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Shakespeare and Race [Breakfast Salon]


B Bar

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16-2-2016 9:30 AM

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16-2-2016 11:30 AM

Shakespeare and Race - Thompson.docx (11 kB)
Ayanna Thompson - “Une Tempéte, the Black Arts Movement, and Shakespeare’s Global Politics”

Shakespeare and Race - Espinosa.docx (12 kB)
Ruben Espinosa - Beyond The Tempest: Twin Skin and the Ethnic Divide in Shakespeare

Shakespeare and Race - Della Gatta.docx (11 kB)
Carla Della Gatta - “Ad-rap-ting the Bard: The Language and Aurality of Hip-Hop Shakespeares”

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Feb 16th, 9:30 AM Feb 16th, 11:30 AM

Shakespeare and Race [Breakfast Salon]

B Bar