The Community Literacy Journal is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes both scholarly work that contributes to theories, methodologies, and research agendas and work by literacy workers, practitioners, creative writers, and community literacy program staff. We are especially committed to presenting work done in collaboration between academics and community members, organizers, activists, teachers, students, and artists.

We understand “community literacy” as including multiple domains for literacy work extending beyond mainstream educational and work institutions. It can be found in programs devoted to adult education, early childhood education, reading initiatives, or work with marginalized populations, but it can also be found in more informal, ad hoc projects, including creative writing, graffiti art, protest songwriting, and social media campaigns.

For us, literacy is defined as the realm where attention is paid not just to content or to knowledge but to the symbolic means by which it is represented and used. Thus, literacy makes reference not just to letters and to text but to other multimodal, technological, and embodied representations, as well. Community literacy is interdisciplinary and intersectional in nature, drawing from rhetoric and composition, communication, literacy studies, English studies, gender studies, race and ethnic studies, environmental studies, critical theory, linguistics, cultural studies, education, and more.

See the Aims and Scope for complete coverage of the journal.

Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 2 (2020) Spring

Front Matter

Editor's Introduction


Editors’ Introduction
Paul Feigenbaum, Veronica House, Cayce Wicks, and Vincent Portillo

Keynote Addresses


Issues in Community Literacy

Project Profiles


The 1967 Project
Thomas Trimble, Patricia Baldwin, Mansoor Mubeen, and Christine Lawson

Book Reviews


Third Space: A Keyword Essay
Sherita V. Roundtree and Michael Shirzadian


Paul Feigenbaum, Florida International University
Veronica House, University of Colorado Boulder

Cover Art.

by Michelle Angela Ortiz