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Background: Apneic Oxygenation (AO) is proven to limit the occurrence of hypoxemic episodes in difficult airway patients. However, this approach to care is often overlooked when providing care for these patients.

Objective: The objective of this quality improvement project was to increase provider knowledge of AO and its use in managing the difficult away patient.

Methods: A quasi-experimental study examining the knowledge of providers regarding the use of AO was conducted. Provider knowledge of AO was assessed before and following an educational intervention to increase knowledge. Comparisons of baseline and post-education knowledge were conducted and the implications of the findings are discussed.

Results: In total, five certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) were enrolled in the project. Although the sample was too small to inferentially compare pre- and post-intervention results, the data indicated a mean score increase from 65% on the pre-test to 100% in the post-test, suggesting that knowledge scores for providers did increase following the educational program.

Conclusion: The results do indicate that in CRNAs working at the practice site, knowledge of OA increased following education. When paired with the evidence base on this topic, there is strong evidence to support provider education to increase the use of AO in practice.