Conductivity and Thermo-Mechanical Properties

Davis, Christopher Anderson (2018) The Racial Equation: Pan-Atlantic Eugenics, Race, and Colonialism in the Early Twentieth Century British Caribbean

DeBord, Joshua (2018) Predicting the Geographic Origin of Heroin by Multivariate Analysis of Elemental Composition and Strontium Isotope Ratios

Dhar, Supurna (2018) Antibiotic Resistance and Cell-Wall Recycling in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Diaz, Alejandro Rene (2018) An Efficiency Evaluation of Procedures to Evoke Vocalizations in Children With Autism

Dongol, Yogesh (2018) Cultural Politics of Community-Based Conservation in the Buffer Zone of Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Duran, Alain (2018) Impact of Herbivory, Structural Complexity, and Sediment on Caribbean Coral Reefs

Duszka, Christopher (2018) School Climate in the School Choice Era: A Comparative Analysis of District-Run Public Schools and Charter Schools

Eckberg, Melanie Nicole (2018) Forensic Toxicological Screening and Confirmation of 800+ Novel Psychoactive Substances by LC-QTOF-MS and 2D-LC Analysis

Ehsanzadehsorati, Seyedjafar (2018) A Corpus-Driven Approach toward Teaching Vocabulary and Reading to English Language Learners in U.S.-Based K-12 Context through a Mobile App

Eisenberg, Joshua Daniel (2018) Automatic Extraction of Narrative Structure from Long Form Text

Errico, Mary Joelle (2018) The Cyclodextrin-Perfluorinated Surfactant Host-Guest Complex: Fundamental Studies for Potential Environmental Remediation and Therapeutic Applications

Fartash, Homa (2018) Development of System-Based Methodology to Support Ramp Metering Deployment Decisions

Flamion, Olga Elena (2018) The Effect of Reciprocal Mapping on Third-Grade Students’ Reading Comprehension Achievement and Reading Attitude

Fogarty, Tammy (2018) Impact of a Nutrition and Yoga Intervention in Breast Cancer Survivors'' Quality of Life

Foroughi, Paniz (2018) Synthesis & Fundamental Formation Mechanism Study of High Temperature & Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramics

Fraser, Nicki (2018) The Gendered Long-Term Recovery Priorities of Internally Displaced Persons in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Garabedian, Alyssa (2018) Study of Proteoforms, DNA and Complexes Using Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry - Mass Spectrometry

García Simón, Licet (2018) Cuba i+real: Singularidades de lo Fantástico y la Ciencia Ficción en la Cuba Contemporánea

Garcia, Zenel (2018) China's Eurasian Foreign Policy: Region-Building Through State-Building Since 1991

Garmendia, Craig Alexander (2018) Patterns of Regularity Noncompliance Identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Their Effects on Meta-Analyses

Ghourchian, Shahrzad (2018) Three Essays on Growth, Housing Market and Inequality

Gibson, John (2018) Reconfigurable Antennas Using Liquid Crystalline Elastomers

Gilliland, Richard Allen (2018) An Investigation into the Adduct Forming Potential of Drugs of Abuse with Peptides and Proteins

Gil, Vanessa (2018) Evaluating the Effects of Utilizing a Mobile Device by Transitioning High School Students With Intellectual Disability to Locate Items From a Grocery List and Improve Their Independence

Glaze, Joy (2018) The Lived Experiences of Caregivers of Lung Transplant Recipients

Gomez Hernandez, Melissa (2018) Public Service Values and Disparate Performance: The Case of Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) ProgramPublic service values and disparate performance: the case of section 8 housing choice voucher (hcv) program

Gondek, Abby Suzanne (2018) Jewish Women's Transracial Epistemological Networks: Representations of Black Women in the African Diaspora, 1930–1980

Gonzalez Raymat, Hansell (2018) Unrefined Humic Substances as a Potential Low-Cost Remediation Method for Groundwater Contaminated with Uranium in Acidic Conditions

Graczkowski, Rosemarie (2018) HIV Knowledge, Attitudes, and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Women From Trinidad

Gu, Cong (2018) Superoxide Dismutase C Modulates Macropinocytosis and Phagocytosis in Dictyostelium Discoideum

Guo, Mingming (2018) User-Centric Privacy Preservation in Mobile and Location: Aware Applications

Headley, Andrea Marie (2018) Understanding the Organizational Factors That Impact Police-Community Relations

Hernandez, Eric O (2018) An Instructional Strategy with Simulations Used to Increase Statistical Literacy among Students in a Hispanic Serving Institution

Hoffman, Tricia Marie (2018) The Use of Elemental Databases in Forensic Science: Studies on Vehicle Glass Interpretation and Milk Powder Provenancing

Hoon Kim, Jung (2018) The Effect of Institutional Dimensions and Cultural Dimensions on the Level of Entrepreneurial Activity Across Countries

Hou, Yulin (2018) Essays on Trade and Growth

Howard, Jason Lee (2018) Patterns of Carbon Metabolism, Storage, and Remineralization in Seagrass Ecosystems

Islam, Mohammad Nazrul (2018) Three Essays on Financial Statement Comparability

Jaiteh, Mariama (2018) Seeking Friends With Benefits in a Tourism-Based Sexual Economy: Interrogating the Gambian Sexscape

Jalal, Ahmed Hasnain (2018) Multivariate Analysis for the Quantification of Transdermal Volatile Organic Compounds in Humans by Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell System

Janwattanapong, Panuwat (2018) Connectivity Analysis of Electroencephalograms in Epilepsy

Jeffries, Anne (2018) Cervical Infection With High Risk Human Papillomavirus Anogenital Subtypes in Indigenous Women in Alta and Baja Vera Paz Guatemala

Johnson, Paige Whitney (2018) An Exploration of Names in Social and Professional Settings for Persons with Ethnically Identifying Names

Kalesnikaite, Vaiva (2018) Facing the Rising Tide: How Local Governments in the United States Collaborate to Adapt to Sea Level Rise

Kaur, Ramandeep (2018) Impactof a Lifestyle Modification Intervention on Health Behaviors and Health Outcomes in a Mexican American Population: A Mixed-Methods Study

Kim, Myung Sub (2018) The Effect of Uncertain and Weak Modal Words in 10-K Filings on Analyst Forecast Attributes

Kwong Lam, Elwood (2018) Investigating the Role of the Proximal Cysteine Hydrogen Bonding Network and Distal Pocket in Chloroperoxidase

Ladis, Barry (2018) Longitudinal Effects of Peer, School, and Parenting Contexts on Substance Use Initiation in Middle Adolescence

Lafferty, Janna (2018) Plant Pedagogies, Salmon Nation, and Fire: Settler Colonial Food Utopias and the (Un)Making of Human-Land Relationships in Coast Salish Territories

Lapierre, Jessica Audrey (2018) HIV Tat and Morphine-induced Neurodegeneration in a Beclin 1 Hemizygous Mouse Model

Leatherman, Stephen (2018) Rip Current Generation, Flow Characteristics and Implications for Beach Safety in South Florida

Li, Chunfei (2018) Multimodal Imaging for Enhanced Diagnosis and for Assessing Progression of Alzheimer's Disease

Ling, Ran (2018) How Does the Nature of Accounting Standards Affect Audit Quality and Earnings Attributes?

Liu, Daerhan (2018) Novel Strongly Coupled Magnetic Resonant Systems

Liu, Xueli (2018) Origami Antennas for Novel Reconfigurable Communication Systems

Livadaru, Matilda (2018) Low Cost Scanning Arrays

Lizarraga, Gabriel (2018) A Neuroimaging Web Interface for Data Acquisition, Processing and Visualization of Multimodal Brain Images

Lopes, Alexandre (2018) Special and General Education Teachers' Assessment of Their Participation in a Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Program

López Plá, Jessica María (2018) Mapping of the Chromium and Iron Pyrazolate Landscape

Luke, Linhoff Jack (2018) Linking Husbandry and Behavior to Enhance Amphibian Reintroduction Success

Lyon, Jacqueline (2018) Inheriting Illegality: Race, Statelessness, and Dominico-Haitian Activism in the Dominican Republic

Magana, Nelson (2018) A Phenomenological Exploration of the Non-Academic Factors That Cuban Female Non-Native English Speakers Perceived to Have Been Principal Influences on Their Successful Attainment of a Baccalaureate Degree in the U.S.

Maheswari, Dhiraj (2018) QCD Process in Few Nucleon Systems

Malfoy, Jordan (2018) Britain Can Take It: Chemical Warfare and the Origins of Civil Defense in Great Britain, 1915 - 1945

Martinez, Nicholas Sergio (2018) Election Administration Within the Sphere of Politics: How Bureaucracy Can Facilitate Democracy With Policy Decisions

Mazzei, Viviana (2018) Diatoms as Tools for Inferring Changing Environmental Gradients in Coastal, Freshwater Wetlands Threatened by Saltwater Intrusion

McPadden, Daryl R (2018) Examining Students' Representation Choices in University Modeling Instruction

Meeker, Carolyn (2018) Negotiating Self: An Exploration of Women's Perceptions of Their Feminist and Submissive Identities

Melendez, Elisa M (2018) For Those About to Rock: Gender Codes in the Rock Music Video Games Rock Band and Rocksmith

Moravej, Mohammadtaghi (2018) Investigating Scale Effects on Analytical Methods of Predicting Peak Wind Loads on Buildings

Naeiji, Amir (2018) Wind Loads on Residential Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Noroozi, Majeed (2018) Task-Based Language Teaching versus Present, Practice, Produce: Efficacy in Language Learning and Assessment

Odean, Rosalie (2018) The Development of Spatial Vocabulary

O'Keefe, Sabrena (2018) The Development and Initial Validation of a Self-Assessment for Global Leadership Competencies

O-larnnithipong, Nonnarit (2018) Hand Motion Tracking System Using Inertial Measurement Units and Infrared Cameras

Parira, Tiyash (2018) Epigenetic Mechanisms Regulating the Functional Effects of Chronic Alcohol Exposure of Human Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells

Pasha, Syed Khalid (2018) Thin Film Based Biosensors for Point of Care Diagnosis of Cortisol

Pavel, Md Tanvir (2018) Three Essays on Managing Extreme Weather Events and Climatic Shocks in Developing and Developed Countries

Preciados, Mark Vicera (2018) Exposure to Estrogenic Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Brain Health

Preston, Aysha Louise (2018) Material Girls: Consumption and the Making of Middle Class Identity in the Experiences of Black Single Mothers in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Preston, Sharice M (2018) Evaluation of a Brief Intervention to Improve Human Papillomavirus-Related Awareness, Knowledge, and Attitudes Among Ethnically and Sexually Diverse College Students

Quesada, Danielle (2018) A Model for the Association Between Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder and Obesity: Effects of Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, Gender, and Medication

Rahman, Mizanur MD. (2018) Search Rank Fraud Prevention in Online Systems

Rahman, Mohammad Anisur (2018) Short Selling: Implications for Corporate Governance and Capital Structure

Raihan, Md Asif (2018) Improved Methods for Network Screening and Countermeasure Selection for Highway Improvements

Rajaei, Hoda (2018) Brain Connectivity Networks for the Study of Nonlinear Dynamics and Phase Synchrony in Epilepsy

Raji, Farzaneh (2018) Interior Damage of Residential Building Due to Wind-Driven Rain Intrusion

Ramos, Jairo (2018) Decipher Mechanisms by Which Nuclear Respiratory Factor One (NRF1) Coordinates Changes in the Transcriptional and Chromatin Landscape Affecting Development and Progression of Invasive Breast Cancer

Rashid, Mohammad Mamunar (2018) The Investigation of Photocatalytic and Adsorptive Properties of Humic Acid Grafted Magnetite Nanoparticles for the Remediation of Arsenic, Selenium and Phosphorous From Water

Reider, Kelsey E (2018) Survival at the Summits: Amphibian Responses to Thermal Extremes, Disease, and Rapid Climate Change in the High Tropical Andes

Ren, Yaou (2018) Trinucleotide Repeat Instability Modulated by DNA Repair Enzymes and Cofactors

Rezaei, Nazanin (2018) Study on Strut and Node Behavior in Strut-and-Tie Modeling

Rodriguez, Ailin (2018) Cross-Sectional Predictors of Sexually-Related HIV Risk Among Latino Migrant Workers in the United States

Rodríguez, Jose F (2018) Perceptions of Leadership and Climate in the Stressor-Strain Process: Influences on Employee Appraisals and Reactions

Rodriguez Santiago, Alan (2018) Synthesis and Characterization of Fe8-Based Materials as Electron Acceptors for Solar Energy Applications

Roebuck, Jesse Alan (2018) Environmental Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Matter and Dissolved Black Carbon in Fluvial Systems: Effects of Biogeochemistry and Land Use

Roncancio, Daniel (2018) Aptamer Sensors for Drugs of Abuse and Medical Biomarkers: Design, Engineering and Application in Complex Samples

Rusch, Ana Mary (2018) An Alternative Narrative of Integration in Germany through an Ethnographic Exploration of Cuban Immigration

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Dissertations & Theses from 2017

Abood, Steven (2017) The Effects of Artemisia Derived Natural Products on Adipogenesis

Adeyiga, Valda (2017) The Relationship Between Information Literacy and Global Learning

Alam, Sayeed Safayet (2017) Analysis of Eye-tracking Data in Visualization and Data Space

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Hartley, Chelsey M (2017) Reward Responsivity in Parenting: Development of a Novel Measure in Mothers

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Helseth, Sarah A (2017) Peer-assisted Social Learning in Urban After-school Programs

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Kabra, Adwait (2017) Superoxide Dismmutase C and Ras Affects Dictyostelium Contractile Vacuole Morphogenesis and Function

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Khazraeian, Samaneh (2017) Methods for Utilizing Connected Vehicle Data in Support of Traffic Bottleneck Management

Klotz, Bradley (2017) Evaluation and Predictability of Observation-Based Surface Wind Asymmetric Structure in Tropical Cyclones

Lashway, Christopher R (2017) Resilient and Real-time Control for the Optimum Management of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems with Distributed Dynamic Demands

Li, Feng (2017) Evaluating High School Biology Modeling Instruction in South Florida: A Comparative Case Study

Li, Jiaojiao (2017) Arsenic Biotransformations in Microbes and Humans, and Catalytic Properties of Human AS3MT Variants

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Panday, Namuna (2017) Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy for Single Cell Imaging and Analysis

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Pino, Javier (2017) Transgenic Endothelin 3 Regulates Murine Pigment Production and Coat Color

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Sayyafi, Ehssan Amir (2017) Development of a Lightweight Hurricane-Resistant Roof System

Sayyafi, Ehssan Amir (2017) Development of a Lightweight Hurricane-resistant Roof System

Sculos, Bryant William (2017) Worlds Ahead?: On the Dialectics of Cosmopolitanism and Postcapitalism

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Trujillo, Vanessa (2017) Jewels for Dollars: Native and Nonnative Freshwater Fish Interactions in a Stressful Dry Down Environment

Uddin, Syed Al-Helal (2017) Three Essays on International Trade and Finance

Vasudeva, Karthik (2017) Mobility Analysis and Management for Heterogeneous Networks

Wang, Ling (2017) Applications of Paper Microfluidic Systems in the Field Detection of Drugs of Abuse

Wang, Xue (2017) An Integrated Multimodal Registration Technique for Medical Imaging

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Zughaibi, Torki A (2017) Study of the Transport of Odorants from Illicit Substances Using Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry

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Dissertations & Theses from 2016

Abbasi Baharanchi, Ahmadreza (2016) Development of a two-fluid drag law for clustered particles using direct numerical simulation and validation through experiments

Al-Amin, Chowdhury G (2016) Advanced graphene microelectronic devices

Alcide, Amary (2016) Hospice psychosocial service availability and utilization in the United States

Allen, Josh (2016) Conceptualizing Learning Agility and Investigating Its Nomological Network

Althoff, John (2016) An Investigation of the Link Between Nonverbal Aptitude and Academic Achievement

Arndorfer, Andrea (2016) Increasing the Elicitation of Truthful Information From Young Suspects: An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Temporal Discounting

Arteaga Clavijo, Dulcardo A (2016) Flash caching for cloud computing systems

Babb, John K (2016) The Viceroyalty of Miami: Colonial Nostalgia and the Making of an Imperial City

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Balakrishnan Rubens, Muni (2016) The Effect of Stigma on Treatment Adherence Among HIV-Positive Alcohol Users in Haiti

Barsony, Ildiko (2016) Predictors of English Reading Comprehension and Performance in College-Level Composition Among Generation 1.5 Students

Beaver, Jill (2016) Trinucleotide Repeat Instability Is Modulated by DNA Base Lesions and DNA Base Excision Repair

Bender, Michael Mclean (2016) History, identity politics and securitization: Religion's role in the establishment of Indian-Israeli diplomatic relations and future prospects for cooperation

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Biersteker, Susan (2016) Outcomes of Transition to Adult HIV Care In Perinatally HIV-Infected Young Adults

Boucek, Ross (2016) Investigating Sub-Tropical Community Resistance and Resilience to Climate Disturbance

Boustani, Maya M (2016) Sexual Health Promotion Programming for Youth in or At-Risk for Foster Care: Improving Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors

Broce, Iris (2016) Brain Networks Supporting Literacy Development

Bullard-Roberts, Angelle l (2016) Medicinal Plants of Trinidad and Tobago: Selection of Antidiabetic Remedies

Burke, Edward Charles (2016) Meaning Negotiated Through Independently-Written Summaries and Oral Academic Conversations: Enhancing Comprehension of Science Text by Ninth-Grade, English Learners

Castellanos, Arturo (2016) Relevance Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Design Principles for the Extraction of Context-aware Information

Castillo, Claudia (2016) Students with Physical Disabilities – Reflections of Their Experiences with Work Preparation Programs, Services and Accommodations in a Higher Education Institution

Chen, Chunhui (2016) Advanced Electrode Materials by Electrostatic Spray Deposition for Li-Ion Batteries

Chen, Wei (2016) Characterization of Interaction Between Brevetoxin and Its Native Receptor and Identification of the Role of Brevetoxin in Karenia brevis

Chen, Xuanwu (2016) A Framework for Recommending Signal Timing Improvements Based on Automatic Vehicle Matching Technologies

Choi, NakHyeok (2016) Government Capacity and the Acquisition, Implementation, and Impact of ARRA Funds

Cintuglu, Mehmet Hazar (2016) Wide-Area Time-Synchronized Closed-Loop Control of Power Systems and Decentralized Active Distribution Networks

Colon Crespo, Lauren Janice (2016) Determination of human scent biomarkers for race, ethnicity and gender

Corbin, Inge (2016) Analysis of Improvised Explosives by Electrospray Ionization - Mass Spectrometry and Microfluidic Techniques

Correa-Cespedes, Blanca (2016) Authentic servant-leadership exemplified by early childhood educator David Lawrence Jr.: A case study

Crum, Kathleen Isabel (2016) Anxiety and Callous-Unemotional Traits: Physiological and Behavioral Responses to Others' Distress

Cunill, Rebeca (2016) El bildungsroman femenino de Ángeles Mastretta y Carmen Boullosa: hacia una perspectiva posmodern

Damaso, Natalie (2016) Biogeographical Patterns of Soil Microbial Communities: Ecological, Structural, and Functional Diversity and Their Application to Soil Provenance

Danner, Lukas Karl (2016) Explaining China's Contradictory Grand Strategy: Why Legitimacy Matters

Dapko, Richard Jason (2016) Travel Education: A Phenomenological Study on Self-Directed Learning and Personal Enrichment Through Foreign Travel Experiences

Del Busto, Cristina T (2016) Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Child Anxiety: Long-Term Follow-Up and Predictors of Long-Term Outcomes

Delgado, Diana Sheehan (2016) Neighborhood-level determinants of delayed HIV diagnosis and survival among HIV-positive Latinos, Florida 2000-2011

Deshpande, Ketaki (2016) Profiling Populations Using Neutral Markers, Major Histocompatibility Complex Genes and Volatile Organic Compounds as Modeled in Equus Caballus Linnaeus

Downing, Jason Lamar (2016) Consequences of anthropogenic and global change on orchids: An emphasis on biotic interactions

Edwards, Ransford F. (2016) Disaster Capitalism: Empirical Evidence From Latin America and the Caribbean

Eluvathingal, Lilly Margaret (2016) An Ecological Study of Anurans in Tea Plantations in a Biodiversity Hotspot

Espanola, Elaine (2016) A randomized comparison of two instructional sequences for imitation intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders

Fakharian Qom, Somaye (2016) Multi-Resolution Modeling of Managed Lanes with Consideration of Autonomous/Connected Vehicles

Farrell, Dana G (2016) Risk and Protective Factors Associated with the Adult Achievement of Substance-Using Adolescents: Findings From the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health

Ferreira Vesga, Laura (2016) High School Content-Area Teachers' Responses to an Exploratory, Investigative, and Experimental Professional Development Program for Content Area Literacy

Freese, Adam (2016) Hard QCD processes in the nuclear medium

Garcia, Dainelys (2016) Parent-Child Interaction Therapy as a Family-Focused Approach for Young Children with Traumatic Brain Injury

Geleilate, Jose Mauricio Galli (2016) Strategies to succeed in an increasingly technology-based environment: A study of the automotive industry

Gonzalez, Walter (2016) Protein-ligand interactions and allosteric regulation of activity in dream protein

Guo, Lilin (2016) A Biologically Plausible Supervised Learning Method for Spiking Neurons with Real-World Applications

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Habtemichael, Yonas Tekleab (2016) Hydrogeochemical modeling of saltwater intrusion and water supply augmentation in south Florida

Hadadi, Rooholah (2016) Three essays on international and intranational trade and economic growth

Hadjikhani, Ali (2016) Nanofabrication and spectroscopy of magnetic nanostractures using a focused ion beam

Hajigholizadeh, Mohammad (2016) Water Quality Modelling Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Remote Sensing in South Florida

Hall, William B (2016) (Un)Making the Food Desert: Food, Race, and Redevelopment in Miami's Overtown Community

Hao, Yong (2016) Sulfur based electrode materials for secondary batteries

Heck, Charles L (2016) Informal Urban Displacement in Rio de Janeiro: Ecolimits and Disaster Biopolitics in the Favela Santa Marta

Hendricks, Lynn Nicole (2016) The relationship between undergraduate Hispanic students' choice of living arrangements and retention, academic achievement and graduation at a Hispanic-serving institution

He, Qinghao (2016) The degradation of pharmaceutical pollutants in wastewater catalyzed by chloroperoxidase and the construction of chloroperoxidase H105R mutant

Herard, Dimmy (2016) The Politics of Democratization: Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the Lavalas Movement in Haiti

Hill, Ryan Michael (2016) Open Trial and Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of a Novel Program to Reduce Perceived Burdensomeness

Hill, Ryan Michael (2016) Open trial and pilot randomized controlled trial of a novel program to reduce perceived burdensomeness

Holland, Kiar J (2016) Doping as a possible means to create superconductivity in graphene

Hossan, Md Sakoat (2016) Impacts of user heterogeneity and attitudinal factors on roadway pricing analysis - investigation of value of time and value of reliability for managed lane facilities in south Florida

Huba, Anna Katarina (2016) Going Beyond the Analysis of Common Contaminants: Target, Suspect, and Non-Target Analysis of Complex Environmental Matrices by High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Hu, Hao (2016) Optimal and Miniaturized Strongly Coupled Magnetic Resonant Systems

Hungerford, Gabriela Marie (2016) Characterizing community-based usual mental health care for infants

Hurwitz, Catalina Ioana (2016) Three essays on diversification and corporate policies

Ibrahim, Mohamed (2016) Analyzing decision making in alternative contracting for highway pavement rehabilitation projects

Jasor, Océane (2016) Negotiating Globalization From Below: Social Entrepreneurship, Neoliberalism, and the Making of the New South African Subject

Jha, Rajesh (2016) Combined computational-experimental design of high temperature, high-intensity permanent magnetic alloys with minimal addition of rare-earth elements

Jiang, Ping (2016) Mercury Sulfide Dissolution in Environmental Conditions: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Approaches

Jing, Xueyan Sharon (2016) Innovative two-stage fuzzy classification for unknown intrusion detection

Joe, Kyungchool (2016) Qualities of informal leaders, factors influencing the formation of informal leadership, and the paradox of formal power

Jones, Ian Matthew (2016) The Ecology of Extrafloral Nectar in Senna mexicana Var. chapmanii

Kavetski, Melissa (2016) The field view: An initial examination of an exploratory eyewitness identification procedure

Khan, Muhammad S (2016) Design and Development of Smart Brain-Machine-Brain Interface (SBMIBI) for Deep Brain Stimulation and Other Biomedical Applications

Kiessling, Brittany Louise (2016) Ethnographic investigations of commercial aquaculture as a rural development technique in Tamil Nadu, India

Kriještorac, Mirsad (2016) Nationalism as a Process for Making the Desired Identity Salient: Bosnian Muslims Become Bosniaks

Kushwaha, Priyanka (2016) Microbial Functional Diversity and the Associated Biogeochemical Interactions Across Miami-Dade County, Florida Soils

Leon, Vanessa (2016) Status competition between the U.S. and China on the stage of Africa

Liang, Pingping (2016) Gold nanoparticle-based colorimetric sensors for detection of DNA and small molecules

Limsawasd, Charinee (2016) Maximizing environmental sustainability and public benefits of highway construction programs

Lin, Weiwei (2016) Creation and Evaluation of Polymer/Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Films for Structural Vibration Control and Strain Sensing Properties

Mahmud, A. S. M. Hasan (2016) Sustainable resource management for cloud data centers

Maxwell, Lindsey Brooke (2016) The pneuma network: Transnational pentecostal print culture in the United States and South Africa, 1906-1948

Meinzer, Michael Christopher (2016) The Development of a Depression Preventive Intervention for Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Meinzer, Michael Christopher (2016) The development of a depression preventive intervention for adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Mendez, Vanesa (2016) Carotenoids and Fatty Acids in Early Lactation: A Study of a Peruvian Population

Meng, Sisi (2016) Economic aspects of climate change adaptation and natural hazard risk mitigation

Merwaday, Arvind (2016) Stochastic geometry based analysis of capacity, mobility and energy efficiency for dense heterogeneous networks

Mohammadi, Alireza (2016) Wind Performance Based Design for High-Rise Buildings

Mohammadi, Alireza (2016) Wind Performance Based Design for High-rise Buildings

Morales, Zoe Ansorena (2016) Using a Repeated Measures ANOVA Design to Analyze the Effect Writing in Mathematics Has on the Mathematics Achievement of Third Grade English Language Learners and English Speakers

Mudgal, Mukesh Madan (2016) Insight into the inhibition of ribonucleotide reductases by 2'- chloro-2'-deoxynucleotides and 2'-azido-2'-deoxynucleotides: biomimetic studies with model substrates

Mukherjee, Soumyadeep (2016) Antenatal stressful life events and postpartum depression in the United States: The role of women's socioeconomic status at the state level

Munoz, Lorena R (2016) Using Culturally Responsive Teaching with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students With Specific Learning Disabilities to Increase Performance in Algebra I

Musaramthota, Vishal (2016) Prediction of fracture toughness and durability of adhesively bonded composite joints with undesirable bonding conditions

Nainabasti, Binod (2016) Role of Students' Participation on Learning Physics in Active Learning Classes

Nelson, Angelica Alicia (2016) The Crafting of the Self in Private Letters and the Epistolary Novel: "El hilo que une", "Un verano en Bornos", "Ifigenia", "Querido Diego, te abraza Quiela", and "Cartas apócrifas"

Nowicki, Robert James (2016) Effects of Catastrophic Seagrass Loss and Predation Risk on the Ecological Structure and Resilience of a Model Seagrass Ecosystem

Okoe, Mershack Bortey (2016) Supporting web-based and crowdsourced evaluations of data visualizations

Pabón, Lizette C (2016) Training through serious games: The relationship between travel agent engagement, knowledge of cruise products and cruise sales

Pacheco Paredes, Angel Arturo (2016) The association of real earnings management with: Enterprise resource planning systems, audit effort, and future financial performance

Paudyal, Janak (2016) Carbon Nanotube- and Gold Nanoparticle-Based Materials for Electrochemical and Colorimetric Sensing Applications

Pedroso, Joaquin A (2016) Anarchy and anti-intellectualism: Reason, foundationalism, and the anarchist tradition

Pellegrini-Lafont, Cynthia (2016) Peers as an academic resource: An investigation of an afterschool program to socialize at-risk students with disabilities into greater academic engagement

Pham, Huy Van (2016) Evaluation of Redundancy of Twin Steel Box-Girder Bridges

Pham, Khoa Ngoc (2016) Conformational dynamics and stability associated with magnesium or calcium binding to dream in the regulation of interactions between dream and DNA or presenilins

Pierre-Victor, Dudith (2016) Human papillomavirus infection and vaccination policies in the American South

Pletka, Crystal Renae (2016) Neogene changes in caribbean paleoproductivity and the diversity and paleobiogeography of deep-sea benthic foraminifera

Pokhrel, Nau Raj (2016) H I Structure and Kinematics of the Interstellar Medium in the LITTLE THINGS Galaxies

Pooser, Eric (2016) The gluex start counter & beam asymmetry in single 0 photoproduction

Rastkar, Siavash (2016) Characterization of homogenized mechanical properties of porous ceramic materials based on their realistic microstructure

Rathor, Shekhar (2016) Facilitators for Software Development Agility

Rebenack, Carrie E (2016) A Carbon and Oxygen Stable Isotope-Dendrochronology Study of Trees From South Florida: Implications for the Development of a High-Resolution Subtropical Paleoclimate Record

Rivera, Tania (2016) The effects of a 12 week nutrition and physical activity intervention program on Mexican Americans residing in the lower Rio Grande Valley, TX

Rodriguez-Acosta, Cristina (2016) The impact of decentralization and new intergovernmental relations on public service delivery: A comparative analysis of Colombia and Paraguay

Rodriguez, Cory R (2016) The relationship of the parental involvement of Latino immigrant parents of middle school students and student academic achievement

Rodzinski, Alexandra (2016) Targeted and Controlled Anticancer Drug Delivery and Release with Magnetoelectric Nanoparticles

Roe, Angela E (2016) The sound of silence: Ideology of national identity and racial inequality in contemporary Curaçao

Rudolf, Christopher (2016) Microstructure and mechanical properties of nanofiller reinforced tantalum-niobium carbide formed by spark plasma sintering

Sadat Lavasani Bozorg, Seyed Mohammad Ali (2016) Potential Implications of Automated Vehicle Technologies on Travel Behavior and System Modeling

Sanders, Tammy S (2016) A Value-Driven Exploration of Online and In-Person Learning for Professionals

Saputro, Nico (2016) Performance optimization of network protocols for IEEE 802.11s-based smart grid communications

Sawani, Assma M (2016) Essays on the U.S. GAAP-IFRS Convergence Project, the Nature of Accounting Standards, and Financial Reporting Quality

Sayn-Wittgenstein, John P (2016) An examination of workplace aggression, job performance, and flow-states

Sebekos, Elena (2016) Strategic Communications to Prevent HIV Infections Among Black and Hispanic Young Adults

Shams, Kollol (2016) Understanding the Value of Travel Time Reliability for Freight Transportation to Support Freight Planning and Decision-Making

Shantz, Andrew A (2016) The individual and interactive effects of nitrogen and phosphorus enrichment on coral reefs

Sharief, Mujataba Rahiman (2016) Regulation of Particle Uptake by PP2A/B56 and LKB1 Dictyostelium discoideum

Shersher, Elena (2016) The influence of the proximal thiolate ligand and hydrogen bond network of the proximal helix on the structural and biochemical properties of chloroperoxidase

Sheykhi, Reza (2016) Risk-Based Decision Making Support for Construction Corporate Resource Management

Shinde, Pradeep Ramesh (2016) Investigation of Low Reynolds Number Flow and Heat Transfer of Louvered Surfaces

Silvia, Adam M (2016) Haiti and the Heavens: Utopianism and Technocracy in the Cold War Era

Singh, Aparajita (2016) Improving Current-Asymmetry of Metal-Insulator-Metal Tunnel Junctions

Smith, Joshua Laurence (2016) A Morphological, Functional, and Genetic Investigation of the Male Compound Eye Phenotype of Chrysomya megacephala (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Song, Jung Hyun (2016) The Effect of Social Capital on Organizational Performance in Different Cultures: A Cross-National Comparison of the United States and South Korea

Steckmann, Timothy M (2016) Rate Kinetics and Molecular Dynamics of the Structural Transitions in Amyloidogenic Proteins

Stewart, Tiffanie S (2016) Lifestyle and biological risk factors for liver fibrosis in the Miami adult studies on HIV (MASH) cohort: an HIV infected and HIV/HCV co-infected population

Stout, Tyler James (2016) Multilevel Modeling Issues and Measurement of Stress in Multilevel Data

Suarez, David (2016) The Western Sahara and the Search for the Roots of Sahrawi National Identity

Sweatman, Jennifer Lynn (2016) Gammaridean Amphipods as Bioindicators in Subtropical Seagrass Ecosystemss

Taghinezhadbilondy, Ramin (2016) Extending Use of Simple for Dead Load and Continuous for Live Load (SDCL) Steel Bridge System to Seismic Areas

Talukdar, Muhammad Bakhtear (2016) CFO Turnover, Firm's Debt-Equity Choice and Information Environment

Tao, Cheng (2016) Climatology of overshootings in tropical cyclones and their roles in tropical cyclone intensity changes using TRMM data

Taylor, Kristina (2016) A Descriptive Case Study Examining the Perceptions of Haitian American Parents and the Perceptions of Their Children's Teachers on the Parents' Involvement in a Structured Parent Intervention Program

Twomey, Megan (2016) Conjugated polymer-based biomaterials through controlled selfassembly

Vabbina, Phani Kiran (2016) Sonochemical Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures for Sensing and Energy Harvesting

Valdes, Beatriz (2016) Co-occurring health risks among middle aged Hispanic men who have sex with men (HMSM) in south Florida

Vasquez, Cesar A (2016) A history of the United States caribbean defense command (1941-1947)

Vega, Gisela Ponce (2016) Latina Lesbian Students: Understanding Their Experiences and Perceived Sexual Identity Development at a Hispanic-Serving Institution

Vesali Mahmoud, Nahid (2016) A Comprehensive Decision Support Framework in the Front-End Phase of Major Transportation Projects

Vilchez, Manuel Antonio (2016) An investigation of the effect of using Twitter by high school mathematics students learning linear equations in algebra 1

Vincent-Robinson, Carleen (2016) Faculty perceptions of self-plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty among university students

Wang, Feifei (2016) Income Distribution, International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment with Heterogeneous Firms

Wendelberger, Kristie Susan (2016) Evaluating Plant Community Response to Sea Level Rise and Anthropogenic Drying: Can Life Stage and Competitive Ability be Used as Indicators in Guiding Conservation Actions?

Williamson, Rhett (2016) Qualitative Analysis for the Characterization and Discrimination of Printing Inks

Xu, Yiqi (2016) Storage management of data-intensive computing systems

Yang, Xiaokun (2016) A high performance advanced encryption standard (AES) encrypted on-chip bus architecture for internet-of-things (IoT) system-on-chips (SoC)

Zeng, Chunqui (2016) Large Scale Data Mining for IT Service Management

Zhang, Cheng (2016) High Temperature Oxidation Study of Tantalum Carbidehafnium Carbide Solid Solutions Synthesized by Spark Plasma Sintering

Zhao, Guangqiang (2016) Online Moving Object Visualization with Geo-Referenced Data

Zhu, Jin (2016) A System-of-Systems Framework for Assessment of Resilience in Complex Construction Projects

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Dissertations & Theses from 2015

Abyarjoo, Fatemeh (2015) Sensor Fusion for Effective Hand Motion Detection

Adluru, Hari Kishore (2015) A novel hip implant using 3d woven composite material - Design and analysis

Albarran, Ilyana (2015) Decentralization and Citizen Participation in México

Amini, Reza (2015) Learning data-driven models of non-verbal behaviors for building rapport using an intelligent virtual agent

Asgari, Hamidreza (2015) On the Impacts of Telecommuting over Daily Activity/Travel Behavior: A Comprehensive Analysis through Different Telecommuting Patterns

Barnes, Helen Felicity Angela (2015) Writers' Club: The Effect of Extra Writing on Fourth-Grade, Hispanic Students' Writing, and their Attitude towards Writing

Batra, Anamica (2015) Investigating the outcomes of a physical activity program offered to older adults in South Florida and understanding the correlates of completion

Batra, Renu (2015) Exploring Perceptions of Middle Class Urban Indian Women Regarding Socio-Cultural Deterrents Influencing Participation in Adult and Continuing Educational Programs

Behdad, Sadegh (2015) Novel ternary magnesium-tin alloys by microalloying

Belcon, Michael C (2015) Determinants and disparities of survival in triple-negative breast cancer patients: A population-based retrospective longitudinal cohort design utilizing the Cox proportional hazard analytical model

Bhardwaj, Vinay (2015) Label-free surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy-linked immunosensor assay (SLISA) for environmental surveillance

Blakey, Tara (2015) Improving Satellite-based Chlorophyll-a Estimating Algorithms in Shallow, Coastal Waters

Cahill, Brian S (2015) Eyewitness choosing behavior: The role of ecphoric experience and non-memorial cues

Carbone, Jonathan Nicholas (2015) It Must Have Been Him: Coherence Effects within the Legal System

Cerreta, Michelle (2015) The creation and evaluation of novel canine training aids for cocaine using molecularly encapsulated sol-gel polymers and an investigation of canine field accuracy

Chabeco, Boris Castillo (2015) Redox regulation of Ras proteins in Dictyostelium discoideum

Chin, Nikeisha Latoya (2015) The role of Endothelin 3 in melanoma progression and metastasis

Cooper, Teo O.H (2015) Investigating the effects of cognitive apprenticeship-based instructional coaching on science teaching efficacy beliefs

Corrales, Juliana (2015) Modeling a phosphorus credit trading program in the Lake Okeechobee watershed

Cruz, Serena (2015) In search of safety, negotiating everyday forms of risk: Sex work, criminalization, and HIV/AIDS in the slums of Kampala

Dai, Xizi (2015) Fiber scaffolds of poly (glycerol-dodecanedioate) and its derivative via electrospinning for neural tissue engineering

Duniewicz, Krzysztof (2015) Don't get mad, get even: How employees abused by their supervisor retaliate against the organization and undermine their spouses

Edun, Anya T (2015) Workplace discrimination climate and team effectiveness: The mediating role of collective value congruence, team cohesion, and collective affective commitment

Eisman, Elyktra Claire (2015) GIS-integrated mathematical modeling of social phenomena at macro- and micro- levels—a multivariate geographically-weighted regression model for identifying locations vulnerable to hosting terrorist safe-houses: France as case study

Ellis, Jacqueline Caroline (2015) English language learners: A correlational study of the relationship between a proficency level assessment and end of course test scores at one Georgia high school

Emas, Rachel (2015) Successes and Shortcomings in the Implementation of National Sustainable Development Strategies: From the Greening of Governance to the Governance of Greening

Fan, Changjun (2015) Synthesis and characterization of photochromic copolymers containing 3-indolylfulgides/indolylfulgimides

Fekrmandi, Hadi (2015) Development of new structural health monitoring techniques

Ferdinando, Peter John (2015) Atlantic Ais in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: Maritime adaptation, indigenous wrecking, and buccaneer raids on Florida's central east coast

Fievre, Ange Marie Patricia (2015) Uniquely identifiable tamper-evident device using coupling between subwavelength gratings

Fowler, Linda Donnell (2015) Comparison of linear functions in middle grades textbooks from Singapore and the United States

Garcia, Brenezza DaParre (2015) Crisis Leadership: The Roles University Presidents and Crisis Managers Play in Higher Education - A Case Study of the State University System of Florida

Ghasemi, Sahar (2015) Innovative modular high performance lightweight decks for accelerated bridge construction

Gonzalez, Carlos Enrique (2015) What We've Got Here is a Failure to Communicate: A Postmodern Analysis of Representations of Higher Education in Cinema

Grigorescu, Claudia (2015) Undergraduate students' perceptions of study abroad and their level of achievement of global learning outcomes

Grullon-Garcia, Diana M (2015) Epistemologías culturales del Caribe: Modelos conceptuales metafóricos en el ensayo caribeño del siglo XX

Gwak, Seongshin (2015) Comprehensive analysis of emerging new psychoactive substances by ion mobility spectrometry and mass spectrometry

Ha, Hsin-Yu (2015) Integrating deep learning with correlation-based multimedia semantic concept detection

Han, Qiushi (2015) Energy-aware Fault-tolerant Scheduling for Hard Real-time Systems

Haq, Izhar (2015) Role of the Audit Committee Chair in the Financial Reporting Process

Hernandez, Eduardo (2015) Exploring how transformational experiences of faculty participating in global learning workshops inform practice

Heuett, Nubia Vanesa (2015) Target and Non-target Techniques for the Quantitation of Drugs of Abuse, Identification of Transformation Products, and Characterization of Contaminants of Emergent Concern by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Howe, Lisa Ann (2015) Spirited pioneer the life of Emma Hardinge Britten

Inanloo, Bahareh (2015) A multi-criteria GIS-based route selection tool for hazardous material transport: Consideration of environmental consequence, traffic congestions and costs

Inyim, Peeraya (2015) Time, cost, and environmental impact analysis for sustainable design at multiple building levels

Ishtiaq, Khandker Saqib (2015) Robust modeling and predictions of greenhouse gas fluxes from forest and wetland ecosystems

Ito, Yukari (2015) Identity, ideology, and cinema: Making sense of Japan's foreign and security policies in the 1950s and 2000s

Jaber, Rana Mohammed (2015) Determinants of waterpipe and cigarette smoking progression among a school-based sample of adolescents in Irbid, Jordan: A three-year longitudinal study (2008-2011)

Jean, Pascale Cecile (2015) The influence of psychological predictors and cognitive behavioral stress management intervention on antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence among HIV-positive female Haitian alcohol users

Jiang, Yexi (2015) Temporal mining for distributed systems

Jiannine, Lia Monique (2015) Sex-positive curricula: An investigation of the relationship between physical fitness, self-concept and sexual functioning

Jiao, Xin (2015) Effect of pavement-vehicle interaction on highway fuel consumption and emission

Kandel, Hari Prasad (2015) Land Use/Land Cover Driven Surface Energy Balance and Convective Rainfall Change in South Florida

Kargarmoakhar, Ramtin (2015) Large-scale testing to study the effects of critical parameters on the aerodynamic behavior of long span bridges

Kekessie, Seyram Mawuko (2015) Attentional Competition: Weapon Focus, Encoding Time, and Memory Accuracy Correlations between Crime Scene Items

Kuriyan, Aparajita Biswas (2015) The effectiveness of an online workshop on behavior management as a professional development tool for teachers

Lanz, Julie Jean (2015) Examining the Impact of Resilience on Work Stress and Strains in Nurses

Ledesma Ortega, Cyntianna C (2015) An exploration of workplace interventions for women with postpartum depression symptoms

Lemoine, Nathan P (2015) The Effects of Climate Warming on Plant-Herbivore Interactions

Lewis, Tamika L (2015) Exploring children's perceptions of African American English

Li, Melissa (2015) Defining fluid restriction in the management of infants following cardiac surgery and understanding the subsequent impact on nutrient delivery and growth outcomes

Llau, Anthoni F. (2015) The Impact of Red Light Cameras on Injury Crashes within Miami-Dade County, Florida

Loguzzo, Lorena (2015) Estrategias desestabilizadoras en la narrativa de Silvina Ocampo

Lozano-Lewis, Lissette Irene (2015) Organometallic rhenium dyes for nitric oxide detection and imaging

Machovina, Brian L (2015) The role of agriculture and food consumption in tropical conservation

Malone, Melissa Anne (2015) Constructing Childhood: Place, Space and Nation in Argentina, 1880-1955

Manthey, Seth (2015) Assessing Current Instructional Practices in General Biology One (BIO1010) and Arguing for a Model-Centered Curriculum

Martinez, Sabrina Sales (2015) Overweight/obesity and HIV disease progression in HIV+ adults in Botswana

Mashav, Asuka Haraguchi (2015) An exploration of the reasons and purposes of non-Japanese undergraduate students for taking a beginners' Japanese language course

Ma, Tan (2015) Hybrid power system intelligent operation and protection involving plug-in electric vehicles

McDowell, Logan (2015) Video Modeling for Teaching Imitation to Young Children with Autism: A Treatment Comparison and Analysis of Potential Predictors of Success

Mendez, Eladio (2015) Conjugated polymer nanoparticles for biological labeling and delivery

Merisio, Claudio Roberto (2015) Higher Education in and for Rural Bolivia: Key Stakeholders' Perceptions of the Educational Experiences of Students who have Attended Unidad Académica Campesina Carmen Pampa

Mic, Dumitrita Suzana (2015) Producing Collaborations Through Community-Level Processes of Climate Change and Water Management Planning

Molinaro, Peter F (2015) Exoneration or observation? Examining a novel difference between liars and truth tellers

Monem, Ruba (2015) The effect of mobile technology as an active student response system on the acquisition of U.S. history content of secondary students with specific learning disabilities

Mooneghi, Maryam Asghari (2015) Experimental and analytical methodologies for predicting peak loads on building envelopes and roofing systems

Moradi, Kamran (2015) Acoustic manipulation and alignment of particles for applications in separation, micro-templating and device fabrication

Moreno, Lilliana I (2015) The effect of sample and sample matrix on DNA processing: Mechanisms for the detection and management of inhibition in forensic samples

Mueller, Dana Hirn (2015) The Effects of Post-Recall Feedback: Examining Witness Recall Quantity, Accuracy, and Confidence

Mukherjee, Anirbaan (2015) Macular pigment and lens optical density measurements-evaluating a flicker machine with novel features

Nazareth, Alina (2015) Factors affecting adult mental rotation performance

Nguyen, Hien (2015) Modeling, designing, and implementing an ad-hoc M-Learning platform that integrates sensory data to support ubiquitous learning

Nisbet, Leslie Deanna (2015) Mathematics teaching experiences of elementary preservice teachers with high and low mathematics anxiety during student teaching: A multiple case study

Ogurcak, Danielle E (2015) The effect of disturbance and freshwater availability on lower Florida Keys' coastal forest dynamics

Oramas, Laura A (2015) The influence of parental aggression and cultural gender role beliefs on Hispanic college women's experiences with psychological aggression

Osterman, Mark David (2015) Exploring relationships between thinking style and sex, age, academic major, occupation, and levels of arts engagement among professionals working in museums

Ottati Reperger, Daniela Fabiana (2015) Geographical literacy, attitudes, and experiences of freshman students: A qualitative study at Florida International University

Pacheco, Roberto (2015) "¡Pobres negros!" The social representations and commemorations of blacks in the river plate from the mid-nineteenth century to the first half of the twentieth (and beyond)

Pan, Feng (2015) Understanding ten-eleven translocation-2 in hematological and nervous systems

Paparesta, Michael P (2015) Understanding the impact of the property tax appeal process on assessment uniformity: Procedures, structures, and outcomes

Pardillo, Armando D (2015) The influence of the proximal amide hydrogen bonds and the proximal helix dipole on the catalytic activity of chloroperoxidase

Parikh, Jaimit (2015) Theoretical investigation of intra- and inter-cellular spatiotemporal calcium patterns in microcirculation

Paul, Natalie (2015) A basic interpretive study of the experiences of university students who have dropped or failed an online course

Perez, Ramona Leticia Valenzuela (2015) A charged fusion product diagnostic for a spherical tokamak

Porter, Michael (2015) Online education, accrediting standards, and student success: An examination of the relationship between the southern association of colleges and schools commission on colleges standards for online education and student success

Porther, Nicole C (2015) Intracellular signaling and trafficking in cancer: Role of Rab5-GTPases in migration and invasion of breast cancer cells

Pratte, Zoe A (2015) Investigating the driving mechanisms behind differences in bleaching and disease susceptibility between two scleractinian corals, Pseudodiploria strigosa and Diploria labyrinthiformis

Prosper, Mamyrah (2015) New Haitian social movements: Alternative modernities, (trans)local nationalisms, and solidarity economies

Prysmakova, Palina (2015) Public service motivation in public and nonprofit service providers: The cases of Belarus and Poland

Rahman, Mahmudur (2015) Data verifications for online social networks

Ramirez-Lamus, Daniela (2015) Foreign language education in Colombia: A qualitative study of Escuela Nueva

Ramos, Jorge Victor (2015) The economics of trademarks

Rath, Sasmita (2015) Regulation of bone marrow stem cells through oscillatory shear stresses - A heart valve tissue engineering perspective

Reaves, Angela C (2015) Work creativity as a dimension of job performance

Rehm, Evan Mitchell (2015) Factors affecting current and future treeline locations and dynamics in the Peruvian Andes

Roque, Beyte Barrios (2015) Pollination, herbivory, and habitat fragmentation: Their effects on the reproductive fitness of Angadenia berteroi, a native perennial plant of the south Florida pine rocklands

Rosa, Alessandra M (2015) Resistance performances: (Re)constructing spaces of resistance and contention in the 2010-2011 University of Puerto Rico student movement

Salinas, Manuel (2015) Movement effects on the flow physics and nutrient delivery in engineered valvular tissues

Sepulveda, Desiree Jasmin (2015) Evaluating the effectiveness of discrete trial procedures for teaching receptive discrimination to children with autism spectrum disorders

Severe, Marie Sandra (2015) Association between childhood sexual abuse and HIV-related risk factors for HIV-positive Haitian women

Shah, Pratikkumar (2015) Development of a lab-on-a-chip device for rapid nanotoxicity assessment in vitro

Singh, Sandeep Kumar (2015) A case-only genome-wide association study of gender- and age-specific risk markers for childhood leukemia

Smith, Synatra A (2015) On and off the stage at Atlanta Greek Picnic: Performances of collective black middle-class identities and the politics of belonging

Song, Keran (2015) Business cycle effects on US sectoral stock returns

Song, Yin (2015) C-MEMS based micro enzymatic biofuel cells

Song, Yinchen (2015) Intraoperative guidance for pediatric brain surgery based on optical techniques

Soti, Bimal (2015) Essays on intergovernmental fiscal relationship

Spadola, Christine E (2015) A mixed-methods examination of alcohol use among young adult racially/ethnically diverse bariatric surgery patients

Srinivasan, Supriya (2015) Multifunctional nanoparticles for theranostic applications

Steinert, Jason Kenneth (2015) Workplace aggression: A reconceptualization of the construct & an exploration of strain based outcomes

Subedi, Kiran (2015) Elemental analysis of printing inks using tandem laserinduced breakdown spectroscopy and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Sun, Pengfei (2015) Characterization of an epoxide hydrolase from the Florida red tide dinoflagellate, Karenia brevis

Sun, Yongzhou (2015) Study of ammonia borane and its derivatives: Influence of nanoconfinements and pressures

Surita, Sharon Czarina (2015) Emergence and fate of siloxanes in waste streams: Release mechanisms, partitioning and persistence in three environmental compartments

Tamir, Hod (2015) Romantic relationships and adjustment in early adulthood: The role of cross-sex experience in the context of social norms and support

Tanaka, Hideaki (2015) Complementary and alternative medicine and Japanese chronic disease patients' quality of life and perceived stress

Tang, Li (2015) Automatic extraction of number of lanes from aerial images for transportation applications

Tarifa, Anamary (2015) Fast detection and chemical characterization of gunshot residues by CMV-GC-MS and LIBS

Vargo, Kurt Edward (2015) Exploring parental perceptions of self-efficacy, role modeling and factors contributing to family health practices from an employer-provided family weight management program: A mixed methods study

Viamonte, Connie M (2015) You crit like a girl: The performance of female identity in the virtual gaming community World of Warcraft

Vokata, Tereza (2015) Synthetic approaches to flexible fluorescent conjugated polymers

Wagner, Sasha (2015) Black carbon: Sources, mobility and fate in freshwater systems

Wang, Tianyi (2015) On the design of real-time systems on multi-core platforms under uncertainty

Wang, Yongzhi (2015) Constructing secure MapReduce framework in cloud-based environment

Wang, Zhenzhong (2015) System design and implementation of a fast and accurate bio-inspired spiking neural network

Wan, Jiangyun (2015) Essays on competition in the pharmaceutical industry

Weimer, Gregory Kent (2015) Policing Slavery: Order and the Development of Early Nineteenth-century New Orleans and Salvador

Willis, Elizabeth Anne (2015) An extended validation and analysis of the early childhood educators' knowledge of self-regulation skills questionnaire: A two phase study

Xu, Li (2015) On emerging Asia-Pacific equity markets from the perspective of the dynamics of mean and volatility spillovers

Yang, Xiong (2015) Use of fiber reinforced polymer composite cable for post-tensioning application

Yang, Yimin (2015) Exploring hidden coherent feature groups and temporal semantics for multimedia big data analysis

Yoose, Cora (2015) African American and Afro-Caribbean american men's prostate health knowledge and beliefs

Young, Susan Caroline (2015) Factors affecting the adoption of new technology: The case of 311 government call centers

Zayas, Jessica (2015) Strain promoted click chemistry of 8-azidopurine and 5-azidopyrimidine nucleosides and nucleotides with cyclooctynes and applications to living cell imaging

Zeledon, Marilyn (2015) The linguistic market of codeswitching in U.S. Latino literature

Zeng, Kaiman (2015) Next generation of product search and discovery: Visual search and recommendation

Zhang, Shuo (2015) The performance and service life prediction of high performance concrete in sulfate and acidic environments

Zhao, Cen (2015) Advanced oxidation processes of problematic toxin and water contaminants: Cylindrospermopsin, iopamidol, 4-methyl cyclohexane methanol and propylene glycol phenyl ether

Zhou, Qi (2015) An integrated neuroimaging approach for the prediction and analysis of Alzheimer's disease and its prodromal stages

Zhu, Xuena (2015) Development of point-of-care testing sensors for biomarker detection

Zincke, Diansy (2015) Characterization of the poxAB operon encoding a class D carbapenemase in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Zini, Luca (2015) The modern state and the re-creation of the indigenous other: The case of the authentic Sámi in Sweden and the white man's Indian in the United States of America

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Dissertations & Theses from 2014

Abdoli, Abas (2014) Optimization of cooling protocols for hearts destined for transplantation

Allison, Mark (2014) A generic model of execution for synthesizing domain-specific models

Altuglu, Murat (2014) Electoral rules and elite recruitment: A comparative analysis of the Bundestag and the U.S. House of Representatives

Amir-Kiaei, Yalda (2014) The relationship between metacognition, self-actualization, and well-being among university students: Reviving self-actualization as the purpose of education

Andrews, Charles (2014) Utilizing traditional cognitive measures of academic preparation to predict first-year science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors' success in math and science courses

Antwi, Janet (2014) Factors of inflammation in Haitian Americans and African Americans with and without type 2 diabetes

Ashley, Trisha Lynn (2014) The H I chronicles of LITTLE THINGS blue compact dwarf galaxies

Astudillo, Luisana (2014) Conformational dynamics associated with ligand binding to vertebrate hexa-coordinate hemoglobins

Atisa, George (2014) Analysis of global compliance and implementation of the goals of international environmental treaties: A case study of the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD)

Azhar, Nida (2014) Integrated construction project delivery system in the U.S. public sector: An information modeling framework

Baheru, Thomas (2014) Development of test-based wind-driven rain intrusion model for hurricane-induced building interior and contents damage

Barzegaranbaboli, Mohammadreza (2014) Physics-based modeling of power system components for the evaluation of low-frequency radiated electromagnetic fields

Beauchesne, Marie-Michele (2014) CEO humility: Development of an unobtrusive measure and strategic implications

Berry, Gerald A (2014) Mosquito larvicides from cyanobacteria

Bono, Jason (2014) First time measurements of polarization observables for the charged cascade hyperon in photoproduction

Buttram, Mance E (2014) Syndemic health disparities and resilience processes related to HIV transmission risk among African American/Black men in south Florida

Caraballo, Norma Iris (2014) Identification of characteristic volatile organic compounds released during the decomposition process of human remains and analogues

Cassell, Ryan T (2014) Synthesis of PbTx-2 photoaffinity and fluorescent probes and an alternative synthetic route to photoaffinity labels

Catano, Laura Bhatti (2014) Non-consumptive effects of predators in coral reef communities and the indirect consequences of marine protected areas

Chbib, Christiane (2014) Design and synthesis of S-ribosylhomocysteine analogues

Chen, Yu (2014) Essays on intergenerational and regional aspects of water management

Ciplak, Bilal (2014) Democracy promotion and Turkey

Cofino, Jonathan (2014) Using sonic enhancement to augment non-visual tabular navigation

Darroudi, Ali (2014) Variable speed limit strategies to reduce the impacts of traffic flow breakdown at recurrent freeway bottlenecks

DeCambra, Edward M (2014) Three essays on the economics of defense contracting, output and income inequality

de Varona, Amanda Gail (2014) The response to an ESL population boom in the Beaufort County, South Carolina school system: A case study

Doctor, Erika L (2014) Development of a surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy method for the detection of benzodiazepines in urine

Drew, Erica Noelle (2014) Personnel selection, safety performance, and job performance: Are safe workers better workers?

Dua, Rupak (2014) Enhanced anchorage of tissue-engineered cartilage using an osteoinductive approach

Dzhuryak, Iryna (2014) Establishing a baseline of psychometric estimates of measurement of intercultural competence of Ukrainian faculty: Setting the stage for domestic and global intercultural understanding

Eisenhauer, Emily (2014) Socio-ecological vulnerability to climate change in South Florida

Espinoza Becerra, Barbara (2014) Foundations of quantitative information flow: Channels, cascades, and the information order

Fan, Ming (2014) Real-time scheduling of embedded applications on multi-core platforms

Fernandez, Whitney G. Douglas (2014) What does board capital really bring to the table? Exploring the effect of directors' human and social capital on effective governance during international expansion

Fleites, Fausto C (2014) A scalable multimedia content processing framework with application to TV shopping

Fortuna, Karen (2014) Influence of gender and life stressors on longitudinal depression treatment outcomes among older primary care patients

Fu, Hanzhuo (2014) Development of advanced capillary electrophoresis techniques with UV and mass spectrometry detection for forensic, pharmaceutical and environmental applications

Galvis, Adriana (2014) Novel insights into the mechanisms of regulation of tyrosine kinase receptors by Ras Interference 1

Garcia, Rolando (2014) The relationship between socioeconomic status, course delivery method, and student success at a state college: A single institution analysis

Guido-Sanz, Francisco (2014) The effects of advanced practice nurses (APNs) as intensivists in a surgical intensive care unit (SICU) on patient outcomes, healthcare charges, and apn intensivist services in the SICU

Hafemeister, Bryn E (2014) A visual critical ethnography of youth develoment in a Rio de Janeiro favela

He, Ding (2014) Application of biomarkers and compound specific stable isotopes for the assessment of hydrology as a driver of organic matter dynamics in the Everglades ecosystem

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Herrington, Joshua A (2014) Elevated progesterone in yolk as a moderator of prenatal and postnatal auditory learning in bobwhite quail

Holbik, Sven Paul (2014) Arc crust-magma interaction in the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone from thermobarometry, mineral composition, radiogenic isotope and rare earth element systematics of the Azufre-Planchon-Peteroa volcanic complex, Chile

Holness, Nola (2014) The effects of resilience and social influences on preventing repeat adolescent pregnancies in parenting adolescent mothers

Jaja-Chimedza, Asha (2014) Contribution of lipophilic secondary metabolites to the toxicity of strains of freshwater cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms, identified using the zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo as a model for vertebrate development

Jiang, Xuan (2014) Vocabulary learning through use of the picture-word inductive model for young English learners in China: A mixed methods examination using Cognitive Load Theory

Johnson, Julie Ann (2014) A geochemical study of crustal plutonic rocks from the southern Mariana Trench forearc: Relationship to volcanic rocks erupted during subduction initiation

Kalayci, Selim (2014) Techniques for efficient execution of large-scale scientific workflows in distributed environments

Khanal, Hari P (2014) Experimental deuteron momentum distributions with reduced final state interactions

Kilgore, Colleen Marcia (2014) Menopause, rurlity, and obesity in rural African American women

Lagomasino, David (2014) Ecohydrology, evapotranspiration and hydrogeochemistry of carbonate mangrove wetlands

Liang, Yong (2014) Novel approaches for the synthesis of C-5 modified pyrimidine nucleosides

Li, Jingxuan (2014) Mining the online social network data: Influence, summarization, and organization

Li, Lei (2014) Next generation of recommender systems: Algorithms and applications

Li, Ting (2014) Background traffic modeling for large-scale network simulation

Liu, Ruonan (2014) Can compensation committees effectively mitigate the ceo horizon problem? The role of co-opted directors

Liu, Shuo (2014) Delay-sensitive service request scheduling for cloud computing

Liu, Su (2014) Formal modeling and analysis techniques for high level Petri nets

Long, Stephanie A (2014) Simulating everglades national park hydrology and phosphorus transport under existing and future scenarios using numerical modeling

Lopez-Abadia Laya, Anamaria (2014) La tentación del abismo en armonía Somers: Entre el expresionismo de vanguardia y el gótico postmoderno

Madrazo, Vanessa Lynn (2014) Identity, purpose, and well-being among emerging adult Hispanic women

Mahmoudi, Mehrnoosh (2014) Numerical modeling of the effects of hydrologic conditions and sediment transport on geomorphic patterns in wetlands

Malakasis, Cynthia Helen (2014) Immigration and nationalism in Greece

Matamala, Alejandra C (2014) Assessing organizational image: Triangulation across different applicant perceptions, website, and Facebook features

Mazloomzadeh, Ali (2014) Development of hardware in the loop real-time control techniques for hybrid power systems involving distributed demands and sustainable energy sources

McKelvey, Karma (2014) Time trends and predictors of initiation for cigarette and waterpipe smoking among Jordanian school children: Irbid, 2008-2011

McLean, Michael Andrew (2014) The relationship among serum levels of manganese superoxide dismutase and mitochondrial DNA 8-hydroxy-2'- deoxyguanosine, and dietary antioxidants intake in type 2 diabetes

Meca, Alan (2014) Ethnic and American identity development: A developmental systems approach

Meng, Ziyuan (2014) Two-bit pattern analysis for quantitative information flow

Meszaros, Julia (2014) Racialized sexualities within the romance tour industry: The influence of affect and emotion upon transnational hierarchies of desire

Meyer, Debbie (2014) Aerodynamic testing of variable message signs

Mintz, Brandon (2014) Development of a precast concrete supertile roofing system for the mitigation of extreme wind events

Miranda, Jeffrey (2014) The efficacy of an interactive computer system for teaching developmental mathematics to college students

Molina, Ilia (2014) Investigation of escape and negative student behaviors related to Florida state high stakes test preparation in Miami-Dade County Public High Schools

Moore-Garcia, Beverly (2014) The decolonization of Northwest Community College

Morgan, Marisa (2014) Exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds and reproductive toxicity in women

Morris, Karl A (2014) A middleware to support services delivery in a domain-specific virtual machine

Najiba, Shah (2014) High pressure and low temperature study of ammonia borane and lithium amidoborane

Neupane, Suman (2014) Synthesis and electron emission properties of aligned carbon nanotube arrays

Nicholas, Tekla C (2014) Crossing boundaries to education: Haitian transnational families and the quest to raise the family up

Nodine, Emily (2014) Evidence of climate variability and tropical cyclone activity from diatom assemblage dynamics in coastal southwest Florida

Noosai, Nantaporn (2014) Development of an enhanced hydro-geochemical model to address mercury-speciation fate and transport in aquatic environments

Nori, Deepthi V (2014) A novel method for rapid and selective extraction of male DNA from rape kits using alkaline lysis and pressure cycling technology (PCT)

Nowakowski, Aaron Justin (2014) Connectivity of fragmented amphibian populations in a neotropical landscape

O'dowd, Briana (2014) The effect of prenatal auditory enrichment on perceptual narrowing in bobwhite quail neonates

Ortega, Francisco R (2014) 3D navigation with six degrees-of-freedom using a multi-touch display

Pastor, Alfredo (2014) La representacion de la masculinidad y la violencia de genero en la novela Espanola de la posguerra

Paula da Silva Benaduce, Ana (2014) UV-induced melanoma mouse model dependent on endothelin 3 over-expression

Peters, Kelley L (2014) Development of presumptive and confirmatory analytical methods for the simultaneous detection of multiple improvised explosives

Prentiss, Andrea S (2014) Hearing the child's voice: Their lived experience in the pediatric intensive care unit

Pulletikurthi, Chandan (2014) Biocompatibility assessment of biosorbable polymer coated nitinol alloys

Quintana, Shannon (2014) Parental and cultural influences on Hispanic college women's verbal intimate partner violence victimization: An examination of within group differences

Ramdathsingh, Krystel (2014) Does U.S counter-drug policy affect nationalism in the Anglophone Caribbean? A comparative study on the impact of counter-drug policy on nationalism in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago

Regmi, Chola K (2014) Structural flexibility and oxygen diffusion pathways in monomeric fluorescent proteins

Rehm, Jon (2014) Advanced Placement and American education: A Foucauldian analysis of the Advanced Placement Program of the college board

Riccardi, William N (2014) An empirical analysis of the global audit market: International Financial Reporting Standards-related changes and differences within the Big 4 global networks

Rimal, Dipak (2014) Proton Form Factor Puzzle and the CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS) two-photon exchange experiment

Rivard, Jillian R (2014) Confirmation bias in witness interviewing: Can interviewers ignore their preconceptions?

Rodriguez, Marbelys (2014) Two adaptation mechanisms regulate cellular migration in Dictyostelium discoideum

Rosario, Adelaida M (2014) Santería as an informal psychosocial support among Latinas living with cancer

Rosario, Janisse (2014) Obesity, cardiovascular disease risk factors and weight loss in a population of adult Mexican Americans

Saha, Dibakar (2014) Improved criteria for estimating calibration factors for highway safety manual (HSM) applications

Saldana Tavares, Amy (2014) The role of the transcription factor Ets1 in melanocyte development

Sanchez-Hernandez, Yosmel (2014) Paleoenvironments and geochemical signals from the late Barremian to the middle Aptian in a Tethyan marginal basin, northeast Spain: Implications for carbon sequestration in restricted basins

Sawhney, Ena K (2014) Cultural intelligence: Extending the nomological network

Segredo, Mirta R (2014) The relationships between elementary school principals' emotional intelligence, leadership style and school culture

Serna, Claudia A (2014) Exploring oral health problems in adult Hispanic migrant farmworkers: A mixed - methods approach

Severe, LeTania P (2014) Access to better education: The school choice experience of families served by low-performing elementary public schools in Miami-Dade County

Shabanian, Shaghayegh (2014) Advanced methodologies in dynamic traffic assignment modeling of managed lanes

Sheehan, Tara (2014) The effects of paternal and maternal nurturance and involvement on young adult academic outcomes

Shen, Chao (2014) Text analytics of social media: Sentiment analysis, event detection and summarization

Stice, Szabina (2014) Speciation, metabolism, toxicity, and protein-binding of different arsenic species in human cells

Stoner, Elizabeth W (2014) Human-driven benthic jellyfish blooms: Causes and consequences for coastal marine ecosystems

Suarez, Michael (2014) Effects of prenatal and early postnatal exposure to aversive stimuli on fearfulness and exploratory behavior in bobwhite quail neonates (Colinus virginianus)

Tang, Liang (2014) Event mining for system and service management

Thompson, Vanessa (2014) Covalent protein adduction of nitrogen mustards and related compounds

Tyutina, Svetlana (2014) Hispanic orientalism: The literary development of a cultural paradigm, from medieval Spain to modern Latin America

Urbina, Josue N (2014) The relationship between selected standardized test scores and performance in advanced placement math and science exams: Analyzing the differential effectiveness of scores for course identification and placement

Vera, Racquel (2014) Perceptions and experiences of intimate partner violence among Hispanic college students

Villalba, Daniella K (2014) The effect of rapport building in police interrogations: Can rapport improve the diagnosticity of confession evidence?

Villalba, Karina (2014) The influence of gene environment interaction on the risk of cognitive impairment: Reducing sexual risk behaviors and alcohol use in HIV-infected adults

Warmington-Granston, Nicole (2014) The Caribbean Court of Justice: An investigation of the impact of elites on its creation and present structure as it relates to original jurisdiction

Xu, Meng (2014) Oxidative DNA damage modulates trinucleotide repeat instabiliy via DNA base excision repair

Ya, Chao (2014) Sources, fate and transformation of organic matter in wetlands and estuaries

Yasavur, Ugan (2014) Statistical dialog management for health interventions

Yesiltas, Ozum (2014) Rethinking the national question: Anti-statist discourses within the Kurdish national movement

Zeitsiff, Charlotte A (2014) The effects on students' self-efficacy beliefs regarding their comprehension of American literature when aesthetic reading and reader response strategy are implemented

Zheng, Li (2014) Towards next generation vertical search engines

Zhu, Feng (2014) Integrity-based kernel malware detection

Zhu, Zhenduo (2014) Mechanisms governing the eyewall replacement cycle in numerical simulations of tropical cyclones

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Dissertations & Theses from 2013

Abal, Abdulaziz (2013) A comparison of the effects of classroom and Multi-User Virtual Environments on the perceived speaking anxiety of adult post-secondary English Language Learners

Aidov, Alexandre (2013) Three essays on market depth in futures markets

Alvarado-Vargas, Marcelo J (2013) The mediating effect of innovation on the relationship between corporate reputation and performance in U.S. firms

Amor Coarasa, Alejandro (2013) Microspheres for liver radiomicrospheres therapy and planning

Amparo, Robin Faith (2013) Gaining insight into teaching: A phenomenological exploration of the lived experience of Teachers of the Year

Arif, Farrukh (2013) A decision support framework for infrastructure maintenance investment decision-making

Astray-Caneda, Evelio Enrique (2013) Hazard mitigation element quality in coastal comprehensive plans in a state with strong requirements for hazard mitigation plan elements

Attonito, Jennifer (2013) The influence of neurocognitive impairment, alcohol and other drug (AOD) use, and psychosocial factors on antiretroviral treatment adherence, service utilization and viral load among HIV-seropositive adults

Balasubramanian, Deepak (2013) Pseudomonas aeruginosa AMPR transcriptional regulatory network

Ballesteros, Jaime (2013) Mixed spatial and nonspatial problems in location based services

Ballout, Souha (2013) The effects of age, ethnicity, sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, masculinity, and relationship with the partner on the quality of life of men with prostate cancer

Batch, Sudha Rani (2013) Photo degradation of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) under simulated solar radiation: Implications for their environmental fate

Beaghen, Susan Peabody (2013) Selection and passage of county land preservation voter referendum: The role of government

Bellantuono, Anthony John (2013) Acclimatization of the tropical reef coral Acropora millepora to hyperthermal stress

Beltz, Katylynn (2013) The development of calibrants through characterization of volatile organic compounds from peroxide based explosives and a non-target chemical calibration compound

Bessey, Cindy (2013) The role of teleost grazers in a relatively pristine seagrass ecosystem

Bhandari, Yuba R (2013) Pressure induced structural changes and gas diffusion pathways in monomeric fluorescent proteins

Boone, Justin (2013) Through wafer 3D Vertical Micro-Coaxial Probe for high frequency material characterization and millimeter wave packaging systems

Caicedo, Carmen (2013) Children with special health care needs: Comparison of the effects of home care setting, prescribed pediatric extended care setting, and long-term care setting on child and family health outcomes and health care service use

Carol, Rolando N (2013) Implicit eyewitness memory

Cash, Tina (2013) The effect of reciprocal mapping on high-risk sixth-grade students' social studies achievement

Chang, Richard Yen-Ching (2013) Intraspecific relationships in Paracalanus quasimodo [Calinoideae] and Temora turbinata [Calinoideae] along the southeastern coast of the United States

Chatterjee, Chiradip (2013) Four essays of environmental risk-mitigation

Chaturvedi, Vivek (2013) Leakage temperature dependency aware real-time scheduling for power and thermal optimization

Chaudhary, Ujwal (2013) Functional near infrared spectroscopy study of language, joint attention and motor skills

Clausen, Daniel (2013) Political strategy, leadership, and policy entrepreneurship in Japanese defense policy and politics: A comparison of three prime ministerships

Cochran, Geraldine L (2013) A Q-Methodology approach to investigating the relationship between level of reflection and typologies among prospective teachers in the physics learning assistant program at Florida International University

Comrie, Donna (2013) The influence of HOPE VI public housing on public schools

Cui, Zheng (2013) A generalized adaptive mathematical morphological filter for LIDAR data

Cyrus, Elena (2013) Social capital, HIV risk behavior and substance use among recent Latino immigrants in South Florida

Dahan, Jessica (2013) Individual child cognitive behavioral treatment versus child-parent cognitive behavioral treatments for anxiety disorders in children and adolescents: Comparative outcomes

de la Fe, Loraine (2013) Empire's children: Soviet childhood in the age of revolution

Del Rio, Vivian M (2013) Effects of sex, third grade reading achievement and motivation as predictors of fourth grade reading achievement of Hispanic students: A path analysis

Dessu, Shimelis Behailu (2013) Water demand and allocation in the Mara River Basin, Kenya/Tanzania in the face of land use dynamics and climate variability

Dickson, Dionne C (2013) The effect of iron oxide nanoparticles on the fate and transformation of arsenic in aquatic environments

Ding, Yan (2013) Environmental dynamics of dissolved black carbon in aquatic ecosystems

Di Pietro, Antonietta (2013) Italianità on Tour: From the Mediterranean to Southeast Florida, 1896-1939

Erazo, Miguel A (2013) Leveraging symbiotic relationships for emulation of computer networks

Fan, Wen (2013) Improved dynamic headspace sampling and detection using capillary microextraction of volatiles coupled to gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Fernandez Fernandez, Alicia (2013) IR820 nanoconjugates for theranostic applications

Franco-Castillo, Iliana (2013) The relationship between scaffolding metacognitive strategies identified through dialogue journals and second graders' reading comprehension, science achievement, and metacognition using expository text

Fu, Tuan-Chun (2013) Development of effective approaches to the large-scale aerodynamic testing of low-rise buildings

Gadkari, Tushar V (2013) Effect of arginine and oscillatory calcium ion (II) on vascular response mediated via nitric oxide signaling in normal and salt sensitive hypertensive rat mesenteric arterioles

Galindo, Marilys (2013) A relationship between the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test 2.0 mathematics scores and racial and ethnic concentration when considering socio-economic status, ESOL student population, and school climate

Garvoille, Rebecca I (2013) Sociocultural complexities of ecosystem restoration: Remaking identity, landscape and belonging in the Florida Everglades

Gibert, Jorge C (2013) Distribution of light in the human retina under natural viewing conditions

Glass, Paula Ellen Seidel (2013) Differences among undergraduate and graduate nursing students' cultural competency

Gomez, Jorge (2013) The relationship of instructor technical literacy to the academic performance of students in career academies

Guzman-Medrano, Gael (2013) Post-revolutionary post-modernism: Central American detective fiction by the turn of the 21st century

Hajali, Masood (2013) A model for continuous measurement of drilled shaft diameter during construction

Hamilton, Shelly-Ann (2013) It takes an institution's village to retain a student: A comprehensive look at two early warning system undergraduate retention programs and administrators' perceptions of students' experiences and the retention services they provide students in the early warning system retention programs

Hatsu, Irene E (2013) Effect of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and nutrition education on nutrition and health outcomes of HIV+ individuals

Hendrix Turner, Diane Elizabeth (2013) The market value implications of pension asset allocation

Holbrook, Joseph (2013) Catholic student movements in Latin America: Cuba and Brazil, 1920s to 1960s

Holness, Howard K (2013) The utilization of chiral ion mobility spectrometry for the detection of enantiomeric mixtures and thermally labile compounds

Hondroulis, Evangelia (2013) Real-time biosensor for the assessment of nanotoxicity and cancer electrotherapy

Huang, Jian (2013) Dynamic image precompensation for improving visual performance of computer users with ocular aberrations

Huey, Eric G (2013) Site specific growth of metal catalyzed silica nanowires for biological and chemical sensing

Israel, Rebekah (2013) The American politics of a Jewish Judea and Samaria

Iyer, Vasanth (2013) Ensemble Stream Model for Data-Cleaning in Sensor Networks

Jacobs, Holly (2013) An examination of psychological meaningfulness, safety, and availability as the underlying mechanisms linking job features and personal characteristics to work engagement

Jantzi, Sarah Catherine (2013) Elemental analysis and forensic comparison of soils by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS)

Jiang, Wenjun (2013) The investigation of photocatalysts and iron based materials in the oxidation and adsorption of toxic organic and chromium materials

Jin, Xinyu (2013) Trajectory privacy preservation in mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Jonah, Olutola (2013) Optimization of wireless power transfer via magnetic resonance in different media

Joy, Stephen W (2013) Twelve certain men: The impact of emotional appraisals on juror decision-making

Jozic, Ivan (2013) Selective and specific activation of Rab5 during endocytosis of receptor tyrosine kinases

Kang, Chi Won (2013) Enhanced 3-dimensional carbon nanotube based anodes for lithium-ion battery applications

Kelley, Keith James (2013) Regional diversification and performance: Conceptualization and competing strategic objectives

Kennedy, Amy (2013) Genetic markers, birth characteristics, and childhood leukemia risk

Khorsand Rosa, Roxaneh (2013) Influence of habitat on the reproductive ecology of the Amazonian palm, Mauritia flexuosa, in Roraima, Brazil

Kumar, Sushant (2013) Clean hydrogen production and carbon dioxide capture methods

Kundu, Sajib (2013) Improving resource management in virtualized data centers using application performance models

Landera, Alexander (2013) Formation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Containing Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds in Titan's Atmosphere, the Interstellar Medium and Combustion

Lei, Tingjun (2013) Multifunctional nanoparticles in cancer: In vitro characterization, in vivo distribution, and cellular response after laser-NIR dye-induced heating

Liu, Chang (2013) Localized surface plasmon resonance biosensors for real-time biomolecular binding study

Llaveria-Powell, Elisabeth (2013) Barcelona: Espacio literario, espacio urbano en la novela Catalana femenina del Siglo XX

Lobanova, Olesya (2013) Three essays on dual-class stock structure

Lu, Jinyan (2013) Development of safety performance functions for SafetyAnalyst applications in Florida

Mahar, Karen M (2013) Not getting by: Poverty management and homelessness in Miami

Mandel, Peggy Lee (2013) The relationship between the use of Academic Text Talk and the comprehension of scientific academic language for diverse second graders

March, Samique (2013) Three essays on the microstructure of exchange traded funds

Marin, Nilo Eric (2013) The impact of a Classroom Performance System on learning gains in a biology course for science majors

Martinez, Juan Carlos (2013) Towards the prediction of mutations in genomic sequences

McCall, Paul David (2013) Modeling, simulation, and characterization of space debris in low-Earth orbit

McIntyre-McCullough, Keisha (2013) Teachers' experiences in and perceptions of their 12th-grade British literature classrooms

Mohamed, Ahmed (2013) Hybrid power system intelligent operation and protection involving distributed architectures and pulsed loads

Mori, Patricio (2013) Social-cognitive antecedents of ambidextrous orientation in family-owned startups: The role of family ties, achievement motivation, and internal locus of control

Murphy, Terence (2013) An analysis of the factors that influence regional economic development cooperation

Mustafi, Sushmita (2013) Regulation of Rab5 GTPase activity during Pseudomonas aeruginosa-macrophage interaction

Navarro, Christi M (2013) Gender differences in the influence of protective factors, risk factors, and health risk behaviors on HIV risk behaviors among youth in South Florida

Nejadpak, Arash (2013) Development of physics-based models and design optimization of power electronic conversion systems

Newness, Kerry Ann (2013) Exploring calling work orientation: Construct clarity and organizational implications

Nwankwo, Victor Ikechukwu (2013) The relationship between faculty perceptions and implementation of elements of transactional distance theory and online web-based course completion rates

Nyang'oro, Claudette (2013) Globalization and the public provision of higher education: Empirical evidence from selected countries

Olukolu, Rona Moore (2013) The relationship of culturally responsive instruction and the reading comprehension and attitude of struggling urban adolescent readers

Panditi, Venkata Reddy (2013) Assessment of the occurrence and potential risks of antibiotics and their metabolites in South Florida waters using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

Perez, Mario H (2013) Aedes aegypti pharate first instar aseasonal quiescence cues anticipatory plasticity with implications for urban vector ecology and control

Persaud-Sharma, Dharam (2013) An assessment of novel biodegradable magnesium alloys for endovascular biomaterial applications

Pumpichet, Sitthapon (2013) Novel online data cleaning protocols for data streams in trajectory, Wireless Sensor Networks

Putthapipat, Pasd (2013) Lightweight middleware for SDR inter-components communication

Ramirez, Cesar E (2013) Novel analytical methodologies for the monitoring of traditional and non-traditional pollutants in different environmental compartments of South Florida

Ramos, Miguel (2013) Lucumí (Yoruba) culture in Cuba: A reevaluation (1830s -1940s)

Reding, Brian D. (2013) Tubular and sector heat pipes with interconnected branches for gas turbine and/or compressor cooling

Ren, Peng (2013) Off-line and on-line affective recognition of a computer user through a biosignal processing approach

Restrepo, Monica (2013) The relationship between job structure, burnout, and coping methods among public school county bus drivers, bus aides, mechanics, and clerical workers

Rodriguez, Idaykis (2013) An ethnographic study: Becoming a physics expert in a biophysics research group

Rodriguez, Isela S (2013) The effects of trained teachers' integration of dialogic reading discourse on Hispanic English Language Learners' literacy skills in kindergarten

Rodriguez, Paloma (2013) Operant and respondent procedures to establish social stimuli as reinforcers in children with autism

Rosenblatt, Adam E (2013) Factors influencing movements and foraging ecology of American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) in a dynamic subtropical coastal ecosystem

Rosenkranz, Susan Ann (2013) "To hold the world in contempt": The British Empire, war, and the Irish and Indian nationalist press, 1899–1914

Sagar, Vidya (2013) Magnetic nanoparticle-based targeted drug delivery for treatment of neuro-AIDS and drug addiction

Salah Eddin, Anas (2013) Network construction and graph theoretical analysis of functional language networks in pediatric epilepsy

Salters, Gregory A (2013) A phenomenological exploration of Black male law enforcement officers' perspectives of racial profiling and their law enforcement career exploration and commitment

Schneider, Kevin J (2013) Covalent protein adduction by drugs of abuse

Shoup Holderness, Virginia Lynn (2013) The use of visualization, onset-and-rime, story read-alouds, and discussion to improve diverse first graders' vocabulary and comprehension

Snyder, Amanda Joyce (2013) Pirates, exiles, and empire: English seamen, Atlantic expansion, and Jamaican settlement, 1558–1658

Solomon, Jan Lindsay (2013) Women-led community development organizations (CDOs) in Miami-Dade County: A model of community development efforts impacting the economic security of women

Strobl, Sascha (2013) Liquidity, governance and adverse selection in asset pricing

Sun, Tong (2013) Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 influences cell motility and chemotaxis by regulating phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase localization in Dictyostelium discoideum

Swortwood, Madeline Jean (2013) Comprehensive forensic toxicological analysis of designer drugs

Thams, Yannick (2013) Foreign-born CEOs, country-specific skills, selection, and strategic consequences

Thomas, Jennifer L (2013) Method development for the analysis of smokeless powders and organic gunshot residue by ultra performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry

Turnquest, Britt E (2013) Rapid inline derivatization of primary and secondary amine containing drugs by capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence

Vakharia, Sheila P (2013) The influence of gender on perceived treatment need among a community sample of substance users

Vedala, Krishnatej (2013) A novel signal processing method for intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring in spinal surgeries

Wang, Jian (2013) Assessment of the occurrence and potential risks of pharmaceuticals and their metabolites in fish and water using liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

Warsido, Workamaw Paulos (2013) Reducing uncertainties in estimation of wind effects on tall buildings using aerodynamic wind tunnel tests

Wick, Shelley D (2013) Constructing threat: How Americans identify economic competitors

Yamada, Yoshiko (2013) The discursive construction of Japanese identity and its haunting others

Yang, Kun (2013) The survival and stock performance of emerging country firms in the United States

Yang, Yuehai (2013) Mechanical and electrical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by chemical vapor deposition

Yeager, Lauren Ann (2013) Does landscape context affect habitat value? The importance of seascape ecology in back-reef systems

Yeboah-Forson, Albert (2013) Hydrogeophysical characterization of anisotropy in the Biscayne Aquifer using geophysical methods

Young, Mimy (2013) Evaluation of non-contact sampling and detection of explosives using receiver operating characteristic curves

Zakaria, Rimi (2013) Interdependencies in corporate development: Relationship between strategic alliance and acquisition activities

Zeng, Reng (2013) Methods for modeling and analyzing concurrent software

Zhang, Rui (2013) Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic and computational investigations of chloroperoxidase catalyzed regio- and enantio-selective transformations

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Dissertations & Theses from 2012

Abdel-Zaher, Dina (2012) Control of MNC environmental performance and the challenges of subsidiary network dimensions

Aboud, Maurice J (2012) The development of direct ultra-fast PCR for forensic genotyping using short channel microfluidic systems with enhanced sieving matrices

Acquavita, Teri L (2012) A longitudinal exploration of the relationship between oral reading fluency and reading comprehension achievement among a sample of diverse young learners

Adderley, Theresa (2012) Bahamian men's sexual risks for HIV infection

Alvarez, Patricio (2012) A methodology to estimate time varying user responses to travel time and travel time reliability in a road pricing environment

Amin, Mahmoud (2012) Efficiency and power density improvement of grid-connected hybrid renewable energy systems utilizing high frequency-based power converters

Angee, Alejandro (2012) Wage matters & globalization: South Florida's low-wage immigrant plant nursery workers and business protectionism in the age of neoliberalism

Ardalan, Christine (2012) Forging professional public health nursing in a southern state: Florida's public health nurses, 1889-1934

Atwood, Anthony D (2012) A state of war: Florida from 1939 to 1945

Averhart, Veronica Wenette (2012) Ageism in the workplace: Examining the influence of age conceptualization on the advancement opportunities of older workers

Babic, Djuradj (2012) Adaptive software fault prediction approach using object-oriented metrics

Bass, G. Nelson (2012) Organized labor and U.S. foreign policy: The Solidarity Center in historical context

Beidaghi, Majid (2012) Design, fabrication, and evaluation of on-chip micro-supercapacitors

Bell, Patrick Michael (2012) Development of local homeland security networks in the state of Florida: A social network analysis approach

Bhatta, Gopal P (2012) The nature of microvariability in blazar 0716+714

Bhatt, Ruchir (2012) Positron emission tomography (PET) tumor segmentation and quantification: Development of new algorithms

Borda, Armando (2012) Assessing the impact of business group diversification on the internationalization of their affiliates: The case of Latin American firms

Bourque, Amanda Sarah (2012) Ecosystem structure in disturbed and restored subtropical seagrass meadows

Brown, Jessica Sara (2012) Determination of signature volatile odor chemicals emanating from novel biological specimens by non-invasive analytical techniques for the potential use in forensic identifications

Burkholder, Derek Anthony (2012) Top down control in a relatively pristine seagrass ecosystem

Cahoon, Erica M (2012) The discrimination and association of float glass and the quantitative analysis of liquids from aerosols and microdrops using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

Campbell, Justin E (2012) The effects of carbon dioxide fertilization on the ecology of tropical seagrass communities

Caraballo, Agatha Swift (2012) The impact of Round II Urban Empowerment Zones on local communities

Cartaya, Eric (2012) Personality and performance: Assessing the mediating role of mental model formation in the personality-performance relationship

Clifton, Mark (2012) The endocrine basis for reproductive life-history trade-offs during the previtellogenic resting stage in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes Aegypti

Cook, Amy M (2012) Development of an integrated surface and subsurface model of Everglades National Park

Cruz Wagener, Jackie (2012) Factors influencing the implementation of substance use prevention programs in elementary schools

Dagnew, Agerneh Kenubih (2012) Computational evaluation of wind loads on low- and highrise buildings

Das, Santanu (2012) Carbon nanostructure based electrodes for high efficiency dye sensitized solar cell

Delgado, Antonio (2012) A hermeneutic phenomenology of graduate education students' understandings of instructor power in a higher education classroom

Delgado, Javier (2012) Scheduling medical application workloads on virtualized computing systems

Dhanabalan, Abirami (2012) Tin oxide based composites derived using electrostatic spray deposition technique as anodes for lithium-ion batteries

Dhavala, Kishore Kumar (2012) Essays on emissions trading markets

Doscher, Stephanie Paul (2012) The development of rubrics to measure undergraduate students' global awareness and global perspective: A validity study

Dowdall, Courtney Marie (2012) Small farmer market knowledge and specialty coffee commodity chains in Western Highlands Guatemala

Fernandez de Cueto, Julio (2012) Relative importance of false positives in the selection process

Fernandez, Giovanni (2012) A comprehensive study of bankruptcy prediction: Accounting ratios, market variables, and microstructure

Fletcher, Sandra (2012) Personal and institutional factors: Relationship to self-efficacy of persistence to the senior year in college among self-identified Black undergraduate students in a Hispanic serving institution

Frankel, Anne Sperling (2012) Predictors of adolescent sexual intentions and behavior: Attitudes, parenting, and neighborhood risk

Gabrielyan, Marianna Y (2012) Measurement of the induced polarization of Λ(1116) in kaon electroproduction with CLAS

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Garba, Nana Aisha (2012) The role of redox signaling in the molecular mechanism of tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer.

Garcia, Arlene (2012) Evaluating the effects of initial participation in the group therapy process

Garcia, Tracey Anne (2012) Evaluating heavy episodic drinking effects on educational attainment

Gavassa Becerra, Sat (2012) Social and environmental regulation of signal plasticity and signal reliability in the electric fish Brachyhypopomus gauderio

Gill, Puneet Kamal Singh (2012) Assessment of biodegradable magnesium alloys for enhanced mechanical and biocompatible properties

Gokaltun, Ayse Cici (2012) The impact of friends on newly immigrant children's emotional and behavioral adjustment

Gonzalez-Ledo, Mary Kristina (2012) The use of computer graphic organizers for narrative writing by elementary school students with Specific Learning Disabilities

Goryawala, Mohammed Z (2012) A novel 3-D segmentation algorithm for anatomic liver and tumor volume calculations for liver cancer treatment planning

Guerra, Jorge (2012) Improving Storage with Stackable Extensions

Guerra, Jorge (2012) Career technical education adjunct faculty teacher readiness: An investigation of teacher excellence and variables of preparedness

Handan Guleryuz, Ece (2012) Essays in economic growth, political economy and institutions

Hawthorne, Dawn (2012) The influence of spirituality, race/ethnicity and religion on parent grief and mental health at one and three months after their infant's/child's death in the neonatal or pediatric intensive care unit

He, Wei (2012) Essays of strategic alliance portfolio configuration—Its performance properties, strategic antecedents and consequential effects on multinational firms' continuing foreign expansion

Homayounvash, Mohammad (2012) History and evolutionary trajectory of the Iranian nuclear program

Hrubiak, Rostislav (2012) Exploring thermal and mechanical properties of selected transition elements under extreme conditions: Experiments at high pressures and high temperatures

Huang, Huang (2012) Power and thermal aware scheduling for real-time computing systems

Hyun, Myung Sook (2012) Examining the validity of the GRE General Test scores and undergraduate GPA for predicting success in graduate school at a large racially and ethnically diverse public university in Southeast Florida

Jamal, Adeel (2012) Ab initio quantum chemical studies on neutral-radical reactions of ethynyl (C2H) and cyano (CN) with unsaturated hydrocarbons

Jha, Kaushal Kumar (2012) An energy based nanomechnical properties evaluation method for cementitious materials

Jiang, Lin (2012) Mechanisms of chloroperoxidase-catalyzed enantioselective reactions as probed by site-directed mutagenesis and isotopic labeling

Jin, Hao (2012) Host and network optimizations for performance enhancement and energy efficiency in data center networks

Kaleem, Faisal (2012) VHITS: Vertical handoff initiation and target selection in a heterogeneous wireless network

Karbasi, Ali (2012) Developing a high density platinum/alumina hermetic feedthrough

Kaviani, Ali Kashefi (2012) Dynamic modeling and analysis of single-stage boost inverters under normal and abnormal conditions

Khurana, Indu (2012) Three essays on a longitudinal analysis of business start-ups using the Kauffman Firm Survey

Klotz, Ryan J (2012) Sustainable rural development through alternative economic networks: Redefining relations in the commodity chain for export vegetables in western Guatemala

Koch, Gregory R (2012) Dynamics of ecosystem metabolism and flocculent detritus transport in estuarine Taylor River

Koller, Ricardo (2012) Improving caches in consolidated environments

Kumar, Vivek (2012) Hydro-physical characterization of media used in agricultural systems to develop the best management practices for operation of an environmentally sustainable agricultural enterprise

Lacey, Elizabeth Anne (2012) Herbivore and nutrient impact on primary producer assemblages in a tropical marine environment

Li, Ruilong (2012) Effects of architectural features of air-permeable roof cladding materials on wind-induced uplift loading

Liu, Guanglei (2012) Practical dynamic thermal management on Intel desktop computer

Lowery, Robert K (2012) Neanderthal admixture in current human populations

Lucas, John Paul (2012) Essays on city size distribution and real estate bubbles

Madan, Nilia M (2012) Predictors of success: Medical Laboratory Associate in Science Degree Program

Madrasi, Kumpal J (2012) Preservation of nitric oxide availability as nitrite and nitrosothiols

Malo-Juvera, Victor (2012) The effect of young adult literature on adolescents' rape myth acceptance

Martin, Cointa G (2012) Mundos prohibidos: El poder en el discurso epistolar de Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda y Juana Borrero

Maximin, Brent M (2012) Cognitive competence and life course change in multi-problem adolescents

Medero, Ilida (2012) The effectiveness of a conceptually-based health and wellness course in developing health related factors, exercise self-efficacy and knowledge of health issues and exercise performance among diverse college students

Mekala, Priyanka (2012) Field programmable gate array based target detection and gesture recognition

Melchior, Michael Andrew (2012) Investigating the outcomes of two chronic disease self-management programs and understanding the correlates of completion for each program

Metayer, Guy (2012) The influence of corporate interests on USAID's development agenda: The case of Haiti

Micolta, Patricia Helena (2012) Illicit interest groups: The political impact of the Medellin drug trafficking organizations in Colombia

Miller, Aaron W (2012) Black band disease: Elucidating origins and disease mechanisms

Molina, Roxanne V (2012) Microteaching Lesson Study: Mentor interaction structure and its relation to elementary preservice mathematics teacher knowledge development

Motoca, Luci M (2012) Treatment moderation and secondary outcomes: Results from a randomized clinical trial

Nackoney, Claire Kostopulos (2012) Living on both sides of the fence: A phenomenological study of human resource development professionals as downsizing survivors and strategic human resource development facilitators

Namin, Shabnam M (2012) An experimental and theoretical analysis of nitric oxide availability in the microcirculation

Nassereddine, Mohamad (2012) Three empirical essays on startups' survival using the Kauffman Firm Survey

Niu, Xinwei (2012) System-on-a-Chip (SoC) based hardware acceleration in Register Transfer Level (RTL) design

Odai, Michelle L (2012) An investigation of the relationships between selected characteristics and leadership outcomes of Athletic Training Education Program directors

Pagel, Michael J (2012) Knowledge, attitudes, and practices affecting health behaviors in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command population of Rangers

Pajo, Bora (2012) Time spent with children and working parents' willingness to medicate ADHD-like behaviors

Penmatsa, Varun (2012) Functionalized carbon micro/nanostructures for biomolecular detection

Perez, Yvette (2012) Early career special education teachers' perceptions of school site induction support

Phillips, Deidre Marshall (2012) The relationship between educational placement, instructional practices, and achievement gains of Black students with specific learning disabilities in secondary urban school settings

Pineda Castilleja, Martha Fernanda (2012) Developing a process to create and validate an instrument assessing student attainment of competencies at an intercultural university in Mexico

Rhoden, Valmarie (2012) The examination of the relationships among secondary principals' leadership behaviors, school climate, and student achievement in an urban context

Riaz, Omar (2012) Spirituality and transformational leadership in education

Ritchey, Alicia D (2012) Goma curriculum, a character education paradigm: Composing a text for shaping classroom character culture

Rodriguez, Arturo E (2012) Risk factors and associations for hepatitis C infection among Hispanic/Latino intravenous drug users in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Roig-Watnik, Steven Michael (2012) A retrospective-longitudinal examination of the relationship between apportionment of seat time in community-college algebra courses and student academic performance

Ruffin, Beverly A (2012) The longitudinal influence of physical activity on adolescent alcohol use

Saghaleini, Mahdi (2012) Switching patterns and steady-state analysis of grid-connected and stand-alone single-stage boost-inverters for PV applications

Salehi Pour Mehr, Vahid (2012) Development and verification of control and protection strategies in hybrid AC/DC power systems for smart grid applications

Samuels, Sharon Angela (2012) A comparison study of the English III/American Literature success of African American high school students and that of students whose home language is Haitian Creole

Sanchez, Mariana (2012) Influence of religious coping on the substance use and HIV risk behaviors of recent Latino immigrants

Sanderson, Kristin Ruth (2012) Time orientation in organizations: Polychronicity and multitasking

Sarikhani, Ali (2012) Design optimization of modern machine drive systems for maximum fault tolerant and optimal operation

Schenk, Emily Rose (2012) Geographic provenancing of unprocessed cotton using elemental analysis and stable isotope ratios

Schott, Diane (2012) A search for an exotic meson in the gamma + P decaying to delta++ + pi- + eta reaction

Schwartz, Shari (2012) Judging psychology experts: Can judges and attorneys distinguish between clinical and experimental psychologists?

Seepersad, Rehana (2012) Island diasporas: Perceptions of Indo-Caribbean protégés regarding the effects of their cross-cultural mentoring experiences in the United States

Shehadeh, Nancy (2012) Ethnic identification: Impact on HIV/AIDS risk among migrant and seasonal workers in South Florida

Smith, Heidi Jane M (2012) Fiscal decentralization and development: An analysis of city governments in Argentina and Mexico, 1980–2010

Soltan Zadeh, Maryam (2012) History education and the construction of national identity in Iran

Sukhram, Shiryn D (2012) Cardiovascular risk factors in Turkish immigrants with type 2 diabetes living in the Netherlands

Thomas, Ruth (2012) Test of a smock system on CPR primary emergency measures and medical errors during simulated emergencies

Tims, Michael Scott (2012) Adapting Mpowerment to a rural area

Todorov, Galin (2012) A study of stock market linkages between the US and frontier countries

Trejos, Tatiana (2012) Evaluation of the evidential value of the elemental composition of glass, ink and paper by laser-based microspectrochemical methods

Tyrell, Marva Elaine (2012) Perceptions of character education in a Seventh-day Adventist school

Ullery, Mary Anne (2012) An examination of the effects of a summer book-reading program on the language and early literacy outcomes of toddlers from high risk environments

Useche, Luis (2012) Optimizing storage and memory systems for energy and performance

Vaillant-Mekras, Jimena (2012) Tests of the Intersensory Redundancy Hypothesis across early postnatal development

Van Vorst, Nathanael (2012) Towards simulation and emulation of large-scale computer networks

Vargas Lopez, German R (2012) Silicon photonic device for wavelength sensing and monitoring

Villegas, David (2012) Interoperable resource brokering with policy-based provisioning and job allocation

Walsh, Virginia Mary (2012) Geochemical determination of the fate and transport of injected fresh wastewater to a deep saline aquifer

Wang, Chengtao (2012) Assessment of the occurrence and potential effects of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in South Florida waters and sediments

Wang, Huan (2012) A large-scale dynamic vector and raster data visualization geographic information system based on parallel map tiling

Wang, Rebecca Ann (2012) The impact of social comparison processes on hoped-for possible selves, self-regulatory processes, and mental health outcomes in young adults

Wang, Tao (2012) Improved Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) estimation for local roads using parcel-level travel demand modeling

Wang, Wentian (2012) Asymmetric syntheses of analogs of kainic acid

Werner, Vanessa Gaultney (2012) Angular distribution of prompt photons using the compact muon solenoid detector at a square root of S = 7 TeV

Yadav, Nitin (2012) In vivo characterization of epileptic tissue with optical spectroscopy

Younes, Chadi (2012) Developing an enhanced model for combined heat and air infiltration energy simulation

Zohrevand, Pedram (2012) Novel hybrid columns made of ultra-high performance concrete and fiber reinforced polymers

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Dissertations & Theses from 2011

Acha, Armando R (2011) Electroproduction of hyperons at low momentum transfer

Afacan, Isa (2011) Turkish-American relations in the post-Cold War era, 1990-2005

Albornoz, Carlos A (2011) Exploring the goals, content, and methods of entrepreneurship professors: A multiple case study

Allen, Andrew A (2011) Abstractions to support dynamic adaptation of communication frameworks for user-centric communication

Alpizar, Rafael (2011) Secure information flow via stripping and fast simulation

Amaya, Rene A (2011) A diagnostic framework for demand amplification problems in supply chains

Angulo, Eugenio A (2011) Dulce Maria Loynaz' Jardin: Subversive tropological discourse

Arneson, Eric E (2011) The self-perceived effects on faculty that result from the experience of serving in a residential college

Avsar, Veysel (2011) Essays on administrative protection and trade deflection

Barrocas, Lisa A (2011) A study of the relationship between educational placement and the achievement of urban low socioeconomic Hispanic middle school students with and without specific learning disabilities

Beers, Mayra (2011) Para subsistir dignamente: Alberto Yarini and the search for Cubanidad, 1882-1910

Burton, Richard (2011) A methodology to select an enterprise resource planning system for a small or medium sized enterprise

Capo, Julio (2011) It's not queer to be gay: Miami and the emergence of the gay rights movement, 1945–1995

Carlucci, Mariana E (2011) Memory conformity: Actors and bystanders

Carr, Diann (2011) Middle school teachers' intentions to refer eating disorder students for professional counseling

Cary, Ariel (2011) Scaling geospatial searches in large spatial databases

Castellanos, Irina (2011) Infants' selective attention to faces and prosody of speech: The roles of intersensory redundancy and exploratory time

Castello, Charles C (2011) System-on-a-Chip (SOC) based environmental monitoring platform for the detection of hazardous materials

Celo, Sokol (2011) A fresh look at decision making in international investment choices: Firm international coherence and home-host country relatedness

Chang, Lily (2011) A nested Petri net framework for modeling and analyzing multi-agent systems

Chen, Kai (2011) Mitigating congestion by integrating time forecasting and realtime information aggregation in cellular networks

Chen, Meilian (2011) Characterization, sources, and transformations of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in Florida coastal Everglades (FCE)

Chen, Po-Ching (2011) In vivo tissue diagnosis for myocardial infarction using optical spectroscopy with novel spectral interpretation algorithms

Chen, Sen (2011) Reduced organic sulfur: Analysis and interaction with mercury in the aquatic environment

Chen, Taiyi (2011) Chloroperoxidase catalyzed enantioselective epoxidation of selected olefins and regiospecific degradation of dimethylsulfoniopropionate

Cramp, Donald A. (2011) The effects of the ethic of care in an all-boys school from 1903 to 1974

Cruz, Jeannette (2011) Understanding the relationship between the Talented Twenty program and college aspirations for high ranking students at a high priority school

Culver, Lyle D (2011) The influence of study and travel abroad on the personal and professional development of students in architecture design programs

D'Cunha, Cassian (2011) Theoretical study of chloroperoxidase catalyzed chlorination of beta-cyclopentanedione and role of water in the chlorination mechanism

De Leon, Manuel (2011) The ineffectiveness of multilateral sanctions regimes under globalization: The case of Iraq

Deli, Fatma (2011) Three essays on self-employment transitions, organizational capital, and firm formation

Diamond, Mildred Genevieve (2011) Water resources assessment and geographic information system (GIS)-based stormwater runoff estimates for artificial recharge of freshwater aquifers in New Providence, Bahamas

Edwards, Erika D (2011) Negotiating identities, striving for state recognition: Blacks in Córdoba, Argentina 1776–1853

Ellie Hurley, Astrid Soyini Natasha (2011) Filtering the international gender paradigm: Perspectives of gender in Barbados

Ellis, Steven C (2011) A theory of constraints service systems improvement method: Case of the airline turnaround problem

Erdem, Engin Ibrahim (2011) European integration and democratic consolidation: Spain, Poland and Turkey in comparative perspective

Ergon-Rowe, Emma (2011) The river, the railroad tracks, and the towers: How residents' worldview and use value transformed Wilton Manors into a diverse, gay-friendly, urban village

Erickson, Sarah J (2011) Clinical translation of a hand-held optical imager for breast cancer diagnostics: In vitro and in vivo tomography studies

Escarpio, Raul (2011) Comparison of repeated and two non-repeated readings conditions on reading abilities of students with emotional and/or behavioral disabilities

Espinoza, Maria (2011) The problematics of mestizaje in the Indigenist Peruvian novels of "Yawar Fiesta" (1941) by Jose Maria Arguedas, "El mundo es ancho y ajeno" (1941) by Ciro Algeria, and "Los rios profundos" (1958) by Jose Maria Arguedas

Farooqui, Rizwan Ul-Haque (2011) Achieving zero accidents—A strategic framework for continuous safety improvement in the construction industry

Feldman, Marcos (2011) The role of neighborhood organizations in the production of gentrifiable urban space: The case of Wynwood, Miami's Puerto Rican barrio

Ferguson, Chaka (2011) Soft power as the new norm: How the Chinese-Russian strategic partnership (soft) balances American hegemony in an era of unipolarity

Fernandez, Jesus (2011) Factors that differentiate persistence beyond the first session at a for-profit university

Fernandez, Roberto (2011) Self-determination theory and student motivation in social studies in an urban Broward County public high school

Ferreira, Renita (2011) Development of an instrument to measure high school students' global awareness and attitudes: Looking through the lens of social sciences

Flores-Molina, Jose Carlos (2011) A total quality management methodology for universities

Floyd, Andrea (2011) The relationship between staff perceptions of principal leadership and school performance

Folch, Ausenda (2011) The representation of motherhood in contemporary Catalan fiction

Fredericks, Irina (2011) An evaluation of functional impairment among children with anxiety disorders

Ganivet, Fernando (2011) Development of a new student evaluation instrument of instructor effectiveness in online courses

Garzon, Zhayda (2011) Analysis of Housing Partnerships using the Balanced Scorecard framework

Gil, Wenceslao (2011) The (ab)use of politics and eroticism in the culture of the Spanish Transition to democracy (1975–1982)

Girard, Jennifer (2011) Effect of water on olivine single crystals plasticity, deformed under high pressure and high temperature

Goldina, Anna (2011) Endocrine regulation of dynamic communication signals in gymnotiform fish

Granados, Carlos G (2011) QCD structure of nuclear interactions

Granados, Omar (2011) Space time coding for polynomial phase modulated signals

Guzman Tamayo, Ana M (2011) Thermal imaging as a biometrics approach to facial signature authentication

Halun, Sitti Zayda (2011) The effects of fertilization and simulated grazing on the community structure of a seagrass bed in South Florida

Hammerschlag-Peyer, Caroline M (2011) The influence of body size on the ecology of coastal fish predators in the Bahamas

Han, Changan (2011) Neural network based off-line handwritten text recognition system

Hinds Vaughan, Nichole (2011) Antibacterial proteins and peptides in nurse shark ( Ginglymostoma cirratum) peripheral blood leukocytes

Huang, Lixin (2011) Predicting hurricane evacuation decisions: When, how many, and how far

Hussain, Rezwan (2011) Voting with their feet: Migration, partisanship, and party-safe elections in Florida

Inguanzo, Rosa M (2011) Incursión en el espacio ontológico de las novelas “La ninfa inconstante” de Guillermo Cabrera Infante y “Todos se van” de Wendy Guerra

Jiang, Shan (2011) Optimum wireless power transmission for sensors embedded in concrete

Kamhoua, Charles Alexandre Kenmogne (2011) Modeling security and cooperation in wireless networks using game theory

Kane, Safietou (2011) Women and development in Senegal: Microcredit and household well being

Kellier, Nicole A (2011) The epidemiology of prostate cancer among multiethnic men

Klein, Jayne A (2011) Swimming against the tide: A study of a youth enrichment program seeking to empower inner-city Black youth

Kojima, Takehiko (2011) Diversity and knowledge in the age of nation-building: Space and time in the thought of Yanagita Kunio

Korla, Srikanth (2011) Inspection of parts with complex geometry and welds with structural health monitoring techniques

Krichevskiy, Dmitriy (2011) Three essays on entrepreneurial motivation, entry, exit and monetary rewards

Kunkle, Brian William (2011) The potential role of environmental exposures and genomic signaling in development of central nervous system tumors

Lahiri, Debrupa (2011) Hydroxyapatite-nanotube composites and coatings for orthopedic applications

Lahiri, Indranil (2011) Carbon nanotube based systems for high energy efficient applications

Lahlou, Mouncef (2011) Color-based surface reflectance separation for scene illumination estimation and rendering

Lebolo, Luis (2011) Angular distribution of Z(0 power) bosons in Z+jet events at the square root of S = 7 TeV

Lee, Mengshan (2011) Integrated assessment of water conservation practices for sustainable management strategies

Litt, Barri Alexandra (2011) An examination of accounting and auditing issues related to strategic environmental initiatives

Liu, Liguang (2011) Understanding China's climate change mitigation policy development: Structures, processes and outcomes

Luna, Brenda (2011) Prenatal environmental exposure and neurodevelopmentally important gene expression in malformed brain tissue from pediatric intractable epilepsy patients

Machado, Aline Moraes (2011) Determinants and effects of electoral party coalitions: The case of Brazil

Malladi, Venkata (2011) The 4-aza-S-ribosyl-L-homocysteine derivatives and the related gamma-lactam and azahemiacetal analogs: Synthesis, inhibition and quorum sensing activity

Marcklinger, Craig Jon (2011) Community environmental preservation initiatives in Borgne, Haiti

Meik, Kindon Thomas (2011) Disease and hygiene in the construction of a nation: The public sphere, public space, and the private domain in Buenos Aires, 1871–1910

Mena, Jesus A (2011) A quantitative approach to the organizational design problem

Mendez, Vanesa (2011) Measurement of carotenoid levels in human serum and a catalog of the lutein conformation populations from semi-empirical calculations

Merly, Liza (2011) Immunomodulation by shark cartilage extracts

Molina, Mariana Vaillant (2011) The role of contingency and gaze direction in the emergence of social referencing

Moores-Abdool, Whitney (2011) The use of curriculum modifications and instructional accommodations to provide access for middle school students with autism to the general curriculum

Munsif, Vishal (2011) Internal control reporting by non-accelerated filers

Nagaraja, Sridevi (2011) Theoretical investigations of intercellular communication in the microcirculation: Conducted responses, myoendothelial projections and endothelium derived hyperpolarizing factor

Nieves, Sergio (2011) The civic achievement gap: A study on the civic knowledge, skills, and attitudes of Hispanic students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Okoh, Victor Onyishi (2011) 4-hydroxy estradiol-induced oxidant-mediated signaling is involved in the development of breast cancer

Oleas Gallo, Nora Helena (2011) Landscape genetics of Phaedranassa herb. (Amaryllidaceae) in Ecuador

Otero Toledo, Janet (2011) La kábala dentro del discurso contemporáneo y urbano: El ejemplo de Marcos Ricardo Barnatán

Ozcan-Deniz, Gulbin (2011) An integrated multi-agent framework for optimizing time, cost and environmental impact of construction processes

Pelaez, Tari (2011) Experiential hospitality environments: The roles of the interior architectural features in affording meanings of place

Penney, Rosalind Brigham (2011) Thioredoxin and Jab1 control estrogen- and antiestrogen-mediated progression of the cell cycle through p27 interactions

Perez, Katherine (2011) GRE as a predictor of graduate student success at a Hispanic serving institution of higher education

Perretti, Gizelle Fernandez (2011) Contemporary aspects of dividends: Before and during the financial crisis

Pisani, Oliva (2011) Local biomass control on the composition and reactivity of particulate organic matter in aquatic environments

Potra, Adriana (2011) Isotopic studies of the Guerrero composite terrane, west-central Mexico: Implications for provenance of crustal rocks and genesis of ore metals

Prabhulkar, Shradha (2011) Development of micro immunosensors to study genomic and proteomic biomarkers related to cancer and Alzheimer's disease

Prentiss, Richard Dale (2011) Administrators' perspectives of culture at a multicampus community college

Pritzker, Elaine C (2011) Tom Stoppard: Humanizing chaos

Proctor, Avis Richards (2011) The relationship between the secondary mathematics curriculum, college persistence, and success at an urban community college

Quinn, Colleen M (2011) Collective bargaining and faculty unionization: An administrative perspective

Rayegan, Rambod (2011) Exergoeconomic analysis of solar organic rankine cycle for geothermal air conditioned net zero energy buildings

Reid, Maria L (2011) The effects of parental nurturance and involvement on peer relationships and psychosocial functioning of young adults

Rickling, Maria Filofteia (2011) Three essays on corporate governance and meeting-beating or missing analyst forecasts

Rinaldi, Roberto L (2011) A developmental intervention science outreach research approach to promoting positive youth development

Ritchie, Rachel A (2011) Investigating positive identity development in a school-based youth development project

Ritterbusch, Amy E (2011) A youth vision of the city: The socio-spatial lives and exclusion of street girls in Bogota, Colombia

Rocha, Jose (2011) A study on uncertain dynamic disaster management tasks, knowledge sharing, and task performance

Rodriguez, Alfonso (2011) Three essays on hospital efficiency

Roofe Sattlethight, Andrea J. A (2011) The effect of the business cycle on the performance of socially responsible equity mutual funds

Rose, Janna Leann (2011) Anti-diarrheal plants of central Anatolia: Do they inhibit diarrhea-causing bacteria?

Rossman, Mark Alexander (2011) Automated detection of hematological abnormalities through classification of flow cytometric data patterns

Saksena, Mita (2011) Framing infectious diseases and U.S. public opinion

Salahuddin, Patricia Zahirah (2011) Character education in a Muslim school: A case study of a comprehensive Muslim school's curricula

Saleem, Muhammad Azhar (2011) Alternatives to steel grid bridge decks

San Juan, Maribel (2011) Teoría y práctica del neobarroco en Severo Sarduy

Sastre, Francisco (2011) Living positive: Life in community among Puerto Rican men living with HIV in Boston

Sawtelle, Vashti (2011) A gender study investigating physics self-efficacy

Sawyers, Dorret E (2011) The relationship between a retention program and the persistence and graduation rates of first-generation low-income students at an urban, public university

Schindler, Valeria (2011) Imah on the bimah: Gender and the roles of Latin American Conservative congregational rabinas

Shao, Bo (2011) User-centric music information retrieval

Shi, Meijin (2011) The construction and optimization of a surface plasmon resonance sensor for the studies of bio-molecular interactions

Siddiqui, Mohammad S (2011) Vacuum brazing of alumina ceramic to titanium for biomedical implants using pure gold as the filler metal

Simms, Tanya M (2011) The peopling of the Bahamas: A phylogeographical perspective

Simpson, Gladys E (2011) A multi-method approach for the assessment of composite indices and rankings

Singhvi, Meghna (2011) Audit committee director turnover

Smith, Richard M (2011) The moderate voice of John Sherman and the Republican agenda 1855-1898

Soleimani, Mohammad Abrahim (2011) Essays on corporate reputation: Antecedents and consequences

Sullivan, Pamela Lee (2011) Groundwater-surface water interactions on tree islands in the Everglades, south Florida

Sun, Zhengguo (2011) Large scale data processing using MapReduce

Tamrakar, Relina (2011) Synthesis of azulenylsilane nitrones as diagnostic tools for superoxide detection

Tannenbaum, Stacey L (2011) An investigation into equations for estimating water requirements and the development of new equations for predicting total water intake

Tanyi, Paul N (2011) Essays on audit report lag

Tecle, Amanuel Sebhatu (2011) Evaluation of wind-induced internal pressure in low-rise buildings: A multi scale experimental and numerical approach

Tonge, Carolyn (2011) Predicting the in-term persistence of community college English-as-a-second-language students

Topinka, John P (2011) Does management capacity increase organizational performance? An empirical analysis of public housing agencies

Torres, Mauricio (2011) Methodology to create cost estimation models for engineer-to-order operations

Vaccaro, Joan Anne (2011) Medical advice, diabetes self-management, and health outcomes of a multi-ethnic population from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007–2008

Vanderkooy, Patricia N (2011) Life pathways of Haitian-American young adults in South Florida

Vaudo, Jeremy (2011) Habitat use and foraging ecology of a batoid community in Shark Bay, Western Australia

Walsh-Portillo, Joyce (2011) The role of emotional intelligence in college students' success

Wang, Yu-Kai (2011) The impact of institutional complexity and top management characteristics on executive compensation and firm performance

Wang, Zheng (2011) Characterization of recombinant chloroperoxidase, and F103A and C29H/C79H/C87H mutants

Wang, Zhonghua (2011) Proton nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of the native and modified active site structure of heme proteins

Wernick, David Adam (2011) Secondary stakeholders as agents of influence: Three essays on political risk, reputation, and multinational performance

Whitfield, Steven M (2011) Enigmatic faunal declines at La Selva, Costa Rica: Patterns and processes in a collapsing neotropical herpetofauna

Wu, Yali (2011) A domain specific modeling approach for coordinating user-centric communication services

Xiao, Yan (2011) Hybrid approaches to estimating freeway travel times using point traffic detector data

Yang, Yang (2011) A Q factor analysis of college undergraduate students' study behaviors

Yan, Yao Y (2011) Development of methods for spatial modeling of sediments quality in Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Zhai, Zhongping (2011) The order selection and lot sizing problem in the make-to-order environment

Zhang, Yi (2011) Exploring the integration of data mining and data visualization

Zheng, Yanming (2011) Minimizing makespan for hybrid flowshops with batch, discrete processing machines and arbitrary job sizes

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Dissertations & Theses from 2010

Ahn, Taehyung (2010) Politics at the water's edge: The presidency, Congress, and the North Korea policy of the United States

Allen, Beverlin (2010) Pressure ulcers and nutritional deficits in elderly long-term care patients: Effects of a comprehensive nutritional program on pressure ulcer healing, length of hospital stay and charges to patients

Argumosa, Melissa Ann (2010) Development of face recognition: Infancy to early childhood

Arrieta, Edwin David (2010) Immigrant high school students' in-depth understandings of the value of heritage language and bilingualism

Bango-Sanchez, Vivian (2010) The effects of peer teaching of infant massage on general elf-efficacy and mother infant attachment among mothers in a residential rehabilitation facility for drug addiction and substance abuse

Baturin, Pavlo (2010) Spectroscopy of Electroproduced Light to Medium Mass Lambda Hypernuclei

Bentolila, Jacques (2010) Secondary school inclusion rates: The relationship between the training and beliefs of school site principals and the implementation of inclusion

Bernier, Judith Debbie (2010) A phenomenological exploration of how West Indian professionals in South Florida perceive their career construction

Blumenfeld, Leah Hutton (2010) Trading democracy for security? The effects of the international drug war on the quality of democracy in the Dominican Republic, 1996–2008

Bottegal, Megan Nicole (2010) The development of optimized high performance liquid chromatography systems for the analysis of improvised explosives

Braseby, Anne M (2010) Adaptation of trailing spouses: Does gender matter?

Bryant, Tiffany Yolanda Jimmece (2010) Inter-subjective and transnational racial effects: The role of the United States in the formation and evolution of the collective perception and racial relations in Cuba, 1898–1902

Chang, Ya-Hui Elegance (2010) An empirical study of Kirkpatrick's evaluation model in the hospitality industry

Cheng, Jie (2010) Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Florida Bay, South Florida, using benthic foraminifera

Chen, Jing (2010) Three essays on entrepreneurial entry, serial entrepreneurship, and labor turnover

Chen, Xi (2010) Synthesis and characterization of photochromic indolyl substituted fulgides and fulgimides

Chen, Yu (2010) A high efficient biometrics approach for unconstrained iris segmentation and recognition

Chetterjee, Kasturi (2010) A generalized multidimensional index structure for multimedia data to support content-based similarity searches in a collaborative search environment

Chi, Hongbo (2010) An improved framework for dynamic origin-destination (O-D) matrix estimation

Christian, Philip Cary (2010) Sales tax enforcement: An empirical analysis of compliance enforcement methodologies and pathologies

Coffman, Kimberly (2010) Intuition and its component parts in the heuristic processing of deception detection: Hunch, *evidence, and reliance on intuitive efficacy

Cogua-Lopez, Jasney E (2010) Through the prisms of gender and power: Agency in international courtship between Colombian women and American men

Dang, Thao P (2010) Biomimetic modeling of the nitrogen-centered radical postulated to occur during the inhibition of ribonucleotide reductases by 2'-azido-2'-deoxynucleotides

Davila, Evelyn Patricia (2010) Glycemic control: Risk factors, quality of life, workforce participation, and mortality among US adults with type 2 diabetes

DeGreeff, Lauryn E (2010) Development of a dynamic headspace concentration technique for the non-contact sampling of human odor samples and the creation of canine training aids

de Hernandez, Diana J (2010) Buried voices: Genres and types of female authorship during the Spanish American colonial period (sixteenth to eighteenth centuries)

Des Rosiers, Sabrina E (2010) Examination of the impact of personality, social, and cognitive factors on the co-occurrence of health risk behaviors among multi-problem youth: The utility of an integrative framework

Diaz, Patricia (2010) Improved sampling, pre-concentration, and detection of hidden explosives and illicit drugs by a novel solid phase microextraction geometry coupled to ion mobility spectrometry

Doud, Melissa S (2010) A multi-faceted diagnostic approach to lung infections in patients with cystic fibrosis

Eichas, Kyle Robert (2010) An investigation of multiple pathways of developmental intervention change

Elshahat, Islam (2010) Market valuation of environmental performance

Falkenberg, Carol Ann (2010) The effects of self-monitoring on homework completion and accuracy rates of students with disabilities in an inclusive general education classroom

Fang, Yechang (2010) Realization of Differentiated Quality of Service for Wideband Code Division Multiple Access Core Network

Gangopadhyay, Monalisa (2010) Hindutva meets globalization: The impact on Hindu urban media women

Garimella, Subrahmanyam Venkata (2010) High pressure studies on group VI metal hexacarbonyl molecular solids

George, Lyci (2010) Structural Characterization of Metal Hydrides for Energy Applications

Gioioso, Richard N (2010) Placing immigrant incorporation: Identity, trust, and civic engagement in Little Havana

Gonzalez, Liana (2010) Class placement and academic and behavioral variables as predictors of graduation for students with disabilities

Graziano, Juliette Noel (2010) Differences in treatment and intervention needs of girls arrested for status versus criminal offenses

Gregoire, Josee (2010) An analysis of Haitian parents' perceptions of their children with disabilities

Gregory, Paul Joseph (2010) Assessing the influence of organizational personality, applicants' need motivation, expectancy beliefs, and person-organization fit on applicant attraction

Gutierrez, Ronald Alexander (2010) Design and performance assessment of aortic heart valve for tissue engineering

Haber, Gillian (2010) Use of structural equation modeling to examine the association between breast cancer risk perception and repeat screening mammography among United States women

Haider, Waseem (2010) Enhanced biocompatibility of Nitinol via surface treatment and alloying

Hannan, Jean L (2010) Low-income first time mothers: Effects on advanced practice nurse (APN) follow up telephone calls on maternal and infant health and health care charges

Harb, S. G (2010) Gender politics, women's rights and international norms in Lebanon

Hoberman, Gabriela (2010) The absence of race in democratic politics: The case of the Dominican Republic

Hughes, Shannon (2010) Navigating health sources on the Internet: A mixed-methods examination of online consumer reviews and expert text on psychotropic drugs

Hulett, Maria de Lourdes (2010) Analytical approximations to predict performance measures of manufacturing systems with job failures and parallel processing

Iddrisu, Vannetta Bailey (2010) Women of African descent: Persistence in completing doctorates

Iuspa, Flavia Eleonora (2010) Assessing the effectiveness of the internationalization process in Higher Education Institutions: A case study of Florida International University

Jain, Naveen Kumar (2010) Resources, strategies, location determinants, and host country location choice by emerging market firms

Jeanniton, Juan Roberto (2010) Quantum transition state theory and solving a first order master equation for complex reactions numerically

Jestrow, Brett (2010) Phylogenetics, conservation, and historical biogeography of the West Indian members of the Adelieae (Euphorbiaceae)

Joshi-Kumar, Monica (2010) Headspace analysis of smokeless powders: Development of mass calibration methods using microdrop printing for chromatographic and ion mobility spectrometric detection

Keshri, Anup Kumar (2010) Comprehensive process maps for synthesizing high density aluminum oxide-carbon nanotube coatings by plasma spraying for improved mechanical and wear properties

Kissel, Bonnie J (2010) The effects of American Sign Language on general self-efficacy and anxiety among mothers in a residential rehabilitation facility for drug addiction and substance abuse

Kusano, Maiko (2010) Comparison of medical and forensic profiling potential of volatile biomarkers from different biological specimens from individuals and across populations

La Hee, Josette Marie (2010) The Influence of Phosphorus on Periphyton Mats from the Everglades and Three Tropical Karstic Wetlands

Lai, Hanh Tuyet (2010) The construction and optimization of an ion mobility spectrometer for the analysis of explosives and drugs

Leins, Drew Alexander (2010) A model of mistaken alibis: How innocent alibi providers generate inaccurate alibis

Lewis, Jennifer Susan (2010) Investigation of Group Leadership in a Fission-Fusion Species, the Bottlenose Dolphin

Li, Ming (2010) Structural Health Monitoring using Index Based Reasoning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Lu, Chenxi (2010) Improving Analytical Travel Time Estimation for Transportation Planning Models

Mangipudy, Rajarajeswari (2010) The impact of eliminating extraneous sound and light on students' achievement: An empirical study

Marin, Carla E (2010) Parental involvement and group cognitive behavioral treatment for anxiety disorders in children and adolescents: Treatment specificity and mediation effects of parent and peer variables

McDade, Regina Y (2010) The relationship between spirituality, knowledge and tuberculosis (TB) medication adherence among African Americans and Haitians

Melo, Cristian Javier (2010) Left behind: A farmer's fate in the age of sustainable development

Mestry, Siddharth D (2010) Branch and price solution approach for order acceptance and capacity planning in make -to -order operations

Meyskens, Moriah Aurora (2010) How do partnerships lead to a competitive advantage? Applying the resource based view to nascent social ventures

Muelle, Christina More (2010) The relationship between prekindergarten social and emotional development and academic success among Hispanic children from low-income families

Murgo, Daniel Osvaldo (2010) Essays on political economy

Nichols-Lopez, Kristin (2010) Anxiety sensitivity's facets in relation to anxious and depressive symptoms in youth

Olivas, Paulo C (2010) Arctic ecosystem responses to changes in water availability and warming: Short and long-term responses

Onder, Harun (2010) Structure of international cooperation in trade, investment and environment

Onorato, Suzanne M (2010) Developing a leadership identity: A case study exploring a select group of Hispanic women at a Hispanic serving institution

Paredes, Elsie Elena (2010) Language learning strategy use by colombian adult English language learners: A phenomenological study

Patel, Amar S (2010) Synthesis of aromatic monothiols and aromatic dithiols to increase the folding rate and yield of disulfide containing proteins

Pena, Jacqueline (2010) Engagement experiences of Hispanic Generation 1.5 English language learners at a Massachusetts community college

Perez, Valerie (2010) Detecting deception: Identifying differences in liars' and truth tellers' verbal strategies

Petasne Nijamkin, Monica (2010) Impact of a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle education intervention on body weight and health-related outcomes in morbidly-obese Hispanic-Americans following laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Pillow, Stephanie Michelle (2010) A comparison of job responsibility and activities between registered dietitians with a bachelor's degree and those with a master's degree

Pirone, Cary Lunsford (2010) Bilirubin: An animal pigment in the Zingiberales and diverse angiosperm orders

Pitteloud, Jean-Philippe (2010) New organogermanium substrates for palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions. Application of organogermanes towards the synthesis of carbon-5 modified uridine analogues

Placide, Sharon E (2010) Navigating racial boundaries: The one-drop rule and mixed-race Jamaicans in South Florida

Plakhotnik, Maria S (2010) How employees with different national identities experience a geocentric organizational culture of a global corporation: A phenomenological study

Powell, Jacqueline Bowen (2010) Larger foraminiferal biostratigraphy, systematics and paleoenvironments of the Avon Park Formation and Ocala Limestone, Highlands County, Florida

Prada, Paola Alexandra (2010) Evaluation of contact and non-contact trapping efficiencies of human scent chemical profiles and their stabilities under different environmental conditions

Qirjo, Dhimitri (2010) Three essays on labor liberalization and its effects on world economy

Rachelson, Anouchka (2010) The role of community college faculty in teaching and learning for sustainable development

Raymond, Catherine (2010) Improving publicly funded human services: Incorporating capacity building into the contracting relationship between Children's Services Councils and nonprofit organizations

Rey, Josue (2010) The civil war of ideas: Ayn Rand, intellectual freedom, and the regulation of thought in the Soviet Union and United States, 1905-1943

Rey, Yasmin (2010) Evaluation of the internal structural validity of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Fourth Edition) anxiety disorders in children and adolescents

Rojas Santiago, Miguel (2010) Makespan minimization in a job shop with a batch processing machine

Rojas-Villafane, Jose A (2010) An agent-based model of team coordination and performance

Ruehl, Clifton Benjamin (2010) The interactive effects of predators, resources, and disturbance on freshwater snail populations from the Everglades

Sabat, Rita A (2010) Translating international norms: Filters to women's rights in Lebanon

Sacasa, Pablo R (2010) Developing of Germyldesulonylation and Thiodesulfonylation Reactions for the Synthesis of Novel Nucleoside Analogues. Efficient Synthesis of Novel (α-Fluoro)vinyl Sulfides

Sahin, Mustafa Gokhan (2010) Turkey and neo-Ottomanism: Domestic sources, dynamics and foreign policy

Scutelnicu, Gina (2010) Community Development Districts: The entrepreneurial side of government

Sen, Indra Sekhar (2010) Investigation of Mantle Dynamics from Platinum Group Elements and Rhenium-Osmium Isotope Systematics of Mantle Xenoliths from Oahu, Hawaii

Sha, Hao (2010) Material Synthesis and Characterization on Low-Dimensional Cobaltates

Shuck, Michael Bradley (2010) Employee engagement: An examination of antecedent and outcome variables

Smith, Pauline Jennifer (2010) An investigation of the strategies used by organizations participating in the welfare-to-work network program and correlation of the strategies with the retention data to determine best practices for job retention among former welfare recipients

Snyder, Thomas Jack (2010) Essays on international lending and increasing returns to scale

Tang, Yuan (2010) Cancer therapy combining the modalities of hyperthermia and chemotherapy: In vitro cellular response after rapid heat accumulation in the cancer cell

Tejada Calvo, Desiree (2010) A Markov chain location-allocation meta-model for hurricane relief

Tella, Oluyinka (2010) International education and the post-9/11 syndrome: A study of international educators in selected Miami-area colleges

Ter-Ghazaryan, Diana K (2010) Re-imagining Yerevan in the post-Soviet era: Urban symbolism and narratives of the nation in the landscape of Armenia's capital

Tian, Hui (2010) Tailoring heme -thiolate proteins into efficient biocatalysts with high specificity and selectivity

Tolliver, Samantha Shirelle (2010) An investigation of the relationship between antemortem and postmortem drug concentrations in blood

Verma, Ved Prakash (2010) Enhanced zinc oxide and graphene nanostructures for electronics and sensing applications

Wang, Dingding (2010) Document understanding using data mining and machine learning techniques

Wang, Fang (2010) Chlorine contribution to quantitative structure and activity relationship models of disinfection by -products' quantum chemical descriptors and toxicities

Wang, Jin (2010) An incremental multilinear system for human face learning and recognition

Wang, Qian (2010) Characterizing Internet worm spatial-temporal infection structures

Wedderburn, Nadine Vanessa (2010) Managing small-medium cities in a time of globalization: Experiences and evidence from Florida's public managers

Weidner, Jason R (2010) Globalizing governmentality: Sites of neoliberal assemblage in the Americas

Williams, Sandra (2010) Mediational effects in cognitive behavioral treatment for anxiety disorders in children and adolescents

Wright, Chrysalis Lamae (2010) Parental absence and academic achievement in immigrant students

Yehiayan, Lucy (2010) Interactions of different arsenic species with thols: Chemical and biological implications

You, Xiaozhen (2010) Principal component analysis and assessment of language network activation patterns in pediatric epilepsy

Zhang, Xiaowen (2010) Resource management and optimization in wireless mesh networks

Zhang, Zhiqi (2010) Blood-brain barrier in vitro model: A tissue engineering approach and validation

Zhao, Wei (2010) Digital surveillance based on video CODEC System-on-a-Chip (SoC) platforms

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Dissertations & Theses from 2009

Abdel Zaher, Angie (2009) Executive characteristics and going concern opinions

Argote Garcia, Gonzalo (2009) Formal verification and testing of software architectural models

Arroyo-Mora, Luis E (2009) The use of hyphenated spectrometric techniques for the environmental forensic assessment of non-traditional pollutants and degradates in the greater Florida Everglades

Ayala, Melvin (2009) A research platform for artificial neural networks with applications in pediatric epilepsy

Azmera, Luam Amir (2009) Estimation of ravine sediment production and sediment dynamics in the lower Le Sueur River watershed, Minnesota

Babatunde, Oyinlola Toyin (2009) The effect of osteoporosis education on calcium intake and physical activity in a group of community-dwelling Black older adults

Bachman, Pamela Marie (2009) Physiological performance measures and tolerance limits of estuarine indicator species in south Florida

Bakhtiar, Qutub Ali (2009) Mitigating inconsistencies by coupling data cleaning, filtering, and contextual data validation in wireless sensor networks

Bakshi, Srinivasa Rao (2009) Plasma and cold sprayed aluminum carbon nanotube composites: Quantification of nanotube distribution and multi-scale mechanical properties

Barreto, Michelle L (2009) Examining the effects of epiphanies on possible selves

Barrett, Sheila C (2009) Risk factors of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases among Jamaican adolescents

Beillard, Mariano J (2009) The United States Congress and Venezuela's Hugo Chávez

Bessler, Timothy S (2009) Private higher education policy in Ohio, 1980–2006: A case study demonstrating the usefulness of Zumeta's public policy posture model

Bhadkamkar, Medha (2009) Improving storage performance through layout optimizations

Bharath, Deoraj (2009) Effects of student-faculty interactions on persistence of underprepared community college students

Brown, Christopher Matthew (2009) Democratic purgatory: The failure of democracy in Venezuela

Canino-Vazquez, Ivan R (2009) Aerodynamic load characteristics evaluation and tri-axial performance testing on fiber reinforced polymer connections and metal fasteners to promote hurricane damage mitigation

Cardenas, Jessica Marie (2009) Phonics instruction using pseudowords for success in phonetic decoding

Carter, Rona (2009) Effects of adolescent depressive symptoms, pubertal development, and interpersonal relationship satisfaction on sexual risk behaviors in adolescent romantic couples

Ceresa, Robert (2009) Tocqueville in Miami: Political culture and political organizing in Miami's Cuban community

Chen, Rena Zhanglei (2009) Development, validation and uncertainty analysis of quantitative structure and activity relationship models for Log P of disinfection by -products

Clark, Zoila (2009) Propuestas para una reconceptualización surrealista y postmoderna de la sexualidad femenina en los textos de Cristina Escofet e Isabel Allende

Crooks, Donneth Jacqueline (2009) Development and testing of the Elderly Social Vulnerability Index (ESVI): A composite indicator to measure social vulnerability in the Jamaican elderly population

Cuming, Richard G (2009) Factors surgical team members perceive influence choices of wearing or not wearing personal protective equipment during operative /invasive procedures

Currey, Robin Colleen Dougherty (2009) Diversity of Hymenoptera, cultivated plants and management practices in home garden agroecosystems, Kyrgyz Republic

Dao, Mai (2009) Shareholder ratification of the auditor and audit market competition

DiGirolamo, Antonietta Michelle (2009) An investigation of the effects of mothers' participation in adult literacy classes on interactive literacy activities (ILAs) at home

D'Souza, Jayesh (2009) Measuring effectiveness in international financial crime prevention: Can we agree on a performance metric?

Dunn, James (2009) Why and how multinational corporations influence the trade negotiation process in Latin America

Echevarria, Domingo G (2009) The contribution of higher education to economic development in a globalized environment

Evans, Samantha L (2009) Carbon and nitrogen stable isotopic patterns in South Florida coastal ecosystems: Modern and paleoceanographic perspectives

Faller, Kenneth John (2009) Reduced-parameter model of head-related transfer functions for synthesized spatial audio

Farfan, Fernando (2009) Efficient storage and domain-specific information discovery on semistructured documents

Ferenchak, Gregory J (2009) Cognitive and noncognitive variables that predict Florida community college radiography program graduates' success on the Registry

Franceschi-Diaz, Katherine G (2009) Group presence in virtual worlds: Supporting collaborative e-learning

Fu, Man (2009) A study of stock market fluctuations and their relation to business conditions

Gao, Ying (2009) A digital signal processing approach for affective sensing of a computer user through pupil diameter monitoring

Gao, Yong (2009) New fuel cells system for portable application with low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) technology

Garcia, Heriberto (2009) A capability maturity model to assess supply chain performance

Gonenc, Atilla (2009) Coherent rho meson electroproduction off deuteron

Gray, Calonie Marie Kelli (2009) An investigation of the relationship between maltreatment and alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems in African -American and Hispanic adolescent girls

Gregory, Amy Hyman (2009) Investigative interviewing and memory: How accurate are interviewers recollections of investigative interviews?

Gudi, Arvind (2009) Effective knowledge integration in emergency response organizations

Gui, Feng (2009) Development of a new client -server architecture for context aware mobile computing

Gutierrez, Hector Manuel (2009) La utopía interior: Superación del dualismo en los ensayos de Ernesto Sábato

Haley, Vanessa (2009) Acoustic telemetry studies of bonefish (Albula vulpes ) movement around Andros Island, Bahamas: Implications for species management

Harshaw, Christopher W (2009) Contingency, contiguity, and development: The ontogeny of contingency learning in northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) chicks

Hlavacova, Zuzana (2009) The electoral geography of the Slovak Republic: A comparison of the 1994, 1998, and 2002 parliamentary elections

Huang, Jun (2009) Controlled growth of carbon nanotubes for high performance nanoelectronics

Hudson, Davia Tamar (2009) Variables affecting the collection and preservation of human scent components through instrumental and biological evaluations

Husby, Chad Eric (2009) Ecophysiology and biomechanics of Equisetum giganteum in South America

Ilcheva, Maria (2009) Ethnic groups and institutions: A study of institutional engineering in four Central and Eastern European countries

Iossi, Laura Hillerbrand (2009) The mathematics anxiety of bilingual community college students

Kaczmarsky, Longin (2009) Characterizations of the major coral diseases of the Philippines: Ulcerative white spot disease and novel growth anomalies of Porites

Kanaparthi, Ananth (2009) Relations between acculturation and alcohol use among international students

Karimi, Masoumeh (2009) Efficient asynchronous scheduling algorithms for cost-effective buffered crossbar switches

Khan, Ahmad Arshan (2009) Parameter optimization for noise and vibration reduction associated with position and speed sensorless control of permanent magnet machines at low speed

King, Tariq M (2009) A self -testing approach for autonomic software

Kolhe, Amolkumar (2009) Synthetic studies of azulenyl and pseudoazulenyl nitrones

Kouadio, Bertin K (2009) From stability to insurgency: The root and proximate causes of the September 2002 civil war in Côte d'Ivoire

Kyarimpa, Genevieve Enid (2009) Comparative administrative reform: The rhetoric and reality of the Civil Service reform programs in Uganda and Tanzania

Labrador, Yuri (2009) Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based air interfaces and multiple input multiple output techniques in cooperative satellite communications for 4th generation mobile systems

Labriola, Christine (2009) Environment, culture, and medicinal plant knowledge in an indigenous Amazonian community

Landa, Katrina G (2009) Effects of repeated readings on reading abilities of English language learners with specific learning disabilities

Little, Diana Mitchell (2009) Graduate program culture and intention to persist: Working adults in cohort and non-cohort programs

Liu, Che-Hung (2009) Knowledge creation in dynamic learning environments

Liu, Li (2009) Absolute configuration and biosynthesis of pahayokolide A from Lyngbya sp. Strain 15-2 of the Florida Everglades

Li, Xiaohua (2009) Study of carbon nanotube film and shape memory alloys treatment for sensing and structural vibration control

Long, Stephanie (2009) An integrated flow and transport model to study the impact of mercury remediation strategies for East Fork Poplar Creek watershed, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Lora, Amy C (2009) Evaluating the impacts of Bolsa Escola programs on student performance in Brazil

Lowenstein, Marcia K (2009) Interactions between endothelin receptor B and transcription factors Sox10 and Pax3 in the melanocyte lineage

Macias, Michael Salvador (2009) The development of an optimized system of narcotic and explosive contraband mimics for calibration and training of biological detectors

Madison, Stephen Sean (2009) Does hope matter? The influence of dispositional hope on persistence in a developmental writing course

Mao, Yuxiang (2009) Occurrence and transformation of organomercury in the Florida Everglades

Marchioni, Meredith Ann (2009) Attitudes towards the marine environment and implications for marine resource management in Seward, Alaska

Martinez Franklin, Cora E (2009) Eulerian-Lagrangian two phase debris flow model

Miguel, Felipe Mendes Sozzi (2009) Trojan horses: On the origins of national security concerns over foreign investments in the United States from 1919 to 2008

Moore, Kendal (2009) Representation of people of color in the nineteenth century slavery novel in Cuba and Brazil

Morrison, Tomasine A (2009) The impact of a family home-learning program on levels of parental/caregiver efficacy

Moss, Larry Joseph (2009) Effects of service-learning on student attitudes toward academic engagement and civic responsibility

Mossman, Ronald E (2009) Seed dispersal and reproduction patterns among Everglades plants

Moteabbed, Maryam (2009) A precise measurement of the two -photon exchange effect

Myers, Ron York (2009) The effects of the use of technology in mathematics instruction on student achievement

Naes, Benjamin E (2009) Elemental analysis of glass and ink by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)

Nalesso, Mauro (2009) Integrated surface-ground water modeling in wetlands with improved methods to simulate vegetative resistance to flow

Nullman, Susan L (2009) The effectiveness of explicit individualized phonemic awareness instruction by a speech -language pathologist to preschool children with phonological speech disorders

Oshri, Assaf (2009) Maltreatment, psychiatric symptoms and human immunodeficiency virus/sexual transmitted infection risk behavior among youth with alcohol and other drug use problems: A person-centered analysis

Owles, Veronica (2009) The experiences of Cuban American women attending a Hispanic serving institution and the influences on identity development

Pai, Chen-Kuo (2009) How people resolve dilemmas: An elicitation method for subjective decision factors

Pane, Debra Mayes (2009) The relationship between classroom interactions and exclusionary discipline as a social practice: A critical microethnograhy

Panthi, Kamalesh (2009) A methodological framework for modeling pavement maintenance costs for projects with performance-based contracts

Pant, Prabhakar (2009) Biogeochemical factors affecting the fate and transport of mercury in the terrestrial environment at Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Parakkal, Raju (2009) The World Trade Organization, competition policy, and developing countries: A cross -country examination of domestic policy actions

Parra, Nestor Andres (2009) Rigid and non-rigid point-based medical image registration

Patel, Nikunj S (2009) Contribution of the vasculature to the Alzheimer's disease process

Patterson, Terri D (2009) The effect of cognitive load on deception

Platkin, Charles Stuart (2009) Think before you eat: Calories and exercise equivalents presented on menus at point-of-choice

Punjala, Shishir Shanker (2009) Effective reconfigurable antenna designs to enhance performance and enable wireless powering

Quillen, Amanda Kay (2009) Diatom-based paleolimnological reconstruction of Quaternary environments in a Florida sinkhole lake

Rafie, Carlin (2009) The relationship of thymulin activity, immune parameters of HIV disease progression and substance use in a cohort of HIV seropositive alcohol and drug users

Rivero, Douglas (2009) Soviet and Western bloc competition in the less developed world and the collapse of Détente

Roberts, Nella Ann (2009) The role of spirituality in transformative learning

Rosa, Manuel Emilio (2009) Against all odds: Success stories of Latino students who survived the educational pipeline

Salas, Silvia (2009) A study of the relationship between employee virtuality and technology deviance as mediated by leadership and employee perceptions

Salazar, Vielka Lineth (2009) The effect of male -male competition and its underlying regulatory mechanisms on the electric signal of the gymnotiform fish Brachyhypopomus gauderio

Samuel, Lisa Marie (2009) Trade, justice, and the politics of difference: Small developing states in the World Trade Organization

Shi, Yilei (2009) Seismic performance of hybrid fiber reinforced polymer-concrete pier columns

Silvia, Adam M (2009) Liberalization without decentralization: Haiti under Namphy and Delatour, 1986–1987

Sin, Thant (2009) Improving novice analyst performance in modeling the sequence diagram in systems analysis: A cognitive complexity approach

Smith-Pethybridge, Valorie (2009) Effects of real -time captioning and sign language interpreting on the learning of college students who are deaf or hard of hearing

Somarelli, Jason Andrew (2009) The role of splicing factors and small nuclear RNAs in spliceosomal formation

Ti, Yalin (2009) In vivo characterization of myocardial tissue post myocardial infarction using combined fluorescence and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

Tseng, Sheng-Ying (2009) Strategic positioning of Taiwan in the outsourcing market: Evidence from information technology services and electronic manufacturing outsourcing to China

Unzueta, Caridad H (2009) The use of a computer graphic organizer for persuasive composition writing by Hispanic students with specific learning disabilities

Valdes, James Jason (2009) Estrogen and lithium: Facilitating factors involved in brain cell signaling pathways

Vallano, Jonathan Patrick (2009) The boundaries of acceptance: Do expectations for the complainant's psychological injury affect legal decisions in a sexual harassment case

Varadarajan, Ramakrishna R (2009) Ranked search on data graphs

Vedala, Narasimha Harindra (2009) Functionalized carbon nanotube nanoelectrodes for biomolecular recognition

Veeranki, Sudhakar (2009) Investigation of molecular mechanisms of LKB1 function in Dictyostelium development and stress responses and the function of superoxide dismutase C (SodC) in chemotaxis

Velez Gallego, Mario Cesar (2009) Algorithms for scheduling parallel batch processing machines with non-identical job ready times

Volmar, Claude-Henry (2009) Relevance of CD40/CD40L downstream pathways to Alzheimer's disease

von May, Rudolf (2009) Diversity patterns of amphibians in lowland Amazonian forests in southeastern Peru

Wachnicka, Anna Honorata (2009) Quantitative diatom-based reconstruction of paleoenvironmental conditions in Florida Bay and Biscayne Bay, U.S.A.

Walpola, Malaka Jayathu (2009) Energy-efficient self -organization of wireless acoustic sensor networks for ground target tracking

Walton, Rodney Earl (2009) U.S. Army front line artillery observation during the 1945 Okinawa campaign: An oral history case study

Wang, Jiali (2009) Motion correction algorithm of lung tumors for respiratory gated PET images

Wang, Xuan (2009) A thermally wavelength-tunable photonic switch based on silicon microring resonator

Wang, Yingbo (2009) Modeling communication services for rapid realization

Wang, Yong (2009) Enhancement of wireless networks with heterogeneous antennas

Wang, Zhiguang (2009) Three essays on asset pricing

Wasserberg, Martin J (2009) Stereotype threat and the standardized testing experiences of African American children at an urban elementary school

Wen, Lingling (2009) Weak strangeness changing semi-leptonic process

Whiddon, Melody (2009) Parent emotional functioning, parent responsiveness, and child adjustment

Whitman, Daniel S (2009) Emotional intelligence and leadership in organizations: A meta-analytic test of process mechanisms

Whittaker, Richard (2009) Collaborative mediation

Wu, Wanyang (2009) Optimization models for selecting bus stops for accessibility improvements for people with disabilities

Yildiz, Banu Sizirici (2009) Risk based post closure care analysis for Florida landfills

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Dissertations & Theses from 2008

Adonizio, Allison L (2008) Anti-quorum sensing agents from south Florida medicinal plants and their attenuation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenicity

Anglin, Marcus V (2008) The impact of standards -based practices in mathematics on the achievement of low -performing students

Anwar, Shadab (2008) Lattice Boltzmann modeling of fluid flow and solute transport in karst aquifers

Arunachalam, Aravinthan (2008) Essays on the impact of stakeholders' sentiment on the financial decision making process

Askew, Consuella A (2008) An examination of Lotka's law in the field of Library and Information Studies

Astrada, Marvin (2008) Conceptualizing American power and security in a post -9/11 security context: Conflict, resistance, and global security, 2001–present

Barbatis, Peter (2008) Perceptions of underprepared community college students regarding their educational achievement

Becker, Jennifer L (2008) Socioemotional outcomes of children sexually abused during early childhood

Bernardo-Bricker, Anna R (2008) Investigating the origin of PM2.5 in Baltimore using highly time-resolved organic molecular markers measured during the Baltimore PM-supersite

Bian, Jie (2008) Predicting delay reductions from freeway traffic diversion for incident management

Borges, Melroy R (2008) Life cycle of Deccan trap magma chambers: A crystal scale elemental and strontium isotopic investigation

Brito, Flavia Carneiro (2008) Melanocytes in the developing and adult atrioventricular valves of the murine heart

Bullough, Amanda M (2008) Global factors affecting women's participation in leadership

Carrasco, Teodoro Enrique (2008) Assessing administrative and political factors in implementing a living wage ordinance

Castro, Waleska (2008) Elemental analysis of biological matrices by laser ablation high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-HR-ICP-MS) and high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (HR -ICP -MS)

Cenzano, Carlos E (2008) The ethical paradigm of Jose Marti's writings beyond modernity

Cho, Jang Hyung (2008) An autoregressive conditional filtering process to remove intraday seasonal volatility and its application to testing the noisy rational expectations model

Cosner, Charlotte A (2008) Rich and poor, white and black, free and slave: The social history of Cuba's tobacco farmers, 1763–1817

Dausman, Alyssa Marie (2008) Quantifying the effects of temperature and concentration on variable-density flow in numerical modeling of groundwater systems: Implications for predictive uncertainty and data collection

Diaz, Raquel Munarriz (2008) The role of *language in early childhood mathematics

Eberman, Lindsey E (2008) Effect of performance feedback on perceived knowledge and likelihood to pursue continuing education

Elshahat, Ahmed (2008) A comprehensive portfolio construction under stochastic environment

Evans, Jacqueline (2008) Eyewitness memory: Balancing the accuracy, precision, and quantity of information through metacognitive monitoring and control

Feng, Ming (2008) An exergy based engineering and economic analysis of sustainable building

Fink, Douglas Ray (2008) Municipal accountability: Should regulations similar to the Sarbanes -Oxley Act apply to the local sector?

Foran, Robert Jeffery (2008) Education policy and national income distribution: New evidence from recent cross -country data

Ganapathy, Vinayak (2008) An epistemic event -based correlation scheme for pervasive network management

Garcia-Tunon, Guillermo M (2008) Successful and sustained leadership: A case study of a Jesuit high school president

Ge, Jiajia (2008) Fluorescence-enhanced optical imaging on three-dimensional phantoms using a hand-held probe based frequency-domain intensified charge coupled device (ICCD) optical imager

Gilbert, Shelby G (2008) The relationship of immigrant status to perceptions of reading and reading literacy among young Black students: A test of the Cultural -Ecological Theory of School Performance

Gokaltun, Seckin (2008) Lattice Boltzmann method for flow and heat transfer in microgeometries

Gomez de Cruz, Magda (2008) Smallpox vaccination, the establishment of vaccination boards, and state formation in Venezuela and Cuba in the nineteenth century

Gonzalez Hernandez, Ramon Antonio (2008) Essays in open economy macroeconomics

Gonzalez Lopez de Gamarra, Juan Antonio (2008) Customization of the design of antenna using genetic algorithm and finite-difference time-domain technique

Gordon, Marilyn Smith (2008) Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior in the exercise domain: A study of community college students in an urban multicultural setting

Guillen Benavides, Magno Roboam (2008) Design and implementation of a multisite data repository for pediatric epilepsy

Gungor, Gaye (2008) The European Parliament, membership expansions, and organizational change

Harris, Cristen Lynn (2008) Psychological and cognitive factors that influence post -exercise energy intake in normal weight and overweight sedentary males

Henry, Kenneth Robert St. Leger (2008) Attributes of identity document credibility: A synthesis of expert knowledge

Hernandez, Roberto Jaime (2008) Development and validation of an instrument to predict online student success using faculty perceptions

Hibbert, Ann Marie (2008) Essays on risk aversion, diversification and non -participation

Hinds, David (2008) Social network structure as a critical success condition for open source software project communities

Hogue, Emily Jane (2008) In God we trust: Faith-based development, spiritual transformation, and economic change in southern Andean indigenous communities

Ianinska, Silvana (2008) Human resource development professionals' perceptions about the Academy of Human Resource Development Standards on Ethics and Integrity

Januszka, Cynthia Moredock (2008) The effects of using rap music on the fluency skills of 2nd grade African American students

Jiang, Lixiang (2008) Business process quantitative analysis and optimization for service industries

Kalayci, Ahmet Serhat (2008) Development of surface flaw thresholds for pre-cured fiber reinforced polymer and groove size tolerance for near surface mounted fiber reinforced polymer retrofit systems

Koch, Geraldine F (2008) Academic and nonacademic experiences that affect first-generation college student attrition

Kulkarni, Shrinivas Raghavendra (2008) Synthesis of M2AC (M = titanium, vanadium, chromium, niobium, zirconium, A = aluminum, tin, sulfur) (MAX) carbide phases and study of their physical behavior under extreme conditions

Li, Bin (2008) Seismic performance of hybrid fiber reinforced polymer-concrete pier frame systems

Liu, Tao (2008) Periodic polymer photonic bandgap structures for on-chip optical cavities

Lopez, Elsa Pinto (2008) Relationships among dietary intake, dietary patterns, dietary quality and nutrient adequacy and substance use in Latina mother/daughter dyads

Lucky, William David (2008) What makes online grocers work? A case study analysis of factors contributing to online grocery store profitability

Lundblad, Conchita Smith (2008) Hispanic adolescents with severe substance abuse problems: Parental involvement, acculturation-related factors, and attachment

Luo, Jun (2008) Peak -to -average power ratio reduced parallel interference cancellation Multicarrier-Code Division Multiple Access system with anti -interference property

Martinez, Jose Antonio (2008) A micro-opto-electro-mechanical system (MOEMS) for microstructure manipulation

Memari, Behnoush (2008) Improved estimation of postmortem interval with Cardiac Troponin T and improved analytical methods

Mendoza Baez, Maria Angelica (2008) Genetic individualization of Cannabis sativa by a short tandem repeat multiplex system

Morales, Jose Andre (2008) A behavior based approach to virus detection

Moral, Ramon Jules (2008) Hybrid multi-objective optimization and hybridized self-organizing response surface method

Morii, Yumiko (2008) A comparative analysis of corporate finance in the United States and Japan from 1880 to 1930

Moynihan, Jeremy (2008) Dioon Lindl. (Zamiaceae): Perspectives from phylogeny and a population genetic study of Dioon edule

Nguyen, Vu (2008) A deontic analysis of inter -organizational control requirements

Noronha-Nimmo, Alda (2008) Effectiveness of skills- versus metacognitive strategy-based approaches on reading comprehension of college developmental students

Opel, Kerry Lynn (2008) The application of reduced-size short tandem repeat primer sets in the analysis of human DNA from degraded and compromised samples

Ortiz, Claudio D (2008) Predicting posttraumatic stress reactions in children prior to traumatic exposure

Osborne, Joan Maria (2008) The career development of Black female chief nurse executives

Pan, Yi-Ling (2008) Dietary adequacy in community-dwelling older Chinese adults living in South Florida

Pavlova, Ivelina (2008) Genetic algorithms and investment strategies: A global perspective

Peng, Wei (2008) Actionable pattern analysis in computing and business intelligence systems

Perkinson, Christin L (2008) The use of computing technology in highway construction contractor companies as a Total Jobsite Management Tool (TJMT)

Phatak, Nishad Arvind (2008) Synthesis, characterization and study of physical properties of novel M(n+1)AX(n) compounds

Phillips, J. Craig (2008) Social factors influencing antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence among Black men living with HIV who use illicit drugs

Polycarpou, Irene (2008) An innovative approach to teaching structural induction for computer science

Qi, Jing (2008) Application of intervention analysis to evaluate the impacts of special events on freeways

Quave, Cassandra Leah (2008) An ethnopharmacological approach to multidrug -resistant Staphylococcus aureus: Evaluation of Italian plants used in the traditional healing of skin disease

Rahill, Guitele Jeudy (2008) The practice and use of picuristes (lay injectionists) among Haitian immigrants in Miami -Dade County, Florida

Randall, Kenneth R (2008) Adaptation in knowledge-based teams: An examination of team composition, leader sensegiving, and cognitive, behavioral, and motivational mechanisms

Reardon, Margaret (2008) Jury decision making and the Story Model: How do deliberation style and evidence order influence the story that juries create?

Renko, Anna-Maija (2008) The role of market knowledge in recognizing and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities in technology intensive firms

Rios, Steve J (2008) From foster care to college: Young adults' perceptions of factors that impacted their academic achievement

Robbins, Helen J (2008) The effect of a clinical practicum on elementary education preservice teachers' development of reading expertise

Rong, Zhao (2008) Essays on durable goods consumption and firm innovation

Sallit, Jennifer (2008) Impact of a cognitive-behavioral weight control program on body weight, diet quality, and smoking cessation in weight-concerned female smokers

Shankar, Siddharth (2008) Three essays on the interrelationships among financial restatements, corporate governance, market microstructure and the firm's rate of return

Sharp, Paul Ryan (2008) Identification, distribution, and probability of infection in sympatric gastropods by digenean parasites at Pa-hay-okee, Everglades National Park using molecules and morphology

Shen, Luou (2008) Freeway travel time estimation and prediction using dynamic neural networks

Shu, Yan (2008) Essays on exchange rate economics

Silio, Monica C (2008) The effects of word prediction and text-to-speech technologies on the narrative writing skills of students with specific learning disabilities

Simovic, Dragan (2008) Syntheses of aza analogues of kainic acid

Sklar, Elliot Montgomery (2008) The relationship of fear of intimacy, body image avoidance and body mass index

Smith, Robin Tyler (2008) Specificity, stability and comparative physiology of coral-Symbiodinium mutualisms: Evaluating the potential for acclimation and/or adaptation in reef corals

Stalker, Jeremy Chenoweth (2008) Hydrological dynamics between a coastal aquifer and the adjacent estuarine system, Biscayne Bay, South Florida

Sun, Weixiang (2008) An approach for design and analysis of User-centric Communication Middleware

Surinak, Tricia M (2008) A comparative analysis of self-determined evaluations of work performance and support needs by adults with mental retardation in supported work and in sheltered workshop environments

Thiruvadi, Sheela (2008) Gender differences in audit committees

Tito, Maria Teresa (2008) Seizure detection in subdural recordings using nonlinear decision functions

Tittle, Victor David (2008) Evidence of the heterogeneous market hypothesis using wavelet multi -resolution analysis

Tol, Gonul (2008) The rise of Islamism among Turkish immigrants in Germany and the Netherlands

Toomer, Tarla TaMia (2008) Development of risk based treatability and engineering measures for reducing exposure to lead contaminated media in the Miami inner city, Florida

Turku, Helga (2008) Domestic and foreign isolationism in an interdependent world

Wang, Qiang (2008) In vivo biocompatibility evaluation of composite polymeric materials for use in a novel artificial heart valve

Wan, Zhiwen (2008) Cooperative and adaptive medium access control in multi-hop wireless networks

Warren, L. Alice (2008) Demographic effects of thatch harvest and implications for sustainable use of irapai palm (Lepidocaryum tenue, Mart.), by riverine communities in the Peruvian Amazon

Wichinsky, Lillian Rindom (2008) Organizational culture, organizational climate, and collaborative capacity for planning

Williams, Clayton Jack (2008) Relative significance of pelagic, benthic and allochthonous organic matter to microbial carbon cycling in a phosphorus-depleted subtropical estuary (Florida Bay)

Woodward, Michael M (2008) The impact of bandwidth in structured interviewing and criterion stability in predicting and assessing manager performance across transition and maintenance stages

Yalim, Baris (2008) Development of Thresholds for Surface Preparation in Repair Systems with Eet Lay-up Fiber Reinforced Polymers

York, Rachel M (2008) Examining moderators of the hindsight bias in the context of civil legal decision -making: Counterfactuals, causal proximity, and self -referencing

Yribarren, Lynn (2008) Adolescent readers' self-perceptions of affective factors related to performance on standardized tests

Yuan, Xiaoli (2008) Essays in book -tax income differences and analyst forecasts /recommendations

Zeng, Erliang (2008) Bioinformatic analysis for exploring relationships between genes and gene products

Zhang, Jiepeng (2008) Nonlinear optical effects manifested by electromagnetic induced transparency in cold atoms

Zhao, Xiwei (2008) Foundational forensic techniques for cellular and ad hoc multi-hop networks

Zhu, Peng (2008) An automatic tuning strategy for local fuzzy logic ramp metering algorithm using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)

Zhu, Xuesong (2008) Design strategies for an artificial neural network based algorithm for automatic incident detection on major arterial streets

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Dissertations & Theses from 2007

Abed, Nagy Youssef (2007) Physical dynamic simulation of shipboard power system components in a distributed computational environment

Abrahamyan, Tigran (2007) High energy three -body breakup of three -nucleon systems

Albrecht, Richard E (2007) A model of self -transformative identity development in troubled adolescent youth

Allee, Susan J (2007) Neuroendocrine control of a dynamic communication signal

Alonso, Miguel (2007) A method for enhancing digital information displayed to computer users with visual refractive errors via spatial and spectral processing

Austin, Ashley M (2007) Treatment attrition among racial /ethnic minority adolescents participating in a brief motivational intervention for substance use problems: The influence of individual, social, cultural, and treatment factors

Balani, Kantesh (2007) Role of carbon nanotube dispersion in fracture toughening of plasma sprayed aluminum oxide-carbon nanotube nanocomposite coating

Barrella, Jessica Rose (2007) Landscape of fear: A social history of the missile during the early years of the Cold War, 1950–1965

Behar, Sonia (2007) La caída del hombre nuevo: Narrativa cubana del “Período especial”

Berggren, D. Jason (2007) “I had a different way of governing”: The evangelical presidential style of Jimmy Carter and his mission for Middle East peace

Buendia, Patricia (2007) Phylogenetic analysis of within -host serially-sampled viral data

Castaneda, Magdalena (2007) The perceptions of best mentoring practices in an early literacy intervention project: A case study of nine coaches

Cazalis, Daniel (2007) Algebraic theory of minimal nondeterministic finite automata with applications

Chen, Min (2007) Knowledge assisted data management and retrieval in multimedia database systems

Chen, Xiangqian (2007) Defense against node compromise in sensor network security

Chou, Te-Shun (2007) Ensemble fuzzy belief intrusion detection design

Cohen, Marsha B (2007) Lions and roses: An interpretive history of Israeli-Iranian relations

Coman, Luminita (2007) Hydrogen(electron-deuteron) studies of the deuteron at high squared momentum transfer

Craig, Shelley L (2007) Correlates of voluntary HIV testing and counseling among middle aged and older Latinas

Crosby, Garth V (2007) Trust based security mechanisms for wireless sensor networks

Cuesta, Zoraya Maria (2007) The effect of instruction on the study behaviors and academic achievement of community college students

Cui, Tengjiao (2007) Specific binding of the mammalian high mobility group protein AT-hook 2 to the minor groove of AT -rich DNAs: Thermodynamic and specificity studies

Czajkowski, Jeffrey Robert (2007) Essays in environmental economic valuation and decision making in the presence of an environmental disaster

Dede, Mehmet Ismet Can (2007) Adaptive fault-tolerant teleoperation

Ding, Zhen (2007) A static traffic assignment model combined with an artificial neural network delay model

Dong, Yu (2007) Adding concurrent data transfer to transport layer

El Moutia, Abdallah (2007) Space division multiple access for wireless sensor networks

Engle, Bretton C (2007) Commitment language as a predictor of alcohol and marijuana use outcomes among adolescents in school -based group treatment

Eraso, Mario (2007) Connecting visual and analytic reasoning to improve students' spatial visualization abilities: A constructivist approach

Ezenwoye, Onyeka (2007) Enabling adaptability in service aggregates using transparent shaping techniques

Fisher, Brian (2007) Intercollegiate athletics and college rankings: An analysis of the relationship between athletic success and the U.S. News and World Report college rankings

Fornes, Sandra Lee (2007) Examining a proposed job retention model for adult workers with mental retardation in supported employment

Franco, Ximena (2007) Evaluating the external validity of comorbid disorders in youth using rating scales and behavior observations

Fu, Yujian (2007) An integrated framework for ensuring the quality of software design

Gadze, James D (2007) Autonomic and embedded wireless sensor protocols for critical infrastructures

Gallocher, Siobhain Lynn (2007) Durability assessment of polymer trileaflet heart valves

Ganu, Shreerang (2007) High frequency electric machine models for the evaluation of operational impacts in integrated drives

Gao, Min (2007) Chemical characterization of soil organic matter in an oligotrophic, subtropical, freshwater wetland system: Sources, diagenesis and preservation

Garai, Jozsef (2007) Thermodynamic description and phase transformation of highly symmetrical monoatomic structures

Garcia, Arlen Judith (2007) Investigating group processes in a positive youth development program for multi -problem youth

Garcia, Roman Joel (2007) Endothelin 3 induces skin pigmentation in a keratin-driven inducible mouse model

Geiger, John H (2007) Conservation implications of the reproductive biology of the endangered vine Ipomoea microdactyla Griseb. (Convolvulaceae)

Ghosh, Dipasri (2007) Essays on the selection of securities: Decision on acquisition and issuance perspectives and decision rules

Goda, Donna (2007) Tennessee trabajadores: Global wage arbitrage comes home to roost

Gritz, Susan M (2007) Efficacy of educational interventions to reduce homophobia on the *college campus

Guiribitey, Marie D (2007) The Spanish civil war in the twenty -first century peninsular narrative: Narrative endeavors towards a national reconciliation?

Hamilton, Clifton W (2007) The effects of student -centered and traditional models of teaching on reading skills

Hernandez, Lynn (2007) Identity as a moderator of guided -self change treatment outcomes with adolescents

Hollander, Sharon (2007) Differentiation of self and emerging adulthood

Honores, Renzo (2007) Una sociedad legalista: Abogados, procuradores de causas y la creación de una cultura legal colonial en Lima y Potosí, 1540–1670

Horst, Peter Arjan (2007) High-resolution cyclostratigraphy of the Cenomanian-Turonian interval: Paleoceanographic implications, a comparison between deep sea drilling project site 386 and 144

Huang, Hua-Wei (2007) Audit pricing, reporting quality, and auditor switches in the post -SOX period

Jaime, Mark (2007) The role of temporal synchrony in the facilitation of perceptual learning during prenatal development

Javadzadeh, Abdolrahim (2007) Marxists into Muslims: The Iranian irony

Jayaram, Vivekananda (2007) Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) controller realization with Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) modules

Joshi, Nikhil (2007) Step and flash imprint lithography: Fabrication of patterned media for extremely high density magnetic data storage devices

Joshi, Sachin Sudhakar (2007) Computational modeling of biodegradable starch based polymer composites

Kaiser, David M (2007) The structure of games

Keeler, Deborah J (2007) A mixed method study of organizational culture dimensions of community college faculty library use and perceptions

Kyles, Perry L (2007) The men behind the market: Merchants, the Atlantic slave trade, and the shaping of South Carolina plantation society, 1700–1756

Lagos, Leonel E (2007) Experimental analysis of soil and dust stabilizers for controlling displacement of contaminated soils by wind tunnel experiments

Lavrenov, Andrey (2007) Focused ion beam manufacturing of magnetic nanostructures

Lee, Maree Kim (2007) Temporal changes in immigration stress, adaptation, and the factors contributing to the immigration -adaptation process in newly immigrant parents

Leon-Rodriguez, Lizette (2007) Benthic foraminiferal record of the Pleistocene uplift of the sedimentary deposits of the Burica Peninsula (Costa Rica-Panama) as a result of Cocos Ridge subduction beneath the Central American Arc

Liu, Kaiyu (2007) Estimation and prediction of average vehicle occupancies using traffic accident records

Liu, Li-Lin (2007) Consequences of financial restatements for auditors and top executives

Lopez, Victoriano (2007) English language learners and standardized testing in an urban senior high school

Makki, Shamila (2007) Traffic congestion control in communication networks

Manrara, Maggie Aleman (2007) Explaining the effects of class size on faculty and students

May-Collado, Laura Johanna (2007) Phylogenetic and ecological significance in the evolution of Cetacean tonal sounds

McGregor, Debbie (2007) Investigating a career choice for nursing based on social cognitive career theory

Mirzoyan, Alla (2007) Armenia's foreign policy, 1991–2004: Between history and geopolitics

Moniz, Richard J. (2007) The effectiveness of direct -instruction and student -centered teaching methods on students' functional understanding of plagiarism

Montenegro, Jaime Marcelo (2007) Segmental body composition determination through a bioelectrical very large scale integration (VLSI) system

Montgomery, Martha Ann (2007) Alcohol use and sexual victimization among Hispanic college women

Moreno, Jacqueline (2007) Family and group cognitive behavior therapy: Evaluation of treatment outcome and treatment specificity

Mourad, Mourad Michel (2007) An integrated functional mapping and source localization platform for brain research

Mo, Zhaomin (2007) Location management and routing in urban vehicular ad hoc networks

Muniute, Eivina (2007) Team Primacy Concept-based employee evaluation and job performance

Noel, Julien (2007) Temperature dependence and characterization of gold thin film actuated membranes for radio frequency microelectromechanical switches

Orihuela, Lawrence R (2007) The effects of a General Instructional Strategies course on the utilization of effective instructional strategies by teachers

Palombo, Leon (2007) La represión sexual como tema recurrente en la obra de Federico García Lorca

Parra, Jose L (2007) Quantifying protein folding pathways

Peng, Yuanyuan (2007) Essays on firm behavior and firm performance

Perez Gomez, Gianna (2007) Risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases in Hispanic adolescents

Popovici, Ioana (2007) The effects of intellectual property rights on knowledge spillovers and innovation: An empirical investigation

Quadros, Amita (2007) Role of calcium in inflammation: Relevance to Alzheimer's disease

Redwine, Jed R (2007) Leaf morphology scales multi-annual trends in nutrient cycling and leaf, flower, and fruiting phenology among species in the sub-tropical hardwood forests of the northern Florida Keys

Robertson, William (2007) Airborne laser quantification of Florida shoreline and beach volume change caused by hurricanes

Rojas, Patria (2007) Substance use and sexual risk behaviors among adolescent detainees

Ruales Ortega, Mary Cristina (2007) Design of a low power - high temperature heated ceramic sensor to detect halogen gases

Ruiz, Adelia Esperanza (2007) El discurso costumbrista colombiano del siglo XIX: Instrumento ideológico idealizado

Saporito, Ralph Anthony (2007) The relationship between alkaloid-based chemical defenses and diet in dendrobatid poison frogs

Seelaboyina, Raghunandan (2007) Robust and high current cold electron source based on carbon nanotube field emitters and electron multiplier microchannel plate

Sesin, Anaelis (2007) A multimodal and adaptive real-time human -computer interface for peoples with severe motor disability

Sevimoglu, Orhan (2007) Source/receptor reconciliation of ambient organic fine particulate matter in Palm Beach County

Shannon, Debra Ann (2007) The socialization of adjunct faculty into the academic culture of a public community college campus

Shen, Qiong (2007) Development of safety performance functions for empirical Bayes estimation of crash reduction factors

Smith, Janell (2007) Food customs of rural and urban Inupiaq elders and their relationships to select nutrition parameters, food insecurity, health, and physical and mental functioning

Smith, Justin L (2007) State collapse and politicized identity: Somalia and Sudan

Song, Rui (2007) The economic well-being of low-income immigrants in the United States: An examination of the impact of the 1996 welfare reform on immigrants

Stewart, Carolyn Alicia Ruth (2007) The role of a Christian church in the career development of its congregants

Sundaram, Ramakrishnan (2007) A non-linear discrete stochastic optimization model for Advanced Access patient appointment scheduling

Taylor, Heather Lynn (2007) Relational predictors of condom use among adolescents in outpatient substance abuse treatment

Taylor, Rosemarie Angela (2007) The role of the health care organization in supporting nurses in the delivery of culturally competent care

Tenam-Zemach, Michelle (2007) An analysis of the themes of environmental sustainability in the United States curriculum science content standards

Tucker, Edmon W (2007) Aggression toward homosexuals: Prevalence, correlates, and motives for antigay behaviors among adolescents and young adults

Tuttle, Lidia Vasseur (2007) Financial aid and the persistence of associate of arts graduates transferring to a senior university

Valencia, Carolina (2007) The political economy of poverty alleviation strategies. The initiative for heavily indebted poor countries in Bolivia: More of the same

Wang, Lu (2007) Design of an automated book reader as an assistive technology tool for blind persons

Watson, Herman Lanier (2007) Electrocardiogram breathing: A study of electrocardiogram derived respiration plus multiresolution wavelet analysis of heartbeat interval variability in sleep study patients

Weber, Suzanne Weiner (2007) Life and death in the forest: Landscape agency during the Holocaust

Wehbe, Claudia Haydee (2007) The political economy of inequality and growth: Essays on sovereign debt, democracy and saving

Whidden, Astrid Melzner (2007) Links across the Gulfstream: The Florida /Bahamas zone, 1780–1900

Wu, Wenzhong (2007) Low temperature sintering semiconducting barium strontium titanate

Xing, Keqiang (2007) Numerical investigation on the heat transfer enhancement using micro/nano phase-change particulate flow

Xu, Tielian (2007) Advanced oxidation of arsenic species in aqueous solutions

Yan, Jianhua (2007) A framework for automatic feature extraction from airborne light detection and ranging data

Yan, Yun-Chia (2007) Associations between SOX 404 opinions and auditors, audit committees, and executives

Yao, Junfang (2007) VLSI testing and characterization system for micro electro-mechanical (MEM) sensors

Yates, Lenora (2007) The relationship of aptitude, course grades, and program length, to performance on a standards based test (NCLEX -RN)

Yu, Bo (2007) Surface mean flow and turbulence structure in tropical cyclone winds

Zavaleta, Richard P (2007) Visual driver support system for traffic signs

Zhao, Na (2007) DIMUSE: An integrated framework for distributed multimedia system with database management and security support

Zheng, Rui (2007) Performance of FRP-concrete bridges under blast loading

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Dissertations & Theses from 2006

Andrei, Daniela (2006) Synthesis of multisubstituted halo -olefins via Pd-catalyzed cross -coupling reactions. Applications in nucleoside chemistry

Aramburu, Roberto Horacio (2006) Expanding guitar production techniques: Building the Guitar Application Toolkit (GATK)

Bagnardi, Margaret (2006) Nursing faculty intention to use service learning as pedagogy in higher education

Barantovich, Martha M (2006) Deprofessionalization of curriculum decision -making

Cabrerizo, Mercedes (2006) Subdural electroencephalogram analysis for extracting discriminating measures in epileptogenic data

Carlson, Barak (2006) Examining the process of regime change in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization: The divide between rhetoric and reality

Casazza, Krista (2006) A computer based approach to improve the dietary and physical activity patterns of a diverse group of adolescents

Casstevens, Willa Jeanne (2006) Evaluation of a mentored self -help intervention for the management of psychotic symptoms

Catenazzi, Alessandro (2006) The importance of marine subsidies for terrestrial consumers in coastal Peru

Cevallos, Fabian (2006) Optimization of transit transfer times: A system-wide approach

Chakravorti, Samit (2006) Customer relationship management: A content analysis of issues and best practices

Cheddie, Denver Faron (2006) Computational modeling of intermediate temperature proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells

Chen, Zhangrong (2006) Natural organic matter and colloid-facilitated arsenic transport and transformation in porous soil media

Chin, Craig Anthony (2006) Signal processing and information fusing algorithms for the synthesis of an alternative electromyogram/eye gaze tracking computer cursor control system

Cook, Merritt S (2006) Exotic meson decay widths using lattice quantum chromodynamics

Cordaro, Mildred (2006) The use of treatment process variables to differentiate between completers and dropouts for a guided self -change adolescent substance abuse intervention

Daganzo-Cantens, Esther A (2006) Carmen de Burgos: La educación de la mujer y la literatura de viajes como género narrativo

Danielsen, Erin Michelle (2006) Predicting jurors' decisions: The effects of repeated expression and forewarning in civil voir dire

DePalo, Kathryn Andrews (2006) State legislative term limits and the law of unintended consequences: An examination of member behavior, power structures, and legislative organization in Florida

Di, Mingping (2006) Syntheses of aza analogs of kainoids

Dong, Zhijiang (2006) A framework for transforming, analyzing, and realizing software designs in unified modeling language

Drakatos, Stylianos (2006) Context -aware data caching for mobile computing environments

Duque-Botero, Fabian (2006) Paleoenvironmental implications of the Indidura Formation (Cenomanian/Turonian), northeastern Mexico: A high resolution stratigraphic study

Durand, Sedelia Rodriguez (2006) Origin of the Grande Ronde Formation flows, Columbia River flood basalt group

Duren, Althea (2006) An investigation of parents' and children's beliefs of early literacy acquisition from a cross -cultural perspective

Gallagher, Suzanne J (2006) Theological reflection at work: A phenomenological study of learning processes

Garcia, Eileen (2006) Supplemental instruction, study habits, and the community college student

Gilbert, Julian A (2006) Improving civil jury decision-making: Evidentiary and procedural issues

Gomez, Pablo (2006) A nanoliter volume nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system using tunneling magneto-resistive (TMR) sensors to recognize biomolecules

Hariprasad, Sahadeo P (2006) The relationship of managers' self -reported leadership practices and their spirituality

Hart, Gail L (2006) An analysis of student and instructor perceptions of students' writing skills at the university level

Hernandez, Omaira (2006) Latinoamericanismo y modernidad en la obra ensayística de Arturo Úslar Pietri

Hijazi, Yazan Said (2006) Next generation high density three-dimensional magnetic recording systems

Hospital, Michelle Marie (2006) The development and testing of a multivariate model of differentiation of self among Hispanics

Jacobs, Robin J (2006) Predictors of safer sex behaviors of midlife and older women

Jain, Sreepat (2006) Changes in Caribbean paleoproductivity, diversity and benthic foraminiferal test size caused by the Neogene closing of the tropical Atlantic-Pacific ocean gateway

Jairam, Seree (2006) Development of an odor management plan for industrial stationary sources in an urban environment: A case study for Broward County, Florida

Jasani, Hetalkumar (2006) Directionality based preventive link maintenance scheme for mobile ad hoc networks

Kissane, Jessica Verdiales (2006) Patterns of acculturative stress: Continuity, discontinuity, and adjustment among Latino youth

Laha, Tapas (2006) Carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum based nanocomposite fabricated by thermal spray forming

Li, Chao (2006) An integrative approach to face and expression recognition from three-dimensional scans

Li, Liping (2006) Capacity planning methodology for concurrent engineer -to -order operations

Liu, Chunming (2006) System design and resource management in the next-generation integrated WLAN and third-generation cellular networks

Liu, Xuemei (2006) An investigation of location effect on trip production using artificial neural networks

Lopez, Sharon Margaret (2006) Effect of the Florida A+ Plan on curriculum and instruction in Title I public elementary schools

Lussier, Lorenz Sam (2006) An analysis of completeness and historical accuracy in the most commonly used college jazz history texts

Markham, Rebecca Gallogly (2006) Prenatal augmented auditory stimulation and visual system development: Effects of timing on intersensory organization

Martin-Carreras, Verena (2006) A comparative study of block scheduling and traditional scheduling on academic achievement

Miranda, Noevia (2006) Representación de la mujer transgresora en la novelística de la Cuba republicana

Mohammed, Shazad Mustapha (2006) An examination of the within -product category versus across -product category effects of partially comparative pricing

Moreno, Elena (2006) El discurso del poder y la lucha de contrarios en la narrativa de la esclavitud en Cuba y Estados Unidos

Moreno, Ryan M (2006) A study of branching fluid networks for enhancing the performance of thermal -fluid devices

Nguyen, Duong (2006) Liquidity and asset pricing: A comparison between three-factor and three-moment capital asset pricing models

Nunez, Alba Nydia (2006) A methodology to measure coordination of business processes

Orihuela, Yuria R (2006) Algebra I and other predictors of high school dropout

Ozturk, Zuhal (2006) Trichloroethylene fate and transport studies and biodegradation kinetics in the saturated zone

Perera, Erasmo Miguel (2006) The isolation and characterization of tescalcin, a novel gene differentially expressed in the mouse testis during the early stages of gonadal differentiation

Perez, Roberto (2006) Identification and localization of polyketide synthase genes from cultures of diarrheic shellfish poisoning toxin producing dinoflagellates of the genus Prorocentrum

Qian, Dayou (2006) Resource allocation in multi-user telecommunication networks

Rennalls, Patricia Altigracia (2006) Black middle school students' perceptions of success and their influence on academic performance

Rodriguez, Diana Losada (2006) Teacher perception of self -determination skills in the inclusive and special education classroom

Rowold, Diane J (2006) Molecular markers and human history: A tale of two haplogroup systems

Sanchez, Danmary (2006) Three-dimensional brain fiber tracking modeling in diffusion tensor imaging

Sanchez-Garcia, Carlos (2006) Hacia una poética del Neobarroco: La visión de la historia en José Lezama Lima, Reinaldo Arenas y Severo Sarduy

Sapmaz, Hayri Serhat (2006) Soot measurements in steady and pulsed ethylene/air diffusion flames using Laser-Induced Incandescence

Schemenauer, Ellie Christine (2006) Gender, identity, and the security state: The politics of international drug trafficking

Shan, Jingtao (2006) Spatial-temporal mining of archived automatic vehicle location (AVL) data for transit service planning applications

Shi, Tianjun (2006) A framework for specification and analysis of software architectures

Shneyderman, Aleksandr (2006) Factors associated with prompt difficulty in automated essay scoring

Singh, Simrat Pal (2006) Assessing the sources, quantities, and trends on human waste contamination along protected south Florida ecosystem: A chemical tracer based study

Song, Weihua (2006) Mechanistic studies on the advanced oxidation and photochemical transformation of cyanotoxins (microcystins)

Tsuji, Teruyuki (2006) Hyphenated cultures: Ethnicity and nation in Trinidad

Ventura-Marra, Melissa (2006) Application and evaluation of an Institute of Medicine approach to dietary assessment and planning in long -term care

Vera Cruz, Emmanuel Manalad (2006) Insulin-like growth factor-I gene expression as a growth indicator in Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus L.

Voss, Joshua Daniel (2006) Coral disease dynamics and environmental drivers in the northern Florida Keys and Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas

Wagstaffe, Dean Anthony (2006) The cultural politics of Jamaican dancehall music in South Florida

Wang, Ren-Shing (2006) The effects of jigsaw cooperative learning on motivation to learn English at Chung -Hwa Institute of Technology, Taiwan

Wishart, Nicole (2006) Comparing novice designer performance using a rule -based approach versus a pattern -based approach in conceptual data modeling tasks

Wollard, Karen Kelly (2006) Best practices in exemplary service delivery: A multiple case study of service quality

Wozniak, Jeffrey Robert (2006) Quantifying nitrogen cycling rates in freshwater marshes of the southern Everglades using nitrogen-15 tracer techniques

Wu, Shiow-Hwa (2006) Assessing the effects of professionals' career decision -making on their participation reasons in continuing education in Taiwan

Yang, Chengyong (2006) Knowledge discovery using multiple sources of biological data

You, Leyuan (2006) Estimation of global beta and tests of capital asset pricing models

Zhai, Jing (2006) Signal processing of physiological signals for automated assessment of stress in computer users

Zhan, Chengjun (2006) Development of prediction models for freeway incident durations using data mining techniques

Zheng, Gaolin (2006) Statistical analysis and meta-analysis of microarray data

Zhou, Guangwei (2006) Optimization of adaptive traffic signal control with transit signal priority at isolated intersections using parallel genetic algorithms

Zong, Nuannuan (2006) Multidimensional classification and diagnosis of leukemia in flow cytometry

Zoumenou, Virginie Marie (2006) Self -management factors, influences, and conditions for type 2 diabetes among Black ethnic groups in Miami, Florida and Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

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Dissertations & Theses from 2005

Al-Khalili, Majid (2005) Oman's foreign policy: Foundations and practice

Alvarez, Jose O (2005) Poetica de la brevedad en Borges

Azhar, Salman (2005) Information Systems to Support Decision-making in Construction Owner Organizations: A Data Warehousing Approach

Bailey, Veda (2005) The effectiveness of an enhanced cognitive behavioral intervention in improving behavioral outcomes related to HIV prevention

Ballester, Maria (2005) Relative basicities of free base porphyrins; understanding the role of macrocyclic distortion

Bethel Jackson, Mona Elizabeth (2005) Gender differences in principal motivations

Bhattacharya, Prasad Sankar (2005) Essays on international macroeconomics and conflict analysis

Bogozi, Albert (2005) Elastic modulus study of gold thin film for use as an actuated membrane in a superconductive radio frequency (RF) microelectromechanical (MEM) switch

Broschard, Dawn Marie (2005) Quality of student involvement and college contribution toward development of traditional and nontraditional undergraduate students

Burrow, Anthony L (2005) On the developmental continuity /discontinuity of early adolescent patterns of racial identity salience: Relations with later identities and psychosocial adjustment

Butchey, Deanne (2005) Research on the influence of behavioral forces that motivate trader behavior and sentiment: A prospect theory exegesis

Camps, Lisette Teresa (2005) Effectiveness of the Teaching Enrichment Activities to Minorities (TEAM) program at increasing underrepresented students in gifted programs

Chapagain, Prem P (2005) The thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of protein folding

Chebbi, Tarek (2005) Technology professional development for principals: Impact on the integration of technology in elementary schools

Clemmons, Susan Yvonne (2005) The impact of information technology on organizations: A study of enterprise resource planning system influences on job design and organizational culture

Coman, Marius (2005) Cross sections and Rosenbluth separations from kaon electroproduction on protons up to Q(2) = 2.35(GeV/c)(2)

Costa, Luis Miguel (2005) Patronage and bribery in sixteenth-century Peru: The government of Viceroy Conde del Villar and the visita of Licentiate Alonso Fernández de Bonilla

Curran, Allison Marsh (2005) The analytical determination of the uniqueness and persistence of the volatile components of human scent using optimized collection methods

Deng, Zhenyue (2005) Practical secure information flow in programming languages

Derby, Cecilia Nana (2005) Autonomy and authority in the lives of children who work as domestic servants in Ghana

Dickinson, Jason James (2005) Eyewitness decision -making with showups: Probative or perilous?

Dittmar, Kristine L (2005) Factors affecting the alignment of *grades and reading scores for third-grade students on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test

Duraiswamy, Nandini (2005) Effect of blood flow patterns on localized platelet adhesion under physiologic flow conditions using two-dimensional and three-dimensional stent models: An experimental and computational approach

Espino, Elio R (2005) Investigation of the causes of serious injury and fatal crashes: An analysis using econometric models

Faxas, Miguel A (2005) Experiments in the dissociative recombination of xenon and krypton

Fink, Susan Oltman (2005) Politics and prayer in West Perrine, Florida: Civic social capital and the black church

Fitzpatrick, Patricia A (2005) Inmanencia mística en la obra de Federico García Lorca

Gann, Tiffany Troxler (2005) Ecosystem responses to hydrologic change and mechanisms of nitrogen sequestration in seasonally flooded tree islands of the southern Everglades

Gao, Shu (2005) An aspect-oriented approach to designing role-based access control services

Ghosh, Tirthankar (2005) Secure routing and trust computation in multihop infrastructureless networks

Giannandrea, Beatrice (2005) Ecfrasis: Escritura y pintura en el costumbrismo Argentino

Goldson, Anthony C (2005) Patriarchal ideology and frequency of partner abuse among men in batterer treatment groups

Harper, Ross James (2005) Improving the scientific reliability of biological detection of explosives by Canis familiaris: Active odour signatures and their implications

Haw, Ryann Michelle (2005) A theoretical analysis of eyewitness identification: Dual -process theory, signal detection theory and eyewitness confidence

Hilton, Ana Maria Villarreal (2005) Subject -centered and problem -based approaches to teaching clinical competence in physical therapy

Hsu, Lo Rosa (2005) Capacity-based cost modeling for light rail and bus rapid transit systems

Iragorry, Jose (2005) Continuous property measurement techniques and physics based mathematical model for frost growth control

Ittah, Avner (2005) Endothelin receptor B and neural crest derived melanocyte development

Iyer, Mansie G (2005) Dark matter in dwarf irregular galaxies, DDO 210 and DDO 169

Jamison, Giselle De Bruno (2005) The multiple dimensions of political trust in democratic Argentina

Kharma, Qasem (2005) Enhanced skip -list search algorithm in 3-layer mediator framework

Kong, Kok-Fai (2005) Characterization of the amp genes involved in the regulation of β-lactamase expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Landa-Gonzalez, Belkis (2005) The conflict resolution behaviors of occupational therapy students as a function of the personality types, demographic characteristics and contextual factors

Leckband, Mary Monrose (2005) Development of a personality profile of a firefighter

Leiva, Alvaro (2005) La ciudad, el poeta y su familia melancólica (Poesía Chilena de los últimos 50 años)

Leon, Gisela Gloria (2005) Revaloración de la comedia de Pedro Muñoz Seca: Un teatro menospreciado

Levett, Lora Mary (2005) Evaluating and improving the opposing expert safeguard against junk science

Lopez, Maria Georgina (2005) Differential outcomes of two -way and transitional programs on English language learners at different entry levels

Lu, Chenxi (2005) The correlation of structure and electronic properties near the surface of transition metal oxides

Lule, Edward K (2005) Characterization of ultra wideband antennas for personal communication devices using finite difference time domain technique

Magnus, Jessica Mesmer (2005) The impact of pre -training interventions on cognitive, skill, and affective learning outcomes: A meta -analytic examination of four decades of research

Martin, Rose Lawson (2005) Effects of cooperative and individual integrated learning system on attitudes and achievement in mathematics

McEachin, Susan Trauschke (2005) The effects of school mobility in pre -assessment grade levels on student performance and school accountability in urban Title I schools

McGraw, Michael B (2005) Differences in learning style preference among students of diverse ethnicities, gender, academic placement level, and academic achievement

Mitchell, Tara Leigh (2005) The influence of the cross -race effect on lineup construction and fairness

Mo, Lian (2005) Refinement methods for software architecture design using the software architecture model

Morgan, Valerie Ann (2005) Outdoor experiential team -building and the college adjustment and persistence of freshmen in learning communities

Munoz, Betilde V (2005) The unintended [or intended?] political consequences of electoral systems: The case of Bolivia

Narchet, Fadia Monique (2005) Modeling the role of investigator bias, interrogation techniques, and suspect decision -making on the likelihood of confession

Newell, Augusto L. (2005) The drivers of perception: Identifying the driving factors of resident perceptions of municipal service quality in cities of South Florida

Olicker, Charlene Lynn (2005) A comparison of content-based and context-based teaching on ninth-grade mathematics achievement

Peart, Justin (2005) Effects of computer self efficacy and positive mood in business -to -business service encounters

Pelletier, Raquel (2005) The predictive power of homework assignments on student achievement in grade three

Perr, Jeannette (2005) Improved sampling and detection of ignitable liquid residues and explosives by mass spectrometry and ion mobility spectrometry

Pina, Armando Andres (2005) Child parent dyadic treatment for anxiety disorders in youths

Pulen, Cherie (2005) Caring and being cared -for: Perceptions of adolescent males at -risk for school failure

Rodriguez-Esquivel, Marina (2005) An investigation of mathematics and science instruction in English and Spanish for English language learners

Roncal Calderon, Julissa (2005) Molecular phylogenetics of the palm tribe Geonomeae, and differentiation of Geonoma macrostachys western Amazonian varieties

Rosenfeld, Leslie D (2005) Truancy reduction: Extension of a county program

Rugh, Douglas (2005) A study of moderating influences of adolescent alcohol drinking conditioned by perception of peer alcohol drinking

Saavedra, Lissette Maria (2005) Anxious children who received treatment grow -up: An 8-to-13 year follow-up study

Sadeghinia, Michael (2005) An analytical investigation into shear wall and slab interconnections between reinforced concrete modules for high -rise buildings utilising modular construction under extreme seismic and wind loading

Saenz, Oscar Alejandro (2005) Framework for enterprise systems engineering

Sanchez, Mario R (2005) Data structures for highly efficient querying of spatial data

Selivonenko, Andriy (2005) Data partitioning and replication management in distributed geographic information system (GIS) database

Shadeed-Samai, Paulette M (2005) A case study: Perceptions of the induction process of intern principals in Broward County Public Schools

Snyder, Richard Vincent (2005) A molecular basis for polyketide biosynthesis in marine dinoflagellates with emphasis on Karenia brevis

Solli, George Andrew (2005) Predicting success or failure of tax -base revenue sharing attempts: A comparative analysis

Thompson-Hawkins, Barbara (2005) A case study of the assignment of withdrawal codes for reporting dropout in two disciplinary alternative schools

Threadgill-Goldson, Norma E (2005) Alternative service organizations: Funding environment, strategies, and patterns of adaptation

Van Rooy, David L (2005) The employee satisfaction -performance link: A unit -level analysis

Vargas, Jorge Manuel (2005) Design and fabrication of two switched superconductivity microstrip hairpin filters using series micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) switches

Vermillion, Leslie Jackson (2005) An investigation into advertising's ability to foster favorable evaluations of brand extensions

Voltaire, Michael (2005) Parental involvement: Its relation to achievement in a multiethnic sample of newly immigrated students

Wang, Shijun (2005) The non-linear acousto-mechanical and thermodynamic response of spherical absorbers to laser pulses of various temporal profiles

Wang, Zhizhong (2005) Stereoselective synthesis of vinyl germanes and silanes. Applications of tris(trimethyl)germanes and silanes in palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions

Watling, James Ian (2005) Distribution and ecology of amphibians and reptiles in a fragmented landscape, northeastern Bolivia

Whelan, Kevin Richard Terrence (2005) The successional dynamics of lightning-initiated canopy gaps in the mangrove forests of Shark River, Everglades National Park, USA

Xu, Yunping (2005) Origin, transport and fate of organic matter in Florida Bay: A biomarker record of historical environmental changes

Yang, Li (2005) Security specification and enforcement in mediation system

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Dissertations & Theses from 2004

Abdullahi, Abubakar Sadiq (2004) Teachers' knowledge, awareness, and pedagogy of global education in secondary schools

Abou-Assali, Mona (2004) The effect of a reform on a school organizational culture after receiving a failing Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test rating

Allen, Andrea (2004) The therapeutic effects of Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory -III assessment feedback

Almeida, Mary Jo (2004) The impact of looping of fourth grade students on their reading achievement

Alvarez, Cecilia Maria (2004) The acculturation of middle income Hispanic households

Arghyrou, Arghyris (2004) Norms and Greek foreign policy: 1981–2000

Atteloney, Lynette (2004) Risk and resilience factors associated with delinquent behavior among African -American adolescent males

Becker-Busha, Jacqueline (2004) Student perceptions of the school physical fitness testing program: The Fitnessgram

Bloch, Elise M (2004) Occupational therapists' attitudes toward family -centered care

Borrone, James William (2004) The isolation, characterization, and application of WRKY genes as useful molecular markers in tropical trees

Brocato, Jolae (2004) Predictors of client retention in alternative -to -prison substance abuse programs

Buslinger-Clifford, Sue L (2004) Retention and special education referral practices before and after the implementation of high -stakes testing

Cabana, Barbara (2004) El discurso vindicatorio de Juan Goytisolo y Zoé Valdés: Deconstrucción y recodificación del lenguaje hegemónico

Cardel, Yuria (2004) Linking herbivory and pollination: Costs and selection implications in Centrosema virginianum Bentham (Fabaceae: Papilionoideae)

Cedillo, Maribel (2004) Rainbow Diet: A new nutrition education tool

Chae, Chan-Ho (2004) Reading comprehension and mathematical concept acquisition through the use of math stories with bilingual children

Copper, Mark L (2004) Principal component and second generation wavelet analysis of Treasury yield curve evolution

Cortes-Suarez, Georgina (2004) Causal attributions for success or failure by passing and failing students in College Algebra

Culpepper, Alice S (2004) Women graduates' academic resilience and their personal strategies for doctoral success

Daquin, Gertrude Nick Joseph (2004) The effects of health education on student health -related behaviors

Davis, Errol Earl (2004) Comparison of coronary heart disease risk factors in foreign -born and United States-born Afro Caribbean Americans and African Americans in south Florida

DeZulueta, Monica (2004) A novel neural network based system for assessing risks associated with information technology security breaches

Ding, Junhua (2004) A methodology for formally modeling and analyzing software architecture of mobile agent systems

Espinosa Dominguez, Carlos B (2004) Entre la provincia y el mundo. Modernidad e innovación en la narrativa de Lino Novás Calvo

Fernandez, Annette Yvonne (2004) A qualitative study of selected fourth -grade teachers' perceptions of the Sunshine State Standards

Fritschi, Lois P (2004) A quantitative application of symbolic interactionism to advance directive completion by older adults

Giordano, Victoria Ann (2004) The effects of a professional development course on the teaching practices of P–12 classroom teachers

Gonzalez, Javier S (2004) Effects of roadway geometric features on run-off road crashes on the Florida State Highway System

Graham, Scott C (2004) Semantic distributed database management with applications to the Internet dissemination of environmental data

Greenwood, Grace Victoria (2004) A study of dual cultures in dyadic relations

Haas, Craig David (2004) Individual differences influencing context effects in responding to items assessing conscientiousness in a personality test

Hayden, Mary Helen (2004) Implementation of service -learning in higher education courses: Perceptions of faculty

Hodgetts, Jennifer A (2004) The influence of fathers and other significant male figures on girls' well -being and achievement in early adolescence

Holtslag, Arend Andre (2004) Against small arms: An analysis of an international network

Humphrey, Sharon R (2004) The performance of high -ability Black upper elementary grade students in an International Baccalaureate program

Keshav, Shantanu (2004) An investigation into the Hawaiian mantle from a xenolithic perspective

Kreutzer, Renee C (2004) Teachers' perceptions of the usefulness of Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Lay, Alexis (2004) Boundary maintenance in Qatar: Interpretation of domination, segregation and subordination

Ley, James J (2004) Therapeutic azulenyl nitrone antioxidants

Lopez, Barbara (2004) Anxiety disorders and depression and risk for drug use disorders across the life course: Sex and ethnic contrasts

Luca, Francis Xavier (2004) Re -“interpreting” the conquest: European and Amerindian translators and go -betweens in the colonization of the Americas, 1492–1675

Malocsay, Kandell W (2004) The effects of cultural distance on student socialization and departure decisions

McDermott, Maureen Ann (2004) The Validation of an Instrument for the Assessment of Study Behaviors of High School Students

McGuirk, David G (2004) An ethnolinguistic analysis of Hispanics in Miami -Dade County

Messulam, Maria (2004) La novela del burdel: Hacia una poética del espacio prostibulario en la narrativa hispanoamericana

Mikolashek, David L (2004) A meta -analysis of empirical research studies on resilience among students at -risk for school failure

Moreno-Hurtado, Flavio H (2004) Soil carbon dynamics in primary and secondary tropical forests in Colombia

Nasseripour, Rakhsha (2004) Measurement of single spin asymmetry and fifth structure function for the proton(electron vec, electron Kaon+)Lambda reaction with CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS)

Nath, Subrata Deb (2004) Risk factors of coronary heart disease and correlates of type 2 diabetes among Cuban Americans

Nedd, Nicole (2004) Employee perceptions of workplace empowerment in relation to self -reported intent to stay on the job

Orjuela, Luis Javier (2004) Colombian society in the 1990s: Fragmentation, legitimacy, and efficiency

Paneque, Oneyda Maria (2004) Teacher efficacy of special education teachers of English language learners with disabilities

Park, Nokil (2004) Estimation of average annual daily traffic (AADT) using geographically weighted regression (GWR) method and geographic information system (GIS)

Patterson, Terri D (2004) Consistency and accuracy in memory: Effects of schema-typicality, retention interval and question-format

Quinton, Rena K (2004) Eastern Orthodox Christian fasting in northeastern Pennsylvania

Ravinet, Alfredo J (2004) Reliability analysis of encapsulation methods for lead -based paint through an accelerated life testing

Rose, Craig David (2004) The role of disturbance and resource availability in structuring plant communities

Russano, Melissa Beth (2004) True and false confessions to an intentional act: A novel experimental paradigm

Safille, Barbara (2004) Crueldad, simulación, absurdo y amenaza: Barbarie del drama moderno y tradición hermética en los esperpentos de Ramón del Valle-Inclán

Scharf, Lesley Anne (2004) Teachers' perceptions of the national board certification process: Developing a sense of professionalism

Sherouse, Scott C (2004) Authority and stratification in the Bahamas: The quest for legitimacy

Sierra-Montes, Julie M (2004) Isolation and characterization of the U1 and U2 snRNAs in the silk gland of the fifth instar larval stage silk moth Bombyx mori

Smith, Shawn Elizabeth (2004) Defining the role of floating periphyton mats in shaping food-web dynamics in the Florida Everglades

Springer, Johanna A (2004) Community college adjunct policies and practices: Incumbents' perspectives and congruence with learning organization tenets

Sundaram, Ramakrishnan (2004) An order batching and processing heuristic to address aisle congestion in a manual order picking warehouse with order due dates

Sung, Yung-Kun (2004) A determination of the effects of a ropes course on the self -esteem of undergraduate and graduate students

Sun, Yanli (2004) 3D TerraFly: Quality of service management for online interactive three-dimensional geographic information system

Sutton, Douglas Hoyt (2004) The theory of margin as a predictor of success on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses

Swenson, Sara K (2004) Participation in a positive youth development program and multi -problem alternative high school students' transformative goals: An investigation of the theoretical and methodological utility and validity of the Transformative Goal Attainment (TGAS)

Trusty, Jennifer L (2004) Plant biogeography and conservation on a tropical island: Isla del Coco, Costa Rica

Tsalikis, Maria Victoria (2004) Use of conjoint analysis to examine beliefs related to the practice of early literacy instruction

Twigg, David K (2004) The winds of change? Exploring political effects of Hurricane Andrew

Ugarte, Cristina A (2004) Human impacts on pig frog (Rana grylio) populations in south Florida wetlands: Harvest, water management and mercury contamination

Vasconcellos, Colleen A (2004) “And a child shall lead them?”: Slavery, childhood, and African cultural identity in Jamaica, 1750–1838

Vasilevsky, Dmitry (2004) Design principles of semantic binary database management systems

Verdi, Michele (2004) The impact of the juvenile intervention facility on the adjudication of delinquent youth in Broward County

Watkins, Nancy A (2004) The relationship of student and teacher variables on academic achievement in Florida schools

Welch, Martha L (2004) An analysis of teachers' perceptions of informal science professional development

Willoughby, Lois Jane (2004) The effect of an enriched learning community on success and retention in chemistry courses

Ye, Xiangyu (2004) An indexing structure and application model for vehicles moving on road networks

Zanotti, Laura (2004) Disciplining democracy: United Nations peacekeeping, international security and democratization in the post -Cold War era

Zaworski, Martin J (2004) Assessing an automated, information -sharing technology in the post “9 -11” era: Do local law enforcement officers think it meets their needs?

Zhang, Chengcui (2004) A multimedia indexing and retrieval framework for multimedia database systems

Zhang, Weihua (2004) Mechanistic study of arsenic uptake, transformation and tolerance in arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata

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Dissertations & Theses from 2003

Alameda, Tania (2003) Empowerment, social support, and self -esteem of parents involved in an elementary school program

Alonso, Alexander (2003) The attribution of motives to organizational citizenship behaviors: The influence of personality, gender and ethnicity

Behrman, Robin L (2003) Making the grade: The perceived impact of Florida's A+ Plan on the learning environment of one elementary school

Bencomo, Gisela (2003) Relectura del discurso narrativo de las primeras tres décadas de la República Cubana en el contexto de los rasgos de la picaresca

Beverly, Joy H (2003) Effects of academic integration on the persistence and achievement of under-prepared college students

Boursiquot, Janice (2003) School desegregation in Broward County, Florida, 1970–1998: A historical study of power

Bowen, Glenn A (2003) Social funds as a strategy for poverty reduction in Jamaica: An exploratory study

Cai, Weiting (2003) High performance shift invariant motion estimation and compensation in wavelet domain video compression

Chester, Deirdra Nicole (2003) The relationship of spirituality and the health promoting behaviors of diet and exercise of African -American women

Chung, Soon (2003) Temporal analysis of land use and transportation investments with geographic information system

Clark, Pamela Michelle (2003) The body matters: Understanding social differences in mental health

Cornely, Helen Z (2003) Health changes in Hispanic older adults in a Spanish arthritis self -management education program

Cruz, Elena Maytee (2003) Social movements theory: A Burkean approach to the rhetoric of abolition

de Armas, Emilio J (2003) La modernidad de los “Versos libres” de José Martí

Derby, Cecilia Nana (2003) A conceptual framework for understanding contemporary child slavery

Dray, F. Allen (2003) Ecological genetics of Melaleuca quinquenervia (Myrtaceae): Population variation in Florida and its influence on performance of the biological control agent Oxyops vitiosa (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Elizuk, William J. M (2003) The effect of basketball sport aerobics on basketball skill development for fifth-grade students

Escaleras, Monica Paulina (2003) Essays on the determinants of private investment: The effects of relative price uncertainty and political instability

Fernandez, Paula Beatriz (2003) Academic orientations of African -American adolescents in Miami-Dade County

Foreman, Sean Daniel (2003) The politics of professional sports facility subsidies in Florida

Georgiades, Savvas Daniel (2003) A follow-up outcome evaluation of independent living services for foster care youth

Goodman, Rosi Elizabeth (2003) Blurring the lines between public and private spaces in residential design

Gottlieb, Andrew David (2003) Short and long hydroperiod Everglades periphyton mats: Community characterization and experimental hydroperiod manipulation

Guo, Zhen (2003) Capillary siphons and their application in the fuel delivery system of direct methanol fuel cells

Gupta, Navarun (2003) Structure-based modeling of head -related transfer functions towards interactive customization of binaural sound systems

Henriquez, Marlyn Fay (2003) The dynamics of movement: Toward a definition of a Latin American identity in contemporary fiction

Henseler, Christel (2003) Quality of life and application of the transtheoretical model to diabetes self -management behaviors in older adults with type 2 diabetes

Hingson, Jesse (2003) Savages into citizens: Families, political purge, and reconciliation in Córdoba, Argentina, 1820–1862

Horton, E. Gail (2003) Longitudinal effects of family factors on alcohol use and alcohol-related problems among males from pre-adolescence to adulthood

Hsu, Jiun-Jia (2003) Development of a medium-capacity guideway transit planning guide

JacAngelo, Nick Paul (2003) The relation of sports participation to academic performance of high school students

Jerome, Annamaria (2003) The effect of active student responding in computer -assisted instruction on social -studies learning by students with learning disabilities

Johnson, Dorothy Priscilla (2003) Constructing literacy: Disadvantaged Irish mothers' attempts at developing literacy with their preschool children during storybook reading and jigsaw puzzle building

Jo, Sijong (2003) Development of operational performance models for truck-lane restrictions on freeway corridors

Jung, Tzai-Shian (2003) Incorporating variable peak -to -daily ratios in the equilibrium traffic assignment procedure of the Florida Standard Urban Transportation Modeling Structure (FSUTMS)

Kalantar, Arif (2003) Mitochondrial DNA, segments I and II, its applications in population genetics and forensic sciences

Kim, Duk Kyung (2003) Mechanistic studies on the degradation of gasoline oxygenates by advanced oxidation technologies and the reaction of 4-methyl-1,2,4-triazoline-3,5-dione with tetracyclopropylethylene

Knierim, Jennifer Dawn (2003) Selected psychosocial and demographic factors affecting levels of pre-retirement planning

Kortsch, Gabrielle Annemarie (2003) The possible selves method in evaluating youth development interventions: The use of Integrated Qualitative /Quantitative Data Analytic Strategies (IQ -DAS)

Laraway, Kelly Haynes (2003) A comparison of the teacher efficacy and performance of traditionally and alternatively certified first -year teachers

Leung, Justin Tak-Lee (2003) Characterization of design and economic sensitivity of vapor phase carbon adsorption systems to environmental uncertainties

Levenson, Jill S (2003) Factors predicting recommendations for civil commitment of sexually violent predators under Florida's Jimmy Ryce Act

Levy, Yair (2003) A study of learners' perceived value and satisfaction for implied effectiveness of online learning systems

Lewis-Arango, Lisa (2003) The utility of an Integrated Qualitative /Quantitative Data Analytic Strategy (IQ -DAS) to evaluate the impact of youth development interventions to positive qualitative change in the life course

Liu, Hong (2003) Population viability analyses of Chamaecrista keyensis (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae), a narrowly endemic herb of the lower Florida Keys: Effects of seasonal timing of fires and the urban -wildland interface

Loring, Dean Henry (2003) Effects of worked examples and algebra problem -solving skill on error and cognitive load

Maring, Joyce R (2003) Predictors of developmental gains in children enrolled in an early intervention setting

McFadden, Julia Dean (2003) Schumann's Opus 39 “Liederkreis”: The story of an engagement

Mead, Ralph N (2003) Organic matter dynamics in the Florida coastal Everglades: A molecular marker and isotopic approach

Monteiro, Janaina Serruya (2003) Urban intervention in Vila da Barca, Belém, Brazil: Achieving an adequate shelter

Montoya, Rolando (2003) Community college faculty commitment to Florida performance -based funding indicators for academic programs

Murdock, Beatriz Huaroto (2003) Personal autonomy in discharge planning decision -making in mentally alert hospitalized elderly individuals: The social workers' perspective

Palacio Castaneda, German A (2003) Civilizing the tropics: The highlanders' failed attempt to transform the Colombian Amazon, 1850–1930

Panzer, Frederick Jorge (2003) The influence of gender and ethnic diversity on team effectiveness

Quintiliani, Lori Anne (2003) Art teachers' attitudes toward the Florida Sunshine State Standards for the Visual Arts

Rasoletti, Judith (2003) Square and compass: Freemasonry's tools for constructing a global civil society

Riley, John Steven (2003) Statistical analysis and optimal classification of blood cell populations using Gaussian distributions

Romaguera, Denise Marie (2003) Risk factors that predict maladaptive outcomes among sexually abused girls presenting for services at a community agency

Sarka, Donald George (2003) Evaluating “xeriscape” the alternative to water conservation in Florida

Scruggs-Williams, Sharon Denise (2003) Cultural influence and learning to teach: Beginning teachers' perceptions of teacher preparation programs and school support systems

Shah, Zara Charmaine (2003) Psychosocial barriers to self -care among Hispanic women with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Shpurik, Maria Krioukova (2003) Perceptions of alibi evidence as a function of the strength of incriminating *evidence

Sinha, Nila (2003) Self-other rating discrepancy and personality antecedents

Smith, Eileen M (2003) Black churchgoers, environmental activism, and the preservation of nature in Miami, Florida

Stevenson, Jason P (2003) The knowledge and promotion of exercise to older adults with type 2 diabetes by dietitian diabetes educators

Suthanaruk, Pornsri (2003) Development of a mathematical and computer model to assess water quality impacts of hazardous compounds from minor gasoline spills in the inter-tidal zone of the Miami River, Florida

Sztam, Saul Roger (2003) Selecting a college or university: A study of students and their parents

Toral, Pablo (2003) The advantage of Spanish multinational enterprises in Latin America

Trigoboff, Debra R (2003) Characteristics of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs or National Athletic Trainers' Association -accredited athletic training programs associated with first -attempt passing rates on the NATABOC examination

Tsai, Shih-Ching (2003) Taiwanese faculty and administrators' perceptions and preferences toward shared governance

Ussawarujikulchai, Achara (2003) Sorption characteristics of a nonionic surfactant during remediation of contaminated soil with different organic content

Vidal, Patricio Javier (2003) A mathematical resolution to log transformations and the binning effect in applied processing of data in flow cytometry

Vilahomat, Jose R (2003) Ficción de racionalidad: La memoria como operador mítico en las estéticas polares de Jorge Luis Borges y José Lezama Lima

Waid, Lisa D (2003) Mentoring and minority student development

Wang, Li (2003) On the fundamentals of research and development (R&D) spillovers in competitive markets

Williamson, Donna Elizabeth (2003) Readiness for school: A study of parent, teacher, and preschool provider perspectives

Wu, Chin-Lien (2003) Marketing practices and their effectiveness in Taiwan's colleges of technology

Yang, Li (2003) XML storage and retrieval using the semantic binary object -oriented database system (SEM-ODB)

Yuan, Young (2003) Perceptions regarding intercollegiate alliance among administrators of Taiwanese technological higher education institutions

Zendegui, Ileana C (2003) Entre el terror y la irrealidad: La narrativa poetica postmoderna de Reinaldo Arenas

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Dissertations & Theses from 2002

Allen, William Ezra (2002) Sugar and coffee: A history of settler agriculture in nineteenth-century Liberia

Barrett, Janis Marie (2002) Parent involvement on school advisory councils: A process evaluation at the middle school level

Barrios, Andres Javier (2002) Nonlinear quantum transport in low-dimensional electronic devices

Bashford, Joanne (2002) The impact of the Florida state -mandated Basic Skills Exit Tests at Miami -Dade Community College

Bell, Susan Melissa (2002) The effects of government disability benefits, accessibility laws and rehabilitation on employment choices by individuals with spinal cord injuries

Bonawitz, Mary Feeney (2002) Analysis and comparison of the moral development of students required to graduate with an ethics course

Bustos, Gaston Luis (2002) Social support, risk, and adjustment of immigrant preadolescents

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DeChurch, Leslie A (2002) Teams leading teams: Examining the role of leadership in multi-team systems

Dishaw, Larry Joe (2002) Immunophylogenetic aspects of a gorgonian coral

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Holley, Beverly Jean (2002) A qualitative study of an interagency relationship: Education interventions for foster children

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Konczal, Lisa Noel (2002) The academic orientation of first and second generation Nicaraguan immigrant adolescents

Kraus, Eyran (2002) Personality and job performance: The mediating roles of leader -member exchange quality and action control

Lin, Kuo-Tai (2002) Perceptions of students, teachers, and parents of the student disciplinary code in Ying -Ko Vocational High School, Ying-Ko, Taiwan

Lopez, Lylliam (2002) Teacher talk: A community of colleagues that values practical teacher knowledge through sharing experiences

Matthews-Jones, Shalley Ann (2002) Process of privatization: Benefits of *reform in management of public housing

McBride, Jodi Ellen (2002) Finding fact by using fiction

McMillan, Susan Chrisman (2002) Profile of Florida: Services in transitional housing programs for homeless women with children

Melillo, Sandra M (2002) Heteronormativity and teaching: A phenomenological study of lesbian teachers

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Miller, Douglas L (2002) The teacher portfolio as a vehicle for reflective practice

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Nawaiseh, Moh'd Y (2002) Pavement performance prediction using adaptive logic networks

Nielsen, Sarah McManus (2002) The will to write: Students' and teachers' perceptions of writing

Parchment, Yvonne Diana (2002) Nursing curriculum: Changing students' knowledge and biases towards older adults

Porrata, Francisco Eduardo (2002) Relectura del discurso novomundista de Alejo Carpentier y Abel Posse en el contexto de la nueva novela histórica

Poviones-Bishop, Maria del Pilar (2002) The braids of the virgin: Taino roots of the early cult of La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre in Cuba

Rodriguez, Rosany Hernandez (2002) Semantic wrapping for heterogeneous database management

Saenz, Braulio Arturo (2002) The significance of chloroplast movement in leaves of tropical plants

Sah, Jay Prakash (2002) Vegetation dynamics and their implications for the management of wetlands in the lowlands of Nepal

Schneider, Bradley Mark (2002) Using the Big -Five personality factors in the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, California Psychological Inventory, and Inwald Personality Inventory to predict police performance

Spence-Diehl, Emily Elizabeth (2002) The early development and pilot -testing of a case management intervention with victims of stalking: An evaluation study

Strube, Jill (2002) Fiscal and organizational determinants of transportation outcomes: A quantitative and qualitative analysis of sustainability factors

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Trigoboff, Nathaniel (2002) A history of a policy-level curriculum change in California

Wasserman, Loraine Royce (2002) The effects of a family-based educational intervention on the prevention of lead poisoning in children

Wated, Guillermo Camilo (2002) The role of attitudes, subjective norms, attributions, and individualism-collectivism in managers' responses to bribery in organizations: The case of Ecuador

Winton, Stacy Jill (2002) A worksite nutrition education program increased firefighters' knowledge and resulted in healthier attitudes toward fad diets

Zhang, Hailing (2002) Lateral load distribution for curved steel I -girder bridges

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Dissertations & Theses from 2001

Acherman-Chor, Dora (2001) The maintenance of tracking: The role of organizational culture

Akens, Catherine A (2001) Students' recollections of participating in a first year residential learning community experience

Albertini, Velmarie Loren (2001) Influences on immigrant students' perceptions of the chances of making it in the United States

Baber, Matthew James (2001) Understanding anuran community dynamics in temporary wetlands: The interaction and importance of landscape and biotic processes

Branscum, Emily Elizabeth (2001) Understanding the cycle of violence: An examination of bully and victim social roles in early childhood

Carpenter, Tracey Renee (2001) The effects of defendant account on damage award decisions

Cirocco, Robert Emilio (2001) Cytokine analysis in Atlantic bottlenose dolphins: Molecular characterization of IL-4, IL-6, and IL-10

Collett, Marisa Evelyn (2001) The Differential Effects of American and British Trial Proceedings on Juror Decision-making

Connolly, James J (2001) Assessing the construct validity of a measure of learning agility

DiBello, Lilia C. Lopez (2001) Self -regulated learning: The role of a journal in the learning process for students and teachers

Drost, Ellen Antoinette (2001) Toward a unified theory of task -oriented and relationship -oriented leader behavior: A multi -country generalizability study

Ferreira-Alves, Elizabeth Ann (2001) Dean of the school board: An oral history of the distinguished career of G. Holmes Braddock

Fogg, Jeth Al (2001) Cruise ship port planning factors

Franco, Alexander (2001) The impact of the Miami Cuban exile's political culture on the 1996 fiscal crisis of the city of Miami

Frederick, Garnett Noel (2001) Comparison of two mentoring programs for at -risk Black adolescents: A traditional one -to -one mentoring program and a school -to -work transitional program

Gach, Lauren Sherrill (2001) A study of teachers' espoused instructional beliefs

Gesser, Veronica (2001) Waking the Sleeping Giant: Beliefs of Brazilian and American Teachers Concerning Liberation Curriculum

Gomez, Luis Marcelino (2001) Women defending themselves: Cuban Romantic feminine voices (poetry and short stories)

Grant, Linda Caldwell (2001) Factors positively influencing academically successful, highly motivated African -American high school students

Hasson, Deborah Judith (2001) Language maintenance and use in south Florida Hispanic university students: Do educational programs matter?

July, Raquel Andrea (2001) Thinking in three dimensions: Exploring students' geometric thinking and spatial ability with the Geometer's Sketchpad

Khabari, Ali (2001) Formation and investigation of nanostructured thin films

Koutoubi, Samer (2001) Coronary heart disease risk factors among tri-ethnic students at Florida International University

LaRocca, Yasmin (2001) Two -way direction of influence in mother-infant interaction as denoted by concurrent reciprocal learning processes

Lazghab, Tarek (2001) Modeling of shape memory alloys with plasticity

Lien, Hsu-Min (2001) Essays on financial crises

Lozada, Itzel (2001) Rebirth of a neighborhood: In streetscape design

Maitland, Terese Esmin (2001) The health and nutritional status of multiethnic perimenopausal women

Middleton, Sallie Rowe (2001) Cutting through paradise: A political history of the Cross -Florida Barge Canal

Morales, Maria Isabel (2001) The José Movement: A new phenomenon in Cuban spiritualism

Morgan, Jane Suzanne (2001) Un -equal opportunity: Sex and school among first and second generation Mexican immigrant adolescent girls

Nunoo, Charles Nii-Ahele (2001) Optimization of pavement maintenance and rehabilitation programming using shuffled complex evolution algorithm

O'Brien, Joseph John (2001) The effects of climate on the growth and physiology of tropical rainforest trees

Pacheco, Roberto (2001) Invisible but not forgotten: The Afro-Argentine and Afro-Uruguayan experience from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries

Pactwa, Therese Ellen (2001) Using extreme value theory to value stock market returns

Palenzuela, Silvia Maria (2001) Leadership power bases related to satisfaction, compliance, and program quality

Panneerselvam, Kuppusamy (2001) Sources of metals and sulfur in the mineral deposits of central Idaho, United States

Phillips, Mark Robert (2001) The National Institute of Justice guide for eyewitness identification evidence: Can it improve juror decision-making?

Piguet, Therese E (2001) Effects of phonetic/phonics instruction on reading pronunciation (French level I)

Plasencia, Manolo David (2001) Occurrence and environmental fate of Irgarol 1051, a new antifouling agent

Rekhi, Sandeep (2001) Study of the physical properties of metals and oxides at extreme pressure and temperature conditions

Rice, Claire Michele (2001) A case study of the Ellison model's use of mentoring as an approach toward inclusive community building

Royer, Jacqueline Malie (2001) Mentoring in an on -the -job training context

Sabogal, Elena (2001) Cultural perceptions of space and place in the South Florida *environment

Sabucedo, Alberto Jose (2001) Stabilization of troponin I for applications in clinical chemistry and forensic medicine. Cardiac troponin I: A time of death marker

Shepard, Joseph David (2001) Variables affecting government debt: A comparison of certificates of participation, tax -exempt revenue bonds and tax -exempt general obligation bonds

Silver, Heidi Jaye (2001) Stressors, mediators, and health care outcomes of home enteral nutrition in family caregivers and their older adult care recipients

Starr, Gregory (2001) A multi-scale assessment of physiological processes in arctic tundra plants under natural and simulated climate change scenarios

Stauffer, Eric (2001) Identification and characterization of interfering products in fire debris analysis

Stewart, Kristine Marie (2001) The commercial bark harvest of the African cherry (Prunus africana) on Mount Oku, Cameroon: Effects on traditional uses and population dynamics

Suarez, Alma Cirugeda (2001) Generational change among women in rural Valencia

Sun, Murong (2001) Geochemical variation among small eruptive centers in the central SVZ of the Andes: An evaluation of subduction, mantle and crustal influences

Taylor, Dean Louis (2001) Phenomenology, psychoanalysis, and subject identity: Locating Narcissus and Proteus in the text

Thomson, Hellen (2001) Sequence-related structural DNA anomalies affect restriction enzyme activity and DNA polymerase I binding

Ulubasoglu, Mehmet Ali (2001) Essays on the Political Economy of Trade Policy and Economic Development

Waid, Lisa Donette (2001) Cultural differences in possible selves during later life

Wallen, Victor Osmond (2001) Ethnic identity, self-esteem and academic factors in second -generation post-1970 Jamaican immigrants

Wang, Zhongwu (2001) The study of silicates and refractory materials at high pressures and temperatures

Xiao, Qiang (2001) Three essays on trade and investment

Young, Clifford Wayne (2001) Hispanic -serving land -grant colleges: Analysis and plan for an educational policy initiative

Zampino, Marc Anthony (2001) Embedded heat pipes in cofired ceramic substrates for enhanced thermal management of electronics

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Dissertations & Theses from 2000

Anderson, Marilyn Jane (2000) Elementary music and classroom teachers' time -use: A comparison by grade level, time of day, and day of the week

Athauda, Rukshan Indika (2000) Integration and querying of heterogeneous, autonomous, distributed database systems

Barnett, Michael Antonio (2000) Rastafarianism and the Nation of Islam as institutions for group-identity formation among blacks in the United States: A case study comparing their approaches

Barragan, Ricardo (2000) Ammonite biostratigraphy, lithofacies variations, and paleoceanographic implications for Barremian-Aptian sequences of northeastern Mexico

Berg, Richard Allan (2000) Effect of delay of first interview and repetition of interview on accuracy and confidence of recall of a flashbulb -type memory

Beryoza, Dmitriy A (2000) Dynamic data retrieval on the World Wide Web

Beznosov, Konstantin (2000) Engineering access control for distributed enterprise applications

Boudon, Laura Elizabeth (2000) World coffee markets and national coffee parastatals since 1989: A comparative study of Colombia and Côte d'Ivoire

Brennan, Kendra Horstmyer (2000) The acceptability and utility of voir dire questionnaires in Florida Circuit Civil Court

Bussell, Janene Renee (2000) Exploring the role of therapy process and outcome in interventions that target adolescent identity and intimacy

Butler, Brooke Michelle (2000) The role of death qualification in venirepersons' evaluations of aggravating and mitigating circumstances in capital trials

Callejo-Perez, David Marcos (2000) Schools and the formation of Black identity during the Civil Rights Movement: Change and resistance in Holly Springs, Mississippi, 1964–1974

Carmichael, Delight Hicks (2000) Parental behaviors in child anxiety: An observational study

Castillo Cocom, Juan Ariel (2000) Vulnerable identities: Maya Yucatec identities in a postmodern world

Castillo, Thomas Albert (2000) Big city days: Race and labor in early Miami, 1914–1925

Collier, Michael Wayne (2000) Political corruption in the Caribbean Basin: A comparative analysis of Jamaica and Costa Rica

Collins, Nancy (2000) Facing a paradigm shift in professional credentialing: Preparedness of registered dietitians for Professional Development 2001

Condon, Katherine Marie (2000) Health care utilization behavior of elders in a multicultural urban environment

Cortes, Blanca Raquel (2000) Horizontal genetic transfer in asexual fungi

Dailey, Susan Kay (2000) Phosphorus enrichment effects on interactions among the ecosystem components in a long-hydroperiod oligotrophic marsh in Everglades National Park

Dalrymple, Beverly F (2000) Working adult students' perspectives on persisting in college

Diaz, Yenny Farinas (2000) Predicting employee compliance with safety regulations, factoring risk perception

Dunajick, Walter L (2000) Variables affecting the success of older applicants for employment in a public organization: An age -cued cognitive model of administrative decision-making

Elbadrawi, Hesham Roshdy (2000) A computer simulation model for single -lane roundabouts

Garcia Espinoza, Maria Cecilia (2000) Evaluation of the cytotoxic and cytostatic activities of medicinal plants used by Peruvian healers against cancer-related symptoms

Gray, Artis McChesney (2000) The effects of cross -age peer tutoring on writing and reading comprehension skills and attitudes and self -perceptions as writers of third and fourth grade students

Gray, Noel Kingsley (2000) Non -traded goods, product differentiation and integration of factor markets

Guha, Hillol (2000) Influence of hydrobiogeochemistry on transport of chromium through manganese -containing sediments: Experimental and modeling approaches

Guillama, Marisa (2000) How source credibility and message claims interact in determining advertising effectiveness

Haley, Mary Ellen (2000) Employer participation in Florida school -to -work initiatives

Hebert, Kellye Suzanne (2000) Jurors' use of social framework evidence

Kenney, Linda Jackson (2000) The effect of cross -age tutoring routines on the tutor's perception of self as reader

Kirk, Gerald Richard (2000) The relationship of attitudes toward science, cognitive style, and self-concept to achievement in chemistry at the secondary school level

Kuta, Kevin G (2000) Black band disease of corals: Ecology and physiology of Phormidium corallyticum

Latchman, Pooran (2000) A comparison of the effects of social constructivist and traditional approaches to teaching on students' attitude and achievement in high school chemistry

Loftus, William Frances (2000) Accumulation and fate of mercury in an Everglades aquatic food web

Lopez, James Joseph (2000) Eden in the age of the fifth sun: The narrative work of Homero Aridjis

McAuliff, Bradley David (2000) Juror need for cognition and sensitivity to methodological flaws in expert evidence

Mendez-Carbajo, Diego (2000) Essays on Openness, Economic Integration, and Growth

Moreno, Alexis (2000) Effects of special educator peer coaching on general educator effectiveness in inclusive classroom settings

Nitti, Joanne Mariani (2000) A qualitative case study of teacher perceptions and concerns during the implementation of literacy folders in a select elementary school in Broward County, Florida

O'Bannon, Patricia Melise (2000) The effects of the outdoor experiential ropes course on perceived team performance

Ojeda, German Yury (2000) Analysis of flexural isostasy of the northern Andes

Orezzoli, Max C. E (2000) Health beliefs and health care options of disparate black communities in the United States

Osborne, Bennie L (2000) Clash of identities in South Florida: An examination of the complexity of racial and national identity and their impact on ethnic solidarity between black Americans and Jamaicans

Pedreira, Tani B (2000) A content analysis of selected recreational therapy journals from 1990 to 1998: The extent to which children and youth are included

Perez, Hiselgis (2000) Types and amplitudes of touch as reinforcing stimuli in operant conditioning of infant behavior

Ramos, Miguel (2000) The empire beats on: Oyo, Batá drums and hegemony in nineteenth-century Cuba

Rivero, Mauricio Damian (2000) The words of God: Religious texts and the Counter -Reformation in the Spanish world

Sabella, Mark Joseph (2000) The impact of cross -training on team processes and performance

Santos, Jennifer Yeldell (2000) Late adolescents in transition: The influence of support on post-transition adjustment

Schwartz, Seth J (2000) The exploration enhancement workshop: An exploration-based approach to facilitating identity formation in young adults

Shaulis, Sharon Hill (2000) A study of leadership behaviors for Breaking Ranks leaders in public secondary schools

Sierra, Abel Rolando (2000) Multipurpose portable system for environmental, industrial, and medical applications

Sikah, Victor Pa-Kwadjo (2000) The Ghana National Service Scheme: Perceptions of former educational personnel, students and guardians

Small, Nelson DaCosta (2000) Academic achievement orientation of West Indian American parents and adolescents

Sundaram Iyer, Pinnavasal Nagarajan Krishnamurthy Kalyana (2000) Centrifugal separation of molten steel and glass mixtures

Teed, Deborah Dyer (2000) Voices at the shore: Ethnolinguistic identity among adolescent Haitian students

Telan, Paige (2000) Teacher-student relationships and the link to academic adjustment and emotional well-being in early adolescence

Trottier, Annick C (2000) Pollution generation in the Carajás region of Brazil: An extended input -output approach

Vaschillo, Alexander (2000) A semantic paradigm for intelligent data access

Walker, Geraldine Grace (2000) The democratization of higher education in Jamaica: The role of the University of the West Indies

Wilson, Jennifer Lyn (2000) The state of emergency management 2000: The process of emergency management professionalization in the United States and Florida

Wilson, June Marie (2000) An assessment of computer usage within the Bahamian public school system and recommended guidelines towards the development of a strategic national computer plan

Wilson, Stanley Hanson (2000) A qualitative study of the clinical practice of graduates of a problem-based physical therapy program

Yan, Long (2000) Internet computing with distributed software agent

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Dissertations & Theses from 1999

Alvarez, Heidi Lee (1999) Regional aspects of Miami crime fiction

Andujar, Julio Gabriel (1999) Essays on the political economy of the Dominican reform process

Appelbaum, Richard (1999) An interview study of community college student perspectives on service-learning

Bao, Wei-Yu (1999) Tool cutting force modeling and wear estimation of micro-end-milling operations

Billera, Rosalie (Roe) (1999) The effect of multimedia instruction on achievement of college history students

Brown, Judith O (1999) A case study of adults in college who developed an experiential learning portfolio

Burroughs, Lynda Anne (1999) The knowledge and use of critical thinking teaching strategies of faculty in associate degree nursing education programs

Burroughs, Richard Eugene (1999) The adoption of retail electronic commerce: An empirical investigation

Byrd, Marie (1999) A study of the differences among African-American, Hispanic, and Anglo women on the perceived barriers and strategies to career advancement in public school administration

Cai, Weiting (1999) Numerical calculation of diffraction coefficients from building edges using FDTD method

Cooney, James Martin (1999) Middle school teachers perspectives on inclusion: A qualitative study

Cunningham, Lisa Namey (1999) The identification of early factors related to academic achievement among deaf students

Davis, Stephen Edward (1999) The exchange of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in dwarf and fringe mangroves of the oligotrophic southern Everglades

Enteen, Aaron Lewis (1999) Elementary classroom teachers' knowledge of tort liability for negligence

Farrell, Jill Beloff (1999) A case study of a liberal Jewish day school's middle school transition

Field, Mary Anne (1999) Performance accountability in the federal-state transportation program: Factors affecting successful implementation

Fisher, Mary Etta (1999) A comparison of the academic performance of students with General Educational Development credentials and high school diplomas at a selected community college

Galliano, Karin Pia (1999) Children's perceptions of marital conflict, parent-child relations and anxiety in children: A proposed systemic model

Garcia, Julio Jesus (1999) A study of the perceived effectiveness of existing recruitment and general institution -wide practices used to enhance women and minority full -time faculty representation at Florida's public universities

Gaskin, John Wesley (1999) Responses to racial segregation in a black Miami community

Ghoshray, Sabyasachi (1999) Improving the predictability of time series by chaotic parameter estimation

Glickfield, Gaelle Jehane (1999) An aquatic risk assessment of ethion and bromacil inputs to the C-25 Canal and Indian River Lagoon

Gomez, Alfredo Calixto (1999) A case study of the development of the Argentinean community college system

Guo, Kristina Lu (1999) Managerial work roles of health care executives in the changing environment of academic medical centers

Hernandez, Ulises Angel (1999) Social service provision, efficiency labor and economic development

Hornik, Steven Ronald (1999) Determinants of confidence and their effect on epistemic judgments: Implications for auditor calibration bias

Hoya, Debra Lynn (1999) Beliefs and attitudes of nurses regarding visitation in the pediatric intensive care unit

Hsieh, Wen-Kuei (1999) Assessing the effectiveness of two-year banking and insurance technology programs of junior colleges in Taiwan, Republic of China: An application of the Context Input Process Product (CIPP) evaluation model

Huang, Chun-Ching (1999) Differences in perceptions of teachers' and students' values of physical education programs in private universities in Taipei City, Taiwan

Hutman, Elite (1999) The relationship between self-esteem and job performance

Kraus, Eyran (1999) Leader-member exchange and upward influence: Interrelationships and successful consequences

Kuo-Shuan, Kuo (1999) The effects of using an alternative method for teaching badminton to post secondary level students in Taiwan

Kurtz, Steven Peter (1999) Without women: Masculinities, gay male sexual culture and sexual behaviors in Miami, Florida

Lee, Catherine Courtney (1999) Sequence analysis of complementary DNAs encoding C3 in the nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum)

Li, Fuan (1999) "You can trust me": An examination of trust-in-the-brand advertising appeals

Lin, Biing-Shyun (1999) Academic performance of college students in financial management and related prerequisite courses: A comparison of senior high school and commercial high school graduates attending Tamsui Oxford University College in Taiwan

Ling, Jian (1999) Radially rotating miniature heat pipes for turbine blade cooling applications

Lorente, Carolyn Cass (1999) Building better relationships workshop: An intervention fostering identity formation and interpersonal development in middle adolescents

Lu, Chih-Shang (1999) The impact of the New University Code on the physical education curriculum of four-year colleges and universities in Taiwan, Republic of China

Macia, Jose Juan (1999) Transcultural experiences: A literature bridge to English for ESOL students from Cuba

Manner, Jane Carol (1999) A comparison of academic achievement of Montessori and non -Montessori students in a public school setting

Martinez, Beatriz (1999) Pilot study: Intranet communication among chronically ill hospitalized pediatric individuals

McCollister, Kathryn Estelle (1999) The political economy of sovereign debt

McHargue, Laurie Ann (1999) Factors affecting the nodulation and growth of tropical woody legume seedlings

Memari, Behnoush (1999) Variables affecting the precision and accuracy of the Intoxilyzer 5000

Mills, Rhonda Ann (1999) Multiparameter flow cytometric analysis of C -reactive protein binding to human-derived cell lines and peripheral blood monocytes

Morano, Carmen Louis (1999) Comparative analysis of a moderating and mediating model of stress, appraisal, and coping in Hispanic and non-Hispanic Alzheimer's disease caregivers

Naboulsi, Khaled Samih (1999) Web-based report generators, data visualization, and Web-to-database connectivity

Oyola-Yemaiel, Arthur A (1999) Towards the formation of a sustainable South Florida: An analysis of conflict resolution and consensus building in the South Florida Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Initiative

Palit, Mahatapa (1999) Consumer (dis)satisfaction response to disconfirmation: An examination of the form and the underlying process

Perez, Pablo Jose (1999) Nonlinear dynamics and chaos simulation system analysis for improved design

Poirier, Patricia Ann (1999) Fever, methods of fever management, and caretakers' perceptions of pediatric after-hour telephone triage and advice services for children between the ages of twelve months and three years with fever

Portney, Mildred Ruth (1999) A fourth-grade teacher's classroom perspective

Prabhakaran, Kamalaveni (1999) Fas-FasL expression and interactions in mouse tumor cell lines: Implications for tumor immune escape

Ramsauer, Victoria Palau (1999) Binding of small molecules to DNA junctions

Rodriguez, Alejandro (1999) Reformed county government structure and service delivery performance: An integrated study of Florida counties

Rogers, Joseph Michael (1999) Political economy of Caribbean drug trafficking: The case of the Dominican Republic

Soza, Rita Maribel (1999) Tobacco use prevention education (TUPE) programs in the state of Florida: Teachers' perceptions of program structure and effectiveness

Steuerwald, Nury Miranda (1999) Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: Analysis of gene expression, nuclear DNA and cytoplasmic DNA

Stocker, Bradford R (1999) The choice not to use computers: A case study of community college faculty who do not use computers in teaching

Tang, Jun-Chou (1999) Curricular perceptions of adult education at National Chun-Chin University, Chia-Yi, Taiwan

Toral, Pablo (1999) The direct investments in Latin America and the Caribbean in the 1990s of multinational enterprises headquartered in Spain

Trujillo, Joaquin (1999) A phenomenology of crack abuse

Villalobos Torres, Lourdes (1999) Building democratic institutions in Mexico

Villanueva-Ghelfa, Celestino Alberto (1999) Alberto Girri, or poetry as hermeneutic reason

Walker Fernandez, Sandra Elizabeth (1999) Toward understanding the study experience of culturally sensitive graduate students in American distance education programs

Wang, Pi-Yu (1999) Effects of a modified English listening comprehension curriculum on students' achievement in English listening comprehension at Tamsui Oxford University College in Taiwan

Weems, Carl Fredrick (1999) Anxiety sensitivity in children and the development of panic and anxiety in adolescents: A prospective study

Weiner, Wendy Hirsch (1999) A historical study of selected documents from the period 1890--1920 with implications for understanding success in school

Weinsier, Stephanie Thatcher (1999) Factors affecting emergency department length of stay of patients admitted to telemetry and critical care units

Williams, Marie (1999) When is personality a predictor of performance? The moderating role of autonomy

Wu, Dean-Ming (1999) Education, earnings, and rates of return: The case of Taiwan

Zafirovski, Milan Zivadin (1999) Social construction of economic exchanges: A Weberian approach

Zalka, Lori Marlene (1999) Globalization of the Internet: Convergence or a multicultural community?

Zong, Guichun (1999) The effects of participation in an Internet-based project on the development of global knowledge, global mindedness, and global pedagogy among preservice social studies teachers

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Dissertations & Theses from 1998

Acherman-Chor, Dora (1998) Equity policy, educational practice, and limited English proficient (LEP) students in two high schools in Miami

Akl, Serge R (1998) The social development strategy of the Shiites in Lebanon

Alexandre, Pierre Kebreau (1998) On the accuracy of nonsurvey regional input-output multipliers: An empirical study

Almeida, Jose Manuel (1998) The relationship between the teacher's experience, the teacher's college major, and the teacher's level of education in predicting classroom attitudes in high school science students

Amat, Luis R. (1998) A realtime Internet-based quality control application for hurricane surface wind observations

Bejel, Raul Esteban (1998) Miami Interpretive Center

Berman, Alan Marc (1998) Fostering the development of identity and intimacy during late adolescence

Bi, Maohua (1998) The potential of solid phase microextraction (SPME) for the recovery of explosives followed by gas and liquid chromatographic analysis

Bravo, Irene Maria (1998) Assessment of anxiety sensitivity in depressed, older patients and its relation to hypochondriacal concerns

Burton, Linda Kramer (1998) The effectiveness of an intelligent tutoring system on the attitude and achievement of developmental mathematics students in a community college

Camper, Tanya Michele (1998) The effect of self-operated prompts on leisure participation by persons with mental retardation

Catanzaro, Carol A (1998) A comparison of breathing patterns of normal full term infants in supine versus right side-lying during quiet and active behavioral sleep states

Chaffin, John Edwards (1998) Postsecondary access for individuals with psychological disabilities: An analysis of federal rulings and institutional philosophies, policies, and practices

Chen, Yuping (1998) Investigation of generation-recombination noise and related processes in aluminum gallium arsenide TEGFETs and Hall structures with quantum wells

Chung-Schickler, Genevieve C (1998) The effect of cooperative learning on the attitudes toward science and the achievement of students in a non-science majors' general biology laboratory course at an urban community college

Clarke, Linda Dunn (1998) The role of overseas Chinese investment in the emerging countries of Southeast and East Asia: A Confucian model of the foreign direct investment decision-making process using factors unconsidered in the West

Conde Morencia, Consuelo (1998) The effect of dual-language instruction on academic achievement as measured by the SAT: An evaluation of the “International Studies Program” of Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Cox, Anne Cheney (1998) Comparative reproductive biology of two Florida pawpaws Asimina reticulata Chapman and Asimina tetramera Small

Crespo, Sylvia R (1998) Content-area teachers' perceptions of the effect of the meta-training on their instructional practices

D'Alessio, Naomi (1998) Mitochondrial inheritance during a parasexual cycle in Fusarium oxysporum forma specialis cubense

Dublish, Sandipa (1998) Advertising effects on brand search and preference: Assessing the mediational role of Aad and Ab

Edwards, Oliver Wayne (1998) Grandfamilies: Grandchildren raised by grandparents. Impact on students and school services

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Kalbac, Melissa Anne (1998) Occupational therapists' attitudes toward homosexuality

Kasyan, Pamela Ann (1998) What individuals with rheumatic diseases know about the Americans with Disabilities Act: A survey

Kemp, Vivian Jean (1998) Nurses' spiritual well-being: Its influence on attitudes and level of practice in providing spiritual care

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Lorenzo, Eric (1998) Genomic variation of HIV-1 and its effects on drug resistance and molecular epidemiology analyses

Loureiro, Leonardo Haddad (1998) Monetary cost-efficient query distribution in ISDN-connected heterogeneous databases

Lumpkin, Peyton White (1998) Group cognitive-behavioral therapy for heterogeneous anxiety disorders in children and adolescents: A multiple baseline study

Mabjish, Sary R (1998) I. Synthesis, isolation, and characterization of 1-(2-anthryl)-2-cyclopropylethylene and 1-(2-naphthyl)-2-cyclopropylethylene. II. Titanium dioxide photocatalysis of haloethers: A mechanistic study

Makkawi, Bilal A (1998) The impact of experience, industry characteristics, and individual differences on audit risk and the extent of testing decisions: An empirical investigation

Martelly, Diana I (1998) Effects of using manipulative materials to teach remedial algebra to community college students on achievement and attitudes towards mathematics

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McCoury, Colleen Catherine (1998) Salient factors in child molestation: Moral development, social competence, and type of offender

Medina-Munoz, Diego Ramon (1998) A study of the relationship between United States hotel companies and travel agency companies: Determinants of the success of the relationship

Michel-Yacinthe, Natacha Jasmine (1998) Activity streets as economic opportunity generators: Case study of the Langa Township, Cape Town, South Africa

Moppert, Darlene Kavinsky (1998) A comparison between homemaker prepared meals and traditional home delivered meals on the dietary intake of frail homebound elders

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Voris, Michael Kirkham (1998) Power and influence in joint venture relationships and their impact on performance

Wen, Jinghai (1998) Biological activities of compounds from Piper species

Zamora, Piedad Maria (1998) Effects of nursing interventions for fever in acutely ill adults

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Dissertations & Theses from 1997

Aguilar, Martha (1997) Photocatalytic decomposition of organophosphonates and fluorophenols in irradiated titanium dioxide suspensions

Alalasundaram, Sudhersena (1997) Effect of child care subsidies on price and quality of care for low-income families

Antony, Solomon Raj (1997) Design and evaluation of a consulting system for database design

Arrufat, Ondina (1997) The role of exploration and critical decision making and problem solving in making life choices

Azevedo, Ana Lucia B (1997) The role of individualism and collectivism as predictors of attributions for unethical work behavior: An empirical examination across two culturally diverse groups

Berson, Judith Sheryl (1997) A study of the effects of a service-learning experience on student success at an urban community college

Blackwell, Edward Allen (1997) Influence, policy formation, and higher education in Florida: 1989-1994

Bolton, Lois Hanson (1997) Risk-taking propensity of faculty, administrators, and academic department heads at a large, urban, multi-campus community college

Briones, Ervin (1997) Social and cultural influences in the formation of identity: A cross-national/cultural study

Brockway, Michele Metz (1997) The effects of a creative movement program on long-term incarcerated women

Bryant, Lynne Jones (1997) The relationship between participation in unethical behaviors during the nursing student experience and participation in unethical behaviors as a registered nurse

Burch, James N (1997) Interaction of the parasitic angiosperm Cassytha filiformis L. (Lauraceae) with the exotic Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi (Anacardiaceae) in southern Florida

Burnham, Morris F (1997) Psychosocial variables associated with the co-occurrence of risky sexual behavior with alcohol consumption among university students

Byers, Kenneth Morton (1997) Valued occupational roles and life satisfaction among south Florida HIV-infected and non-infected homosexual males: An exploratory study

Chen, Yuna (1997) Closing the productivity gap and trade policy

Christiano, Charlene Ann (1997) The lived experience of healing touch with cancer patients

Corbett, Shirley Ann (1997) Factors that motivate RNs to return to school for the BSN and to remain in school to complete the degree

Cordova, Denise Agnes (1997) The effect of the advanced placement examination for credit policy by the Florida State universities on the acceleration of a student's postsecondary education

Davies, John P (1997) Occupational stress in private schools: A teacher profile

Dodge, Karen C. F (1997) The effectiveness of female-sensitive substance abuse treatment

Dolfi, Sharon Anne Israel (1997) Intra-organizational turnover in a self-selective team environment

Dombro, Marcia Winters (1997) A qualitative analysis of the lived experience of nursing staff developers in the process of changing to a new educational model

Downes, Meredith Ann (1997) An organizational learning approach to expatriate cross-cultural adjustment, organizational commitment, and job satisfaction

Dumaine, Marian Lee (1997) An evaluation of coping ability as a guide to the treatment of persons diagnosed with schizophrenia and substance abuse

Ellis, Rodney A (1997) Gender differences in behavioral and psychosocial correlates of substance abuse among adolescents in residential treatment

Farmer, Gregory Lawrence (1997) Using structural equation modeling to assess two theoretical models that explain dropout

Friday, Shawnta Shajuan (1997) Racioethnic differences in job satisfaction: A test of orthogonal cultural identification theory and self-categorization theory

Gokkent, Giyas M (1997) Theory of foreign portfolio investment

Gomes, Leonard Victor (1997) Multinationality and performance: The role of cultural dissimilarity

Gonzalez, Daisy (1997) Problems faced by beginning principals

Green, Margaret (Peggy) Lee (1997) The effect of participation in a "Greening the BCC Curriculum" workshop series on the environmental literacy of a community college faculty

Guo, Sha (1997) Solving satisfiability, implication, and equivalence problems in database systems

Hsu, Ming-Yie J (1997) A review of Taiwan's technological five-year junior college mechanical engineering curriculum development: 1948 to 1994

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Kleier, Jo Ann Sanders (1997) The clinical competency of practicing and nonpracticing faculty of associate degree schools of nursing

Koch, Rebecca E (1997) Effect of an inservice on the teachers' knowledge of general school law, Section 504, and the Meta Consent Decree

Ledesma, Carmen Maria (1997) A comparison of the leadership styles of the leaders at New World School of the Arts

Lowe, Kevin Brian (1997) Team diversity and leadership: Tests of model of process and direct effects

Matalon, Bernice Yood (1997) An examination of attitude toward change as a predictor of policy/program implementation

Maxwell, Sarah Headly (1997) Fair price and its effect on willingness to purchase

Meyers-Sinett, Kelly D'Ann (1997) The effects of bilingual and monolingual reading videos on story recall with students who are deaf and hard of hearing

Miller, Roxanne Greitz (1997) Relationships between gifted selection criteria and performance in sixth-grade gifted science

Moslares, Carlos (1997) Financial constraints on research and development

Muguercia, Ivan (1997) The nitrate to ammonia and ceramic (NAC) process for the denitration and immobilization of low-level radioactive liquid waste (LLW)

Ocampo Solarte, Hernan (1997) The effect of domestic credit in the economic development process

Oroza, Lourdes (1997) Adult education directors' perceptions of performance indicators for adult education programs in the state of Florida

Ouhirra, Meryem (1997) Parameter design considerations in precision engineering

Pollack, Ellen (1997) General and special education teachers' knowledge of and attitudes toward students with HIV/AIDS

Ritter, Steven (1997) The costs and controls of flowering and fruiting in Spondias purpurea

Riviere, Donna Neil (1997) A curricular analysis of the servicing of students who are hearing impaired in Dade County, Florida

Roblin, Colleen Rae (1997) Laypersons' awareness of the role and function of the nurse practitioner

Rothman, Denice Myra (1997) Determinants of resource development strategies in nonprofit organizations: An analysis of children, youth and family services

Russell, Mary T (1997) A systems model for community injury prevention

Santana, J. Martin (1997) Managing conflict in user-oriented development environments: Effects on information systems success

Sarria, Aline E (1997) Instructional change through collaboration and reflection

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Souza-Campos, Flavio Ballenini (1997) On arterial contractility, energetic requirements of the cardiovascular system, and the formation of arterial sclerosis

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Stevenson, Kenneth John (1997) Effects of structured writing versus nonstructured writing as an effective and efficient teaching and learning strategy

Sumargo, Habibie (1997) Extended principal component analysis and its applications to image analysis

Thayer, Ann Tibbs (1997) Effects of two intervention strategies on the behavior of nurses and nurse students related to advance directives

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Wang, XiaoHu (1997) Local officials' preferences of performance measurements: A study of local police services

Weiner, Mickey (1997) Toward an understanding of how individuals overcome challenges to development: A phenomenological study of an inner-city student's attitude toward academic orientation and life

Weiss, Sally Ann (1997) A study of state and trait anxiety and perceived causes of anxiety identified by licensed practical nurses returning to an associate degree nursing program

Whitehead, Diane K (1997) Characteristics of effective clinical and theory instructors as perceived by LPN to RN versus generic students in an associate degree nursing program

White, Steve Matthew (1997) Effects of commuting and mode of transportation on performance, affect, cardiovascular activity, and frustration tolerance

Wiggins, Aleathea Renee (1997) A comparison of the self-esteem of freshman community college students enrolled in remedial and regular academic programs

Wu, Chi-ming (1997) An analysis of the on-time graduation rate in the two-year program at National Taipei Institute of Technology in Taiwan

Zhao, Yueyao (1997) Pivot or periphery? Xinjiang's regional development and Chinese-Central Asian relations at the century's end

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Dissertations & Theses from 1996

Alonso, Jorge Luis (1996) The effect of different instructional groupings on student achievement and attitudes from a computer-based interactive videodisc biology unit

Alume, Gina Elizabeth (1996) Reactions of singlet oxygen and singlet oxygen mimics with dicyclopropylethylenes: Comparison of reactivity and mechanisms

Amiel-Saenz, Rafael (1996) Exchange rate overvaluation under hyperinflation: The case of Peru

Arze, Guido J (1996) Metahistoria nacional y metaficcion biografica en "Historia de Mayta", de Mario Vargas Llosa

Ash, David Oakley (1996) The Blue Highway

Bebon, Rose Kathryn (1996) Stigma and homeless women

Beer, Shirley Hill (1996) The effects of sex of teacher, sex of scenario principal, and leadership style on the performance ratings of scenario principals by teachers

Benz, Cheryl (1996) Entering an academic discourse community: A case study of the coping strategies of eleven English as a Second Language students

Berman, Steven Lee (1996) Making life choices: Facilitating identity formation in young adults

Brouard, Raynald C (1996) The relationship between student characteristics, computer literacy, technology acceptance, and distance education student satisfaction

Brown, Arlene Kaplan (1996) A comprehensive assessment of self-report experiences of adoptive parents of special needs children in Florida

Brown, Gwendolyn Viola (1996) Acceptable vs. marginal police officers' psychological ratings: A longitudinal comparison of job performance

Chen, Hsiu-Hsiung (1996) The effects of Chinese painting appreciation education on the artistic achievement of junior high school students in Taiwan

Chiang, Ching-San (1996) The effects of the leadership styles of Taiwanese junior college presidents on teacher job satisfaction

Chiang, Pei-Ling Wu (1996) Assessing the effectiveness of five-year mechanical engineering technology programs of junior colleges in Taiwan, R.O.C.: An application of the CIPP evaluation model

Clifford, Sharon Yvonne (1996) With the highest ideals: The Florida State Normal College at DeFuniak Springs, 1887-1905

Cohen, E. Judith Krisman (1996) The effects of a holistic-graphophonic intervention on the decoding performance of children with reading disabilities

Conway, Kevin E (1996) Differential effects of single-sex versus coed education on the mathematical reasoning ability, verbal reasoning ability, and self-concept of high school girls

Cordover, Phyllis P (1996) A comparison of a distance education and locally based course in an urban university setting

Covert, Yvette Armand (1996) The effect of group counseling on the self-esteem, attendance, and counselor utilization of immigrant Hispanic secondary limited English proficient students

Devenport, Jennifer Leigh (1996) Does expert psychological testimony improve juror sensitivity to lineup suggestiveness?

Devick, Jane F (1996) Narrative comprehension: Semantic and syntactic summary production

Duncan, George Turner (1996) Microvariation at the human D1S80 locus

Ekanayake, Ekanayake Mudiyanselage (1996) The impacts of trade policy reforms on the Sri Lankan economy

Epstein, Paula Chernoff (1996) Achievement motivation attributes of international students attending a postsecondary institution

Fahringer, Margaret (1996) The effects of social skills training on the writing skills of middle school students with learning disabilities

Fernandez, Paula Beatriz (1996) Historical development of residential segregation and black housing quality in Dade County

Fortuna, Barbara Ann (1996) Use of the DACUM process in the identification and verification of competencies for the medical administrative assistant

Garcia, Delia C (1996) A study of the relationship between parental self-efficacy and indicators of school involvement exhibited by Hispanic parents of elementary school children

Giannella, Anna Delfina (1996) Development of a multicultural competence diagnostic tool for nutrition professionals: Assessing training needs

Hammond-Laurence, Kelly (1996) Patterns of diagnostic comorbidity in children and adolescents with anxiety

Hearn, Robert Leland (1996) The use of the Dade County student assistance profile in the identification of at-risk students at a minority senior high school

Hernandez, Flor Maria (1996) The impact of increased writing time allotment on the developmental writing skills of intermediate elementary school students

Hubschman, Betty Gould (1996) The effect of mentoring electronic mail on student achievement and attitudes in a graduate course in educational research

Hwang, Shu-Ling (1996) The use of treatment theories and procedures for postural control in adult with hemiplegia: A national survey

Jones, Loretta Dobso (1996) Development of "HealthServe": A measure of customer service orientation in healthcare

Kim, Min-Ju (1996) Knowledge and perceptions about HIV/AIDS and safer sex practices among Korean-Americans in Dade County, Florida

Kocyigit, Ali (1996) The international impact of productivity shocks

Kovacs, Pamela Johnson (1996) Persons with AIDS receiving hospice services: Variables related to client satisfaction and generalized contentment

Langlais, Michael Dean (1996) Fluid dynamics and platelet deposition in a model arterial stenosis

Larios, Francisco J (1996) An evaluation of exchange rate policy and economic adjustment in Nicaragua, 1993-1995

Lee, Phoebe Po (1996) A teacher evaluation system for teachers in Taiwan based on current models in the United States

Lin, Shih-hao (1996) A comparison of the impact of trained media specialists and untrained media personnel in junior colleges in the Republic of China

Liu, Wen-Teh (1996) Construction of a model for an open system of teacher training in Taiwan

Lynn, Dahlia Diane Bradshaw (1996) The use of presidential executive orders to control the management and administration of the federal government

Martinez, Rafael (1996) A qualitative analysis of the congruency of Jungian psychological preferences identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the human resource development role of instructor/facilitator

Mathis, Roswell Earl (1996) Discrete time models of the term structure of interest rates and interest rate contingent claims

McGee, Sharon Joan (1996) The effects of goal setting and attributional feedback on self-efficacy for writing and writing achievement

Mehegan, Rita Sabina (1996) Mindmapping as an adult learning notetaking strategy to increase the encoding of information in a corporate training course

Mora, Joseph John (1996) Age-related differences in the structure and function of convoys of social support: A preliminary comparative analysis using developmentally disabled and non-disabled children

Nair, Meera Krishnan (1996) Nitrogen cycling in Everglades peat soils

Neimand, Susan (1996) The Central Agency for Jewish Education: Fifty years of Jewish education in Dade County

Orezzoli, Max C (1996) A study of intrablack conflict and work attitudes within an African American organization

Osborne, Bennie Lee (Dot) (1996) A generational analysis of survival strategies of Southern rural Black women

Perez Rivera, Myra Mabel (1996) The effects of attribute quality information and sources of information on consumers' perceptions and behavior: A model of Pre-purchase Information Utilization in Service Physical Environments

Poetisi, Ewald (1996) Magnetostratigraphic significance of Middle Cretaceous limestones exposed at La Boca and Santa Rosa Canyons, northeastern Mexico

Pujadas, Wayne (1996) A reliability centered maintenance decision system for a discrete part manufacturing facility

Robertson, Lisa Riley (1996) Public school administrators' knowledge of special education law

Rolle, Carolyn Claralean Mabel (1996) Civil service reform trends in public personnel management: Experiences from the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

Schirripa, Michael Jerome (1996) Evaluation of growth rate estimation from fish otoliths using a striped bass bioenergetics model

Silver, Marcia E (1996) Late adolescents in transition: Social networks, parent relations, and well-being

Sinigalliano, Christopher D (1996) Detection and characterization of ammonia monooxygenase genes from nitrifying bacteria and natural waters

Sinofsky, Jill Mara (1996) Dietary intake of world-ranked professional tennis players

Slater, Eric J (1996) Flow and water budgets in the C-111 and L-31W canals near the Everglades National Park, Dade County, Florida

Stinson, Veronica (1996) How effective is the motion-to-suppress safeguard? Judges' perceptions of the suggestiveness and fairness of biased lineup procedures

Su, Jaw-sin (1996) The effect of mastery learning on a course in accounting information system (AIS): A comparison within public and private universities in Taiwan

Tabak, Marjorie Joyce (1996) Development and implementation of a tool to assess the micro/macro elements in an organization

Tabet, Milad F (1996) Ionized cluster beam deposition, and thin film analysis

Ta-Tang, Tsai (1996) A history of the presidency of National Taiwan University: The relationship between the university and an evolving democratic nation

Taylor, Roberta Jane Krueger (1996) Variables motivating parents to choose a specific type of private school

Tung, Chia-Chun (1996) An evaluation of English language instruction in universities/colleges in Taiwan

Turner, Thomas Fredrick (1996) A comparative study of life history and gene flow in darters (Pisces: Percidae)

Villarreal, Ana Maria (1996) Therapist knowledge of HIV in Dade county

Vogel, Richard Michael (1996) Regional growth, structural change, and natural disaster

Wang, An-Ji (1996) A study of the implementation of junior college evaluation system in Taiwan

Yang, Hao (1996) An investigation of computer anxiety among vocational-technical teachers in Dade County, Florida

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Dissertations & Theses from 1995

Aleman, Eugenio J (1995) Inflation, currency substitution and dollarization: The case of Argentina

Alperin, Diane Elias (1995) Factors associated with social work student satisfaction with field placements in child welfare

Berman, Garrett Lee (1995) Effects of inconsistencies in eyewitness testimony on mock-juror decision-making

Bilbao, Maria Antonieta (1995) Perceptions of beginning teachers in Florida regarding their preparation as it relates to the Florida Essential Generic Competencies

Blyden, Eleanor R. Penn (1995) Utilization of needs assessments by decision makers: A comparative analysis of assessment methods

Bossart, Gregory Dana (1995) Immunocytes of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and West Indian manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris): Morphologic characterizations and correlations between healthy and disease states under free-ranging and captive conditions

Broderick, Pauline Martha (1995) A planning model for needs analysis for subacute care

Chunhachinda, Pornchai (1995) International stock portfolio selection and performance measures recognizing higher moments of return distributions

D'Agati, Suzanne Snook (1995) The effects of a sound-modified environment on physiological variables in premature infants in neonatal intensive care

Haddad, Ma'in Kamal (1995) Jerash: The landscape, urban space, and architecture

Koehn, Christine Edeburn (1995) Theoretical and applied evaluations of facial composite systems

Lash, Patricia Bursley (1995) An empirical investigation of the formation and management of strategic partnerships in IS

Lemieux, Catherine Marie (1995) The relative influence of social support, rehabilitation program participation, and inmate preincarceration characteristics on incarcerated substance abusers' perceptions of adjustment to community reintegration

McCauley, Michelle Rae (1995) The development and validation of the Attitudes Toward Child Victims Scale: Who will believe a child?

Mitchell, Welker Clark (1995) An evaluation of child welfare inservice training: The relative effectiveness of substance abuse content in improving worker knowledge and attitudes

Pare, Guy (1995) Understanding the dynamics of information technology implementation: The case of clinical information systems

Patterson, Patricia Angela Aiello (1995) An investigation of the relationship between historical reform initiatives and Blueprint 2000: A System of School Improvement and Accountability

Patterson, Valerie Elaine Lyles (1995) "This is your brain on drugs": The public policy of anti-drug programming. An exploratory analysis of media and other sources of drug information for adolescents

Prager, Irene Rose (1995) Age differences and conformity in juror decision-making

Sinett, David Roy (1995) An investigation of how foreign language departments at American colleges and universities view American Sign Language

Tyler, Michael Lewis (1995) The impact of CEO compensation and CEO horizon on a firm's discretionary research and development expenditures

Vilar, Frank (1995) Multi-media filtration for removal of petroleum contamination

von Sternberg, Richard M (1995) Repetitive DNA fragments as taxonomic markers for Penaeus sibling taxa (Decapoda: Dendrobranchiata: Penaeidae) from the southern terminus of the Florida peninsula, United States of America

Yanishevsky, Dolly (1995) The effects of content-based ESOL instruction on the overall English proficiency of foreign-born college students

Yu, Injun (1995) ASIC microcontroller design of a radiation monitoring system using VHDL modeling and FPGA implementation

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Dissertations & Theses from 1994

Ashby, Kathleen Ann (1994) The impact of the changing weaving industry on the culture and socioeconomic development of Maya women in Guatemala

Bethea, Caroline (1994) An analysis of the impact of the Islamic Revolution in Iran on Iranian women

Brady, Elizabeth Andrews (1994) The effects of required/sequenced preparatory courses on academic success and retention at a community college

Browne Krimsley, Valerie Ann (1994) A developmental education program model for high-risk minority baccalaureate nursing students

Cramer, Lowell James (1994) An after tax economic analysis of home equity conversion for the elderly

DiDona, Toni Marie (1994) An evaluation of depression, self-efficacy, satisfaction with life and perceived access to medical care across stages of HIV infection

Etheart, Mary Emerson (1994) The influence of perception of forgetting and gender, ethnicity, and closeness on likelihood of caregiving

Guacci-Franco, Nathalie (1994) Peer acceptance and friendship quality during middle childhood: Family influences and links to well-being

Jenkins, Lori Ann (1994) The effectiveness of intensive family preservation services for reducing depression and everyday stressors and increasing perceived social support among primary caregivers of children involved in Florida's Child Protective Services and foster care

McCue, Clifford Peter (1994) Determinants of local government pension funding: Empirical evidence from Florida

Meshaka, Walter Emil (1994) Ecological correlates of successful colonization in the life history of the Cuban treefrog, Osteopilus septentrionalis (Anura: Hylidae)

Miller, Debra Alvenia (1994) Fourth generation evaluation revisited: Testing a revised pause model

Vijayasarathy, Leo Ramesh (1994) Consequences of interorganizational information systems: An empirical investigation of the effects of EDI use on interorganizational relationships in the retail industry

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Dissertations & Theses from 1993

Fiedler, Anne Marie (1993) The effect of vision congruence on employee empowerment, commitment, satisfaction, and performance

Griffin, David Kenneth (1993) Self-esteem and job satisfaction of adults with mild mental retardation in sheltered workshops and supported employment programs

King Ebrahimian, Jennifer Carlene (1993) The effect of study skills instruction on the study strategies and attitudes of college students with learning disabilities

Labush, Norman Allen (1993) An assessment of legal knowledge of preservice teachers completing accredited teacher education programs in South Florida

Narby, Douglas Jay (1993) The effectiveness of voir dire as a safeguard against erroneous conviction resulting from mistaken eyewitness identification

Oliva, Robert Rogelio (1993) Federal tax deductibility for local taxes and its effect on local revenue policies

Robinson, Alice Elizabeth (1993) A study of the progression of black students at an urban community college: A quantitative and qualitative investigation

Sahay, Sundeep (1993) Social construction of Geographic Information Systems. (Volumes I and II)

Sivasubramaniam, Nagaraj (1993) Matching human resource and corporate strategies

Zhao, Yueyao (1993) Xinjiang and Central Asia: Ethno-religious, political, and economic interactions

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Dissertations & Theses from 1992

Baldwin, Anne Lillie (1992) Factors influencing university performance of Associate in Arts graduates transferring to the state university system

Karpis, Judy Campbell (1992) A comparison of upper division performance of community college transfer students to native university students

Lizardo, Maria Lourdes Viado (1992) Implications of a theoretical framework on stress and burnout for the development of graduate nursing education curricula

Montgomery, Joel Robert (1992) The development, application, and implications of a strategy for reflective learning from experience

Norris-Tirrell, Dorothy Anne (1992) Defining failure in the nonprofit organization: The case of four human service agencies

Phillips, Suzanne (1992) Achievement of generic baccalaureate student nurses using computer-assisted instruction simulations during a nursing review course

Thayer, John (1992) The effect of the use of computer assisted instruction (CAI) on attitudes and computational scores of developmental mathematics students at two inner city schools with predominantly Black enrollment

Weiss, Deborah Harvie (1992) The effects of writing process instruction on the writing and reading performance of students with learning disabilities

Yang, Guangxue (1992) The effect of bilingual representation in prose reading on explicit and implicit memory

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Dissertations & Theses from 1991

Broughton, Beverly Arlene (1991) An evaluation of a curriculum response to the state of Florida mandate for computer literacy at a large comprehensive high school in Dade County, Florida

Fine, Joyce Caplan (1991) The effect of direct instruction in story grammar using deep processing on the reading and writing achievement of second-graders

Garcia, Blanca Hortensia (1991) Patterns and effects of notetaking by learning-disabled and nondisabled adolescents: A comparative study

Kofink, Wayne Alan (1991) Cognitive dissonance and the effect of acceptance of methodology, beliefs about religion, religious orientation, and dogmatism on the success of university students in a religious studies course

Taylor, Joyce Beverly Themistocles (1991) The development and analysis of a field project model curriculum and its impact on achievement and attitude toward science and the environment with at-risk eleventh and twelfth grade students

Weinstein, Arthur Ted (1991) Market definition in industrial high-technology markets

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Dissertations & Theses from 1990

Pickens, Jeffrey N (1990) Perception of bimodal distance relations by 5-month-old human infants

Reardon, Michelle Turner (1990) Effectiveness of peer counseling on high school students who failed two or more classes in a nine week quarter

Seeley, Franklin Perry (1990) A longitudinal study of Project Trio: A dropout prevention program in a large urban environment

Warner, Mickey (1990) Recreational Foodservice management: A Delphi study of needed competencies

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Dissertations & Theses from 1989

Safian-Rush, Donna Robbin (1989) Evaluation of a six-week professional education curriculum designed to retain registered psychiatric nurses

Shapiro, Yevette Trieff (1989) The effects of an individualized clinical reading program on kindergarten and beginning grade one at-risk students: A longitudinal study

Woolley, Gale Robin (1989) An evaluation of an intervention strategy for retention and determination of predictors of success for high-risk students in an associate degree nursing program