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This article was written to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Operation Pedro Pan and the subsequent Florida International University Libraries’ exhibition. It chronicles the events in Cuba and in Miami leading to Operation Pedro Pan, the largest exodus of unaccompanied children in the Western hemisphere. A total of 14,048 children arrived in the United States through Operation Pedro Pan between December 1960 and October 1962. Approximately half of the children did not have family in the United States and were taken under the care of Miami child welfare agencies. The impact of this large influx on an unprepared Miami, and the role and background of the person that took the lead in making this migration possible, Monsignor Bryan Walsh, are described.


This article was later edited and published:

Cauce, Rita M. "Operation Pedro Pan: Fifty Years Later," Tequesta: The Journal of History Miami 72 (2012) : 84-102.


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