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This poster shares the coordinated efforts between the Institutional Repository and the University Archives’ to work closely with university departments to enhance access to materials and support student learning. The presentation highlights several unique collections including a complete photographic and ephemera collection from the Department of Theatre, digitized Art Catalogs and Lecture Series from the University’s Stephen and Dorothea Frost Art Museum and others. We share how access to these collections have supported student learning at the University and within the South Florida community. Specifically, the Frost Art Museum Collections (https://digitalcommons.fiu.edu/frostartmuseum/) showcase the University’s ongoing commitment to supporting the arts and bringing well known artists and exhibitions to our diverse community. Through digitized art catalogs and a collection of digitized VHS, we provide unique access to lectures by well known artists. These foundational collections have led to additional collaborations between the libraries and the various departments at FIU including the archiving of the e-magazine Inspicio, a unique multimedia magazine featuring the South Florida Arts community and the collection of 3D materials from the FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios.

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2019 Society of Florida Archivist Annual Meeting

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