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Chitosan (CHS) is used to prepare microspheres of 31 ± 8 µm size. Surface modification with p-SCN-Bn-DOTA was performed. A maximum 90Y capacity was found to be 12.1 ± 4.4 µCi/particle. The best obtained labeling yield was 87.7 ± 0.6%. More than 90% in vitro stability was found. Particle in vitro degradation half-life in PBS was found to be greater than 21 days. In vivo studies with 90Y-DOTA-CHS showed more than 95% of the injected activity (decay corrected) in the lungs 24 hours after tail vein administration. 90Y-DOTA-CHS in vivo label stability was superior to resin microspheres. The addition of p-SCN-Bn-DOTA served as a radioprotectant for bone marrow as the 5% 90Y released, during the first 24 hours, was quickly eliminated via urine.


Originally published in Journal of Radiotherapy.



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