Volume 31, Issue 1 (2013) FIU Hospitality Review v.31 i.1



To CHAE or Not to CHAE
Raymond S. Schmidgall Ph.D., CPA and James W. Damitio Ph.D. CMA


Understanding Golf Country Club Members’ Loyalty: Factors Affecting Membership Renewal Decisions
Theresa N. Clem M.S.; Swathi Ravichandran MBA, Ph.D.; and Aryn C. Karpinski Ph.D.


Restaurant Industry Perspectives on Pro-social Rule Breaking: Intent versus Action
Catherine R. Curtis Ph.D., Randall S. Upchurch Ph.D., and Duncan Dickson Ph.D.


To Chae or not to Chae
Raymond S. Schmidgall Ph.D., CPA and James W. Damitio


Mike Hampton, Dean, Florida International University

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