FCE LTER Journal Articles



Articles from 2011


Novel methodology for in situ carbon dioxide enrichment of benthic ecosystems, Justin E. Campbell and James W. Fourqurean

Patterns of Root Dynamics in Mangrove Forests Along Environmental Gradients in the Florida Coastal Everglades, USA, Edward Castaneda-Moya, Robert R. Twilley, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Brian D. Marx, Carlos Coronado-Molina, and Sharon M. L. Ewe

Sustainability Challenges of Phosphorus and Food: Solutions from Closing the Human Phosphorus Cycle, Dan Childers, Jessica Corman, James J. Elser, and Mark Edwards


Spatio-temporal patterns and nutrient status of macroalgae in a heavily managed region of Biscayne Bay, Florida, USA, Ligia Collado-Vides, Viviana Mazzei, Travis Thyberg, and Diego Lirman


Antipredator behavior and cue recognition by multiple Everglades prey to a novel cichlid predator, K. L. Dunlop-Hayden and Jennifer S. Rehage

Pattern of nutrient availability and plant community assemblage in Everglades Tree Islands, Florida, USA, J. L. Espinar, Michael S. Ross, and Jay P. Sah

Five new species of yeasts from fresh water and marine habitats in the Florida Everglades, Jack W. Fell, Adele Statzell-Tallman, Gloria Scorzetti, and Marcelo H. Gutierrez

Integrated Ecological Modeling and Decision Analysis Within the Everglades Landscape, H. Carl Fitz, Gregory A. Kiker, and J. B. Kim

Benthic Macrophyte Distribution and Abundance in Estuarine Mangrove Lakes and Estuaries: Relationships to Environmental Variables, Thomas A. Frankovich, Douglas Morrison, and James W. Fourqurean


Book Review: Lodge, T. 2010. The Everglades Handbook: Understanding the Ecosystem. 3rd Edition. CRC Press., Evelyn E. Gaiser


Landscape patterns of periphyton in the Florida Everglades, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Paul V. McCormick, Scot E. Hagerthey, and Andrew D. Gottlieb

Everglades Periphyton: A Biogeochemical Perspective, Scot E. Hegerthey, Brent J. Bellinger, Kristin Wheeler, Miroslav Gantar, and Evelyn E. Gaiser

Projected Reorganization of Florida Bay Seagrass Communities in Response to the Increased Freshwater Inflow of Everglades Restoration, D. A. Herbert, William B. Perry, Bernard J. Cosby, and James W. Fourqurean

Biogeochemistry of Nitrogen Across the Everglades Landscape, P. W. Inglett, V. H. Rivera-Monroy, and J. R. Wozniak

Recent and Historic Drivers of Landscape Change in the Everglades Ridge, Slough, and Tree Island Mosaic, Laurel Larson, Nicholas Aumen, Christopher Bernhardt, Vic Engel, Thomas Givnish, Scot Hagerthey, Judson Harvey, Lynn Leonard, Paul McCormick, Christopher Mcvoy, Gregory Noe, Martha Nungesser, Kenneth Ritchey, Fred Sklar, Tiffany Troxler-Gann, John Volin, and Debra Willard

Temporal Population Genetic Structure of Eastern Mosquitofish in a Dynamic Aquatic Landscape, Thomas C. McElroy, Karen L. Kandel, and Joel C. Trexler

A tidal creek water budget: Estimation of groundwater discharge and overland flow using hydrologic modeling in the Southern Everglades, Béatrice Michot, Ehab A. Meselhe, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Carlos Coronado-Molina, and Robert R. Twilley

Using data from an encounter sampler to model fish dispersal, A. Obaza, D. L. DeAngelis, and Joel C. Trexler


Radiative forcing of natural forest disturbances, Thomas L. O'Halloran, Beverly E. Law, Michael L. Goulden, Zhuosen Wang, Jordan G. Barr, Crystal Schaaf, Mathew Brown, José D. Fuentes, Mathias Göckede, Andrew Black, and Vic Engel

The inclusion of differentially assessed lands in urban growth model calibration: a comparison of two approaches using SLEUTH, Jeffrey Onsted and Keith C. Clarke

Disturbance regime and limits on benefits of refuge use for fishes in a fluctuating hydroscape, Joseph J. Parkos III, Carl R. Ruetz III, and Joel C. Trexler

Photo-dissolution of flocculent, detrital material in aquatic environments: Contributions to the dissolved organic matter pool, Oliva Pisani, Youhei Yamashita, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Derivation of lake mixing and stratification indices from high-resolution lake buoy data, Jordan S. Read, David P. Hamilton, Ian D. Jones, Kohji Muraoka, Luke A. Winslow, Ryan Kroiss, Chin H. Wu, and Evelyn E. Gaiser

Experimental determination of effects of water depth on Nymphaea odorata growth, morphology and biomass allocation, Jennifer H. Richards, Tiffany Troxler-Gann, David W. Lee, and Michael S. Zimmerman

The Role of the Everglades Mangrove Ecotone Region (EMER) in Regulating Nutrient Cycling and Wetland Productivity in South Florida, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Robert R. Twilley, Stephen E. Davis, Daniel L. Childers, Marc Simard, Randolf Chambers, Rudolf Jaffe´, Joseph N. Boyer, David T. Rudnick, Kequi Zhang, Edward Castañeda-Moya, Sharon M.L. Ewe, René M. Price, Carlos Coronado-Molina, Michael S. Ross, Thomas J. Smith III, Beatrice Michot, Ehab Meselhe, William Nuttle, Tiffany G. Troxler, and Gregory B. Noe

Does variation in movement tactics and trophic interactions among American alligators create habitat linkages?, Adam E. Rosenblatt and Michael R. Heithaus

Forest Resource Islands in a Sub-tropical Marsh: Soil–Site Relationships in Everglades Hardwood Hammocks, Michael S. Ross and Jay P. Sah

Comparison of snail density, standing stock, and body size between Caribbean karst wetlands and other freshwater ecosystems, Clifton B. Ruehl and Joel C. Trexler

Sea level rise and South Florida coastal forests, Amartya K. Saha, Sonali Saha, Jimi Sadle, Jiang Jiang, Michael S. Ross, René M. Price, Leonel S.L.O. Sternberg, and Kristie S. Wendelberger


Indirect and direct controls of macroinvertebrates and small fish by abiotic factors and trophic interactions in the Florida Everglades, Brooke L. Sargeant, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Joel C. Trexler


Controls on sensible heat and latent energy fluxes from a short-hydroperiod Florida Everglades marsh, Jessica L. Schedlbauer, Steven F. Oberbauer, Gregory Starr, and Kristine L. Jimenez


Solar radiation–enhanced dissolution of particulate organic matter from coastal marine sediments, G. Christopher Shank, Anne Evans, Youhei Yamashita, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Hydrologic processes on tree islands in the Everglades (Florida, USA): tracking the effects of tree establishment and growth, Pamela L. Sullivan, René M. Price, Michael S. Ross, Leonard J. Scinto, Susana L. Stoffella, Eric Cline, Thomas W. Dreschel, and Fred H. Sklar

Possible climate change impacts on the hydrological and vegetative character of Everglades National Park, Florida, M. Jason T, R. Muneepeerakul, F. Miralles-Wilhelm, and A. Rinaldo

Diel and seasonal variation in the use of a nearshore sandflat by a ray community in a near pristine system, Jeremy J. Vaudo and Michael R. Heithaus

Ecology and distribution of diatoms in Biscayne Bay, Florida (USA): Implications for bioassessment and paleoenvironmental studies, Anna Wachnicka, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Joseph N. Boyer

Biogeochemical Processes on Tree Islands in the Greater Everglades: Initiating a New Paradigm, Paul R. Wetzel, Fred H. Sklar, Carlos A. Coronado, Tiffany Troxler-Gann, Steven L. Krupa, Pamela L. Sullivan, Sharon Ewe, René M. Price, Susan Newman, and William H. Orem

Articles from 2010


Nutrient enrichment, grazer identity, and their effects on epiphytic algal assemblages: field experiments in subtropical turtlegrass Thalassia testudinum meadows, Lesley P. Baggett, Kenneth L. Heck Jr., Thomas A. Frankovich, A R. Armitage, and James W. Fourqurean


Controls on mangrove forest-atmosphere carbon dioxide exchanges in western Everglades National Park, Jordan G. Barr, Vic Engel, Jose D. Fuentes, Joseph C. Zieman, Thomas L. O’Halloran, Thomas J. Smith III, and Gordon H. Anderson

Sediment and Nutrient Deposition Associated with Hurricane Wilma in Mangroves of the Florida Coastal Everglades, Edward Castañeda-Moya, Robert R. Twilley, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Keqi Zhang, Stephen E. Davis III, and Michael Ross

Comparative study of dissolved organic matter from groundwater and surface water in the Florida coastal Everglades using multi-dimensional spectrofluorometry combined with multivariate statistics, Meilian Chen, René M. Price, and Youhei Yamashita

Fish population dynamics in a seasonally varying wetland, Donald L. DeAngelis, Joel C. Trexler, Chris Cosner, Adam Obaza, and Fred Jopp


Impacts of hurricanes on surface water flow within a wetland, Yang Deng, Helena M. Solo-Gabriele, Michael Laas, Lynn Leonard, Dan Childers, Guoqing He, and Victor Engel

Artificial reefs concentrate nutrients and alter benthic community structure in an oligotrophic, subtropical estuary, Bryan M. Dewsbury and James W. Fourqurean

Patterns and ecosystem consequences of shark declines in the ocean, Francesco Ferretti, Boris Worm, Gregory L. Britten, Michael R. Heithaus, and Heike K. Lotze

Epiphyte loads on seagrasses and microphytobenthos abundance are not reliable indicators of nutrient availability in oligotrophic coastal ecosystems, James W. Fourqurean, Meredith F. Muth, and Joseph N. Boyer

Are mangroves in the tropical Atlantic ripe for invasion? Exotic mangrove trees in the forests of South Florida, James W. Fourqurean, Thomas J. Smith III, Jennifer Possley, Timothy M. Collins, David W. Lee, and Sandra Namoff

Mastogloia smithii var lacustris Grun.: A Structural Engineer of Calcareous Mats in Karstic Subtropical Wetlands, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Josette M. La Hée, Franco A.C. Tobias, and Anna H. Wachnicka

Hydrologic Dynamics of the Ground-Water-Dependent Sian Ka’an Wetlands, Mexico, Derived from InSAR and SAR Data, Bibi R.N. Gondwe, Sang-Hoon Hong, Shimon Wdowinski, and Peter Bauer-Gottwein

Across-scale patterning of plant-soil-water interactions surrounding tree islands in Southern Everglades landscapes, Erin j. Hanan and Michael S. Ross

Multi-Scaled Grassland-Woody Plant Dynamics in the Heterogeneous Marl Prairies of the Southern Everglades, Erin j. Hanan, Michael S. Ross, Pablo L. Ruiz, and Jay P. Sah

Factors Controlling Surface Water Flow in a Low-gradient Subtropical Wetland, Guoqing He, Victor Engel, Lynn Leonard, Alex Croft, Dan Childers, Michael Laas, Yang Deng, and Helena M. Solo-Gabriele

Evaluation of TerraSAR-X Observations for Wetland InSAR Application, Sang-Hoon Hong, Shimon Wdowinski, and Sang-Wan Kim

Multi-temporal monitoring of wetland water levels in the Florida Everglades using interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR), Sang-Hoon Hong, Shimon Wdowinski, Sang-Wan Kim, and Joong-Sun Won

Modeling seasonal dynamics of small fish cohorts in fluctuating freshwater marsh landscapes, Fred Jopp, Donald L. DeAngelis, and Joel C. Trexler

Temporal and Spatial Variability of Mesozooplankton in a Shallow Sub-Tropical Bay: Influence of Top-Down Control, Christopher R. Kelble, Peter B. Ortner, Gary L. Hitchcock, Michael J. Dagg, and Joseph N. Boyer

Legacy and Fate of Mercury and Methylmercury in the Florida Everglades, Guangliang Liu, G. Melodie Naja, Peter Kalla, Dan Sceidt, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Yong Cai


Contrasting patterns of individual specialization and trophic coupling in two marine apex predators, Philip Matich, Michael R. Heithaus, and Craig A. Layman


Size-based variation in intertissue comparisons of stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic signatures of bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) and tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier), Philip Matich, Michael R. Heithaus, and Craig A. Layman

Forecasting enrollment in differential assessment programs using cellular automata, Jeffrey A. Onsted and Keith C. Clark


Adsorption and desorption of phosphate on limestone in experiments simulating seawater intrusion, René M. Price, M. Reza Savabi, Jean L. Jolicoeur, and Srikumar Roy

Modeling Nymphoides architecture: A morphological analysis of Nymphoides aquatica (Menyanthaceae), Jennifer H. Richards, Marlene Dow, and Tiffany Troxler-Gann

Salinity and Chlorophyll a as Performance Measures to Rehabilitate a Mangrove-Dominated Deltaic Coastal Region: the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta–Pajarales Lagoon Complex, Colombia, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Robert R. Twilley, J. Ernesto Mancera-Pineda, Christopher J. Madden, Ariel Alcantara-Eguren, E. Barry Moser, Bror F. Johnson, Edward Castañeda-Moya, Oscar Casas-Monroy, Paola Reyes-Forero, and Jorge Restrepo


Using Florida Keys Reference Sites As a Standard for Restoration of Forest Structure in Everglades Tree Islands, Michael S. Ross, Danielle E. Ogurcak, Jay P. Sah, and Pablo L. Ruiz

Water source utilization and foliar nutrient status differs between upland and flooded plant communities in wetland tree islands, Amartya K. Saha, Leonel da Silveira O’Reilly Sternberg, Michael S. Ross, and Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm


Seasonal differences in the CO2 exchange of a short-hydroperiod Florida Everglades marsh, Jessica L. Schedlbauer, Steven F. Oberbauer, Gregory Starr, and Kristine L. Jimenez

Predator–prey naïveté, antipredator behavior, and the ecology of predator invasions, Andrew Sih, Daniel I. Bolnick, Barney Luttberg, John L. Orrock, Scott D. Peacor, Lauren M. Pintor, Evan Preisser, Jennifer H. Rehage, and James R. Vonesh


Fire and grazing in a mesic tallgrass prairie: impacts on plant species and functional traits, Marko J. Spasojevic, Rebecca J. Aicher, Gregory R. Koch, Emily S. Marquardt, Nicholas Mirotchnick, Tiffany G. Troxler, and Scott Collins


Lake metabolism and the diel oxygen technique: State of the science, Peter A, Staehr; Darren Bade; Matthew C. Van de Bogert; Gregory R. Koch; Craig Williamson; Paul Hanson; Jonathan J. Cole; and Tim Kratz


Survival and growth responses of eight Everglades tree species along an experimental hydrological gradient on two tree island types, Susana L. Stoffella, Michael S. Ross, Jay P. Sah, René M. Price, Pamela L. Sullivan, Eric A. Cline, and Leonard J. Scinto

Hydrological drivers of wetland vegetation community distribution within Everglades National Park, Florida, M. Jason Todd, R. Muneepeerakul, D. Pumo, S. Azaele, F. Miralles-Wilhelm, A. Rinaldo, and I. Rodriguez-Iturbe

Biogeochemical Contributions of Tree Islands to Everglades Wetland Landscape Nitrogen Cycling During Seasonal Inundation, Tiffany Troxler-Gann and Dan Childers

Mother–offspring isotope fractionation in two species of placentatrophic sharks, Jeremy J. Vaudo, P. Matich, and Michael R. Heithaus

Distribution of Diatoms and Development of Diatom-Based Models for Inferring Salinity and Nutrient Concentrations in Florida Bay and Adjacent Coastal Wetlands of South Florida (USA), Anna Wachnicka, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Laurel Collins, Thomas J. Frankovich, and Joseph N. Boyer

Determination of vertical and horizontal pathways of injected fresh wastewater into a deep saline aquifer (Florida, USA) using natural chemical tracers, Virginia Walsh and René M. Price


The Engaged University: Providing a Platform for Research That Transforms Society, Ali Whitmer, Laura Ogden, John Lawton, Pat Sturner, Peter M. Groffman, Laura Schnieder, David Hart, Benjamin Halpern, William Schlesinger, Steve Raciti, Sonia Ortega, Lindsey Rustad, Steward TA Pickett, and Mary Killilea

Articles from 2009


Stable isotopes reveal complex changes in trophic relationships following nutrient addition in a coastal marine ecosystem, Anna R. Armitage and James W. Fourqurean

Stream dissolved organic matter bioavailability and composition in watersheds underlain with discontinuous permafrost, Kelly L. Balcarczyk, Jeremy B. Jones Jr., Rudolf Jaffe´, and Nagamitsu Maie


Physiological responses of red mangroves to the climate in the Florida Everglades, Jordan G. Barr, Jose D. Fuentes, Vic Engel, and Joseph C. Zieman

Phytoplankton bloom status: Chlorophyll a biomass as an indicator of water quality condition in the southern estuaries of Florida, USA, Joseph N. Boyer, Christopher R. Kelble, Peter B. Ortner, and David T. Rudnick


Climatic Controls on Phytoplankton Biomass in a Sub-tropical Estuary, Florida Bay, USA, Henry O. Briceño and Joseph N. Boyer

Pink shrimp as an indicator for restoration of everglades ecosystems, Joan A. Browder and Michael B. Robblee


Interspecific variation in the elemental and stable isotope content of seagrasses in South Florida, Justin E. Campbell and James W. Fourqurean

Nonlinear Flow in Karst Formations, David A. Chin, René M. Price, and Vincent J. Difrenna

Editorial - Ecological Indicators, Robert F. Doren

A conceptual ecological model to facilitate understanding the role of invasive species in large-scale ecosystem restoration, Robert F. Doren, Jennifer H. Richards, and John C. Volin

Ecological indicators for system-wide assessment of the greater everglades ecosystem restoration program, Robert F. Doren, Joel C. Trexler, Andrew D. Gottlieb, and Mathew C. Harwell

Invasive exotic plant indicators for ecosystem restoration: An example from the Everglades restoration program, Robert F. Doren, John C. Volin, and Jennifer H. Richards

Nutrient effects on seagrass epiphyte community structure in Florida Bay, Thomas A. Frankovich, Anna R. Armitage, Anna Honorata Wachnicka, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and James W. Fourqurean


The White Ibis and Wood Stork as indicators for restoration of the everglades ecosystem, Peter Frederick, Dale E. Gawlik, John C. Ogden, Mark I. Cook, and Michael Lusk


Periphyton as an indicator of restoration in the Everglades, Evelyn E. Gaiser


Multidecadal climate oscillations detected in a transparency record from a subtropical Florida lake, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Nancy D. Deyrup, Roger W. Bachmann, Larry D. Battoe, and Hilary M. Swain

Effects of climate variability on transparency and thermal structure in subtropical, monomictic Lake Annie, Florida, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Nancy D. Deyrup, Roger W. Bachmann, Larry E. Battoe, and Hilary M. Swain


Florida Bay: Water quality status and trends, historic and emerging algal bloom problems, Patricia M. Glibert, Cynthia A. Heil, David T. Rudnick, Christopher J. Madden, Joseph N. Boyer, and Stephen P. Kelley


Submerged aquatic vegetation and bulrush in Lake Okeechobee as indicators of greater Everglades ecosystem restoration, Mathew C. Harwell and Bruce Sharfstein

Physical factors influencing the distribution of a top predator in a subtropical oligotrophic estuary, Michael R. Heithaus, Bryan K. Delius, Aaron J. Wirsing, and Meagan M. Dunphy-Daly

Phosphorus Availability and Salinity Control Productivity and Demography of the Seagrass Thalassia testudinum in Florida Bay, D. A. Herbert and James W. Fourqurean

Changes in Community Structure of Sediment Bacteria Along the Florida Coastal Everglades Marsh–Mangrove–Seagrass Salinity Gradient, Makoto Ikenaga, Rafael Guevara, Amanda L. Dean, Cristina Pisani, and Joseph N. Boyer


Roseate spoonbill reproduction as an indicator for restoration of the Everglades and the Everglades estuaries, Jerome J. Lorenz, Brynne Langan-Mulrooney, Peter E. Frezza, Rebecca G. Harvey, and Frank J. Mazzotti

Ecological indicators for assessing and communicating seagrass status and trends in Florida Bay, Christopher J. Madden, David T. Rudnick, Amanda A. MacDonald, Kevin M. Cunniff, and James W. Fourqurean