Most Recent Works Submitted


The Next Generation of Scientists: Examining the Experiences of Graduate Students in Network-Level Social-Ecological Science
Michele Romolini, Sydne Record, Rebecca Garvoille, Yevgeniy Marusenko, and R. Stuart Geiger


Intra-Population Variation in Activity Ranges, Diel Patterns, Movement Rates, and Habitat Use of American Alligators in a Subtropical Estuary
Adam E. Rosenblatt, Michael R. Heithaus, Frank J. Mazzotti, Michael Cherkiss, and Brian M. Jeffery


The Roles of Large Top Predators in Coastal Ecosystems: New Insights from Long Term Ecological Research
Adam E. Rosenblatt, Michael R. Heithaus, Martha E. Mather, Philip Matich, James C. Nifong, William J. Ripple, and Brian R. Silliman

*Updated as of 07/30/14.