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Postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) commonly influence the perioperative experience of general anesthesia patients. Although current guidelines suggest the use of combination therapy for PONV prophylaxis, there is diminished application in practice. A potentially efficacious and under-utilized medication being studied in combination with anti-emetics is haloperidol. The main foci of this quality improvement project are to assess anesthesia provider knowledge and attitudes regarding utilization of haloperidol for PONV prophylaxis in adult surgical patients. This quality improvement project provides a segue to enhance anesthesia practice by diminishing PONV using haloperidol. The primary methodology of the quality improvement project is to implement an online educational module to anesthesia providers that focuses on the significance of PONV in anesthesia practice and the impact of combination PONV prophylaxis utilizing haloperidol. Qualtrics pre- and post-test surveys were employed to gauge the efficacy of the educational module and to evaluate the influence on anesthesia provider knowledge and attitudes. Findings pointed to a significant increase in anesthesia provider knowledge about haloperidol PONV prophylaxis, and overall attitudes. The results showed an increase in anesthesia provider knowledge and attitudes through implementation of the educational module that presents the utilization of haloperidol as a pharmacological complement for PONV prophylaxis.