Part autoethnography, part critique, this essay details the author's personal experience with the far-right media world and explores the universal opposition to "toxic masculinity" from the Left and the Right. The Left opposes the substance of toxic masculinity for the harms it creates in society. The Right fears toxic masculinity as a concept, because it is a threat to their identities and broader ideological acceptance of capitalism.

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In "Class, Race and Corporate Power" Vol. 5, Iss. 3 (2017) the article “Who’s Afraid of ‘Toxic Masculinity’? by Bryant William Sculos, footnote #1 mistakenly attributed the first use of the concept “toxic masculinity” to Shepherd Bliss’s doctoral dissertation. Bliss was indeed the first to use the phrase, but it was not in his doctoral dissertation. The author and editors would like to thank Dr. Carol Harrington of Victoria University of Wellington for her effort finding and correcting the error.