Most Recent Works Submitted


Global Assemblages, Resilience, and Earth Stewardship in the Anthropocene
Laura Ogden, Nik Heynen, Ulruch Oslender, Paige West, Karim-Aly Kassam, and Paul Robbins


Evidence of Recent Phosphorus Enrichment in Surface Soils of Taylor Slough and Northeast Everglades National Park
T. Z. Osborne, K. R. Reddy, L. R. Ellis, N. G. Aumen, D. D. Surratt, M. S. Zimmerman, and J. Sadle


Ecological Science and Transformation to the Sustainable City
S.T.A. Pickett, Christopher G. Boone, Brian P. McGrath, M. L. Cadenasso, Daniel L. Childers, Laura A. Ogden, Melissa McHale, and Morgan Grove


Frugivory and Seed Dispersal by Crocodilians: An Overlooked Form of Saurochory?
S. G. Platt, R. M. Elsey, H. Liu, T. R. Rainwater, J. C. Nifong, Adam E. Rosenblatt, Michael R. Heithaus, and F. J. Mazzotti


Ecological Novelty and the Emergence of Evolutionary Traps
Bruce A. Robertson, Jennifer S. Rehage, and Andrew Sih


Effects of Simulated Drought on the Carbon Balance of Everglades Short-Hydroperiod Marsh
Sparkle L. Malone, Gregory Starr, Christina L. Staudhammer, and Michael G. Ryan

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