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Background: Millions of people have been infected with the novel Coronavirus 2019, creating a global pandemic. Despite the high mortality rate of this viral infection, millions of people have recovered, and are now presenting for surgical procedures with a history of COVID-19 infection. Residual effects of COVID-19 infection have been observed for several after diagnosis and are referred to as post COVID-19 syndrome. Post COVID-19 sequela can alter multisystem physiological processes that may alter anesthetic care throughout the perioperative period.

Objectives: The purpose of this quality improvement project is to improve anesthesia provider knowledge on the management of patients who have post COVID-19 syndrome.

Methods: The primary methodology of the proposed quality improvement project is to administer an educational intervention to anesthesia providers which discusses the management of patients undergoing elective surgery and have a history of COVID-19 infection. Pre- and post- assessment surveys will be used to measure the effectiveness of the educational intervention.

Results: Overall, there was an improvement in anesthesia provider knowledge following the educational intervention. Participants also answered they would “always” or “often” consider additional pre-operative testing compared to “sometimes” prior to the educational intervention.