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Environmental concerns have urged a search for eco-friendly refrigerants in the refrigeration industry to overcome ozone depletion and global warming problems. Therefore, current research emphasizes frictional pressure drop during flow boiling of environment-friendly refrigerants (GWP<150), isobutane, HFC-152a, HFO-1234yf were tested against commonly reported HFC-134a. The data presented here was collected under heat flux-controlled conditions; the test piece was a round tube (1.60 mm diameter). The data collection was performed at 27 and 32 °C with mass velocities in 50-500 kg/m2s range. Effects of critical controlling parameters, like heat flux, mass velocity, exit vapor quality, operating pressure and medium, were studied in detail. It was observed that pressure drop increases along with mass velocity increment in the test piece and increases with exit vapor quality increment. The same was noticed to decrease with saturation temperature increment. Parametric effects and prediction of assessment methods are reported.