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DNP Project


This quality improvement project aimed to educate clinicians and improve their knowledge regarding postpartum depression (PPD) to increase this population's outcomes. The post-birth period yields the best results for self-reporting and self-recognition of PPD (Martin, Norris, and Martin, 2020). When the clinician educated the client about PPD before birth, it prepared the patient with the knowledge required to be autonomous and informed regarding PPD and early intervention. Doing this allowed the patient to seek help earlier and treatment if signs and symptoms of PPD develop before their postpartum visit. To evaluate education to the participant, the clinician took a pre-test, participated in the educational intervention, and completed the study by taking a post-test which determined retained knowledge. Doing this allows the provider to determine gaps in knowledge and direct educational efforts in a focused manner. Collecting, analyzing, and comparing this data with the placebo will help determine that education to providers yielded early treatment with PPD and improved patient outcomes. This quality improvement project provided a solution to PPD, and in turn, allowed for prompt recognition, early treatment and ensured safety to the mother and child.