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Methylation induced DNA base-pairing damage is one of the major causes of cancer. O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase (AGT) is considered a demethylation agent of the methylated DNA. Structural investigations with thermodynamic properties of the AGT-DNA complex are still lacking. In this report, we modeled two catalytic states of AGT-DNA interactions and an AGT-DNA covalent complex and explored structural features using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. We utilized the umbrella sampling method to investigate the changes in the free energy of the interactions in two different AGT-DNA catalytic states, one with methylated GUA in DNA and the other with methylated CYS145 in AGT. These non-covalent complexes represent the pre- A nd post-repair complexes. Therefore, our study encompasses the process of recognition, complex formation, and separation of the AGT and the damaged (methylated) DNA base. We believe that the use of parameters for the amino acid and nucleotide modifications and for the protein-DNA covalent bond will allow investigations of the DNA repair mechanism as well as the exploration of cancer therapeutics targeting the AGT-DNA complexes at various functional states as well as explorations via stabilization of the complex.