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Articles from 2013

Leaf Gas Exchange and Nutrient Use Efficiency Help Explain the Distribution of Two Neotropical Mangroves under Contrasting Flooding and Salinity, Pablo Cardona-Olarte, Ken W. Krauss, and Robert R. Twilley

Allocation of Biomass and Net Primary Productivity of Mangrove Forests along Environmental Gradients in the Florida Coastal Everglades, USA, Edward Castañeda-Moya, Robert R. Twilley, and Victor H. Rivera-Monroy

Spatial and Temporal Variability of Dissolved Organic Matter Quantity and Composition in an Oilgotrophic Subtropical Coastal Wetland, Meilian Chen, Nagamitsu Maie, Kathleen Parish, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Dissolved Black Nitrogen (DBN) in Freshwater Environments, Yan Ding, Akira Watanabe, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Trait Contributions to Fish Community Assembly Emerge From Trophic Interactions in an Individual-Based Model, Henrique C. Giacomini, Donald L. DeAngelis, Joel C. Trexler, and Miguel Petrere Jr.


The Importance of Dissimilatory Nitrate Reduction to Ammonium (DNRA) in the Nitrogen Cycle of Coastal Ecosystems, Anne E. Giblin, Craig R. Tobias, Bongkeun Song, Nathaniel Weston, Gary T. Banta, and Victor H. Rivera-Monroy

Diatom-based Models for Inferring Hydrology and Periphyton Abundance in a Subtropical Karstic Wetland: Implications for Ecosystem-Scale Bioassessment, Sylvia S. Lee, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Joel C. Trexler

Envekadea Metzeltinii Sp. Nov., A New Diatom (Bacillariophyta) Species from the Subtropical Karstic Wetlands of the Florida Everglades, U.S.A., Sylvia S. Lee, Franco A.C. Tobias, and Bart Van De Vijver


Photochemical and Microbial Alteration of Dissolved Organic Matter in Temperate Headwater Streams Associated with Different Land Use, Yuehan Lu, James E. Bauer, Elizabeth A. Canuel, Youhei Yamashita, R. M. Chambers, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Effects of Simulated Drought on the Carbon Balance of Everglades Short-Hydroperiod Marsh, Sparkle L. Malone, Gregory Starr, Christina L. Staudhammer, and Michael G. Ryan

Regional climate gradients in precipitation and temperature in response to climate teleconnections in the Greater Everglades ecosystem of South Florida, Christopher S. Moses, William T. Anderson, Colin Saunders, and Fred Sklar

Animals, Plants, People, and Things: A Review of Multispecies Ethnography, Laura Ogden, Billy Hall, and Kamiko Tanita


Global Assemblages, Resilience, and Earth Stewardship in the Anthropocene, Laura Ogden, Nik Heynen, Ulruch Oslender, Paige West, Karim-Aly Kassam, and Paul Robbins


A 2,500-year record of environmental change in Highlands Hammock State Park (Central Florida, U.S.A.) inferred from siliceous microfossils, Christof Pearce, Holger Cremer, Emmy Lammertsma, and Friederike Wagner-Cremer

Ecological Science and Transformation to the Sustainable City, S.T.A. Pickett, Christopher G. Boone, Brian P. McGrath, M. L. Cadenasso, Daniel L. Childers, Laura A. Ogden, Melissa McHale, and Morgan Grove

Biomarker Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Changes in the Composition of Flocculent Material (Floc) in the Subtropical Wetland of the Florida Coastal Everglades, Oliva Pisani, J. William Louda, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Frugivory and Seed Dispersal by Crocodilians: An Overlooked Form of Saurochory?, S. G. Platt, R. M. Elsey, H. Liu, T. R. Rainwater, J. C. Nifong, Adam E. Rosenblatt, Michael R. Heithaus, and F. J. Mazzotti

Diatom-based paleolimnological reconstruction of regional climate and local land-use change from a protected sinkhole lake in southern Florida, USA, Amanda K. Quillen, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Eric C. Grimm

Ecological Novelty and the Emergence of Evolutionary Traps, Bruce A. Robertson, Jennifer S. Rehage, and Andrew Sih


The Next Generation of Scientists: Examining the Experiences of Graduate Students in Network-Level Social-Ecological Science, Michele Romolini, Sydne Record, Rebecca Garvoille, Yevgeniy Marusenko, and R. Stuart Geiger


The Roles of Large Top Predators in Coastal Ecosystems: New Insights from Long Term Ecological Research, Adam E. Rosenblatt, Michael R. Heithaus, Martha E. Mather, Philip Matich, James C. Nifong, William J. Ripple, and Brian R. Silliman

Intra-Population Variation in Activity Ranges, Diel Patterns, Movement Rates, and Habitat Use of American Alligators in a Subtropical Estuary, Adam E. Rosenblatt, Michael R. Heithaus, Frank J. Mazzotti, Michael Cherkiss, and Brian M. Jeffery


A Suite of Prey Traits Determine Predator and Nutrient Enrichment Effects in a Tri-Trophic Food Chain, Clifton B. Ruehl and Joel C. Trexler


Tree Island Response to Fire and Flooding in the Short-Hydroperiod Marl Prairie Grasslands of the Florida Everglades, Pablo L. Ruiz, Jay P. Sah, Michael S. Ross, and Adam S. Spitzig

Challenges in using siliceous subfossils as a tool for inferring past water level and hydroperiod in Everglades marshes, Christopher Sanchez, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Colin J. Saunders, Anna H. Wachnicka, Nicholas Oehm, and Christopher Craft

Sediment Accretion and Organic Carbon Burial Relative to Sea-Level Rise and Storm Events in Two Mangrove Forests in Everglades National Park, Joseph M. Smoak, Joshua L. Breithaupt, Thomas J. Smith III, and Christian J. Sanders

Sediment accretion and organic carbon burial relative to sea-level rise and storm events in two mangrove forests in Everglades National Park, Joseph M. Smoak, Joshua L. Breithaupt, Thomas J. Smith III, and Christian J. Sanders


Integrated Carbon Budget Models for the Everglades Terrestrial-Coastal-Oceanic Gradient: Current Status and Needs for Inter-Site Comparisons, Tiffany G. Troxler, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Jordan Barr, Joseph D. Fuentes, Rudolf Jaffe´, Daniel L. Childers, Ligia Collado-Vides, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Edward Castañeda-Moya, William T. Anderson, Randy Chambers, Meilian Chen, Carlos Coronado-Molina, Stephen E. Davis, Victor Engel, Carl Fitz, James W. Fourqurean, Thomas A. Frankovich, John Kominoski, Chris Madden, Sparkle L. Malone, Steve F. Oberbauer, Paulo Olivas, Jennifer H. Richards, Colin Saunders, Jessica Schedlbauer, Leanord J. Scinto, Fred Sklar, Tom Smith, Joseph M. Smoak, Gregory Starr, Robert R. Twilley, and Kevin R.T. Whelan

Response of diatom assemblages to 130 years of environmental change in Florida Bay (USA), Anna Wachnicka, Laurel S. Collins, and Evelyn E. Gaiser

Correspondence of historic salinity fluctuations in Florida Bay, USA, to atmospheric variability and anthropogenic changes, Anna Wachnicka, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Laurel S. Collins

Impact of Late Holocene climate variability and anthropogenic activities on Biscayne Bay (Florida, U.S.A.): Evidence from diatoms, Anna Wachnicka, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Lynn Wingard, Henry Briceño, and Peter Harlem

Impact of Late Holocene Climate Variability and Anthropogenic Activities on Biscayne Bay (Florida, U.S.A.): Evidence From Diatoms, Anna Honorata Wachnicka, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Lynn Wingard, Henry O. Briceño, and Peter Harlem

Historic primary producer communities linked to water quality and hydrologic changes in the northern Everglades, Matthew N. Waters, Joseph M. Smoak, and Colin J. Saunders


Remote-Sensing Monitoring of Tide Propagation Through Coastal Wetlands, Shimon Wdowinski, Sang-Hoon Hong, Amanda Mulcan, and Brian Brisco


Evaluating the Distribution of Terrestrial Dissolved Organic Matter in a Complex Coastal Ecosystem Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Youhei Yamashita, Joseph N. Boyer, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Simulating Mechanisms for Dispersal, Production and Stranding of Small Forage Fish in Temporary Wetland Habitats, Simeon Yurek, Donald L. DeAngelis, Joel C. Trexler, Fred Jopp, and Douglas D. Donalson

Articles from 2012


Hurricane disturbance and recovery of energy balance, CO2 fluxes and canopy structure in a mangrove forest of the Florida Everglades, Jordan G. Barr, Vic Engel, Thomas J. Smith, and Jose D. Fuentes

Fatty acids and stable isotopes as indicators of early-life feeding and potential maternal resource dependency in the bull shark Carcharhinus leucas, Laura L. Belicka, Philip Matich, Rudolf Jaffe, and Michael R. Heithaus

A molecular and stable isotopic approach to investigate the importance of algal and detrital energy pathways in a freshwater marsh, Laura L. Belicka, Eric R. Sokol, J. Matthew Hoch, Rudolf Jaffe, and Joel C. Trexler

An assessment of natural and human disturbance effects on Mexican ecosystems: current trends and research gaps, Luis E. Calderon-Aguilera, Vıctor H. Rivera-Monroy, Luciana Porter-Bolland, Angelina Martinez-Yrizar, Lydia B. Ladah, Miguel Martinez-Ramos, Javier Alcocer, Ana Luisa Santiago-Perez, Hector A. Hernandez-Arana, Victor M. Reyes-Gomez, Diego R. Perez-Salicrup, Vicente Dıaz-Nun˜ez, Joaquin Sosa-Ramırez, Jorge Herrera-Silveira, and Alberto Burquez


Negative relationships between the nutrient and carbohydrate content of the seagrass Thalassia testudinum, Justin E. Campbell, Laura A. Yarbro, and James W. Fourqurean

Dissolved Black Carbon in Grassland Streams: Is There an Effect of Recent Fire History?, Yan Ding, Youhei Yamashita, Walter K. Dodds, and Rudolf Jaffe´


Surprises and Insights from Long-Term Aquatic Data Sets and Experiments, Walter K. Dodds, Christopher T. Robinson, E. E. Gaiser, Gretchen J.A. Hansen, Heather Powell, Joseph M. Smith, Nathaniel B. Morse, Sherri L. Johnson, Stanley V. Gregory, Tisza Bell, Timothy K. Kratz, and William H. McDowell

Seagrass ecosystems as a globally significant carbon stock, James W. Fourqurean, Carlos M. Duarte, Hilary Kennedy, Núria Marbà, Marianne Holmer, Miguel Angel Mateo, Eugenia T. Apostolaki, Gary A. Kendrick, Dorte Krause-Jensen, Karen J. McGlathery, and Oscar Serrano


Carbon and nutrient storage in subtropical seagrass meadows: examples from Florida Bay and Shark Bay, James W. Fourqurean, Gary Kendrick, Rudolph Chambers, Laurel Collins, and Mathew Vanderklift


Canals as Vectors for Fish Movement: Potential Southward Range Expansion of Lepisosteus osseus L. (Longnose Gar) in South Florida, David A. Gandy, Jennifer S. Rehage, Jay W. Munyon, Kelly B. Gestring, and John I. Galvez


Heterogeneity in Residential Yard Care: Evidence from Boston, Miami, and Phoenix, Edmund M. Harris, Colin Polsky, Kelli L. Larson, Rebecca Garvoille, Jaleila Brumand, and Laura Ogden

Science behind management of Shark Bay and Florida Bay, two P-limited subtropical systems with different climatology and human pressures, Gary A. Kendrick, James W. Fourqurean, Mathew A. Fraser, Michael R. Heithaus, Gary D. Jackson, Kim Freidman, and David Hallac

Seagrass sediments as a global carbon sink: Isotopic constraints, Hilary Kennedy, Jeff Beggins, Carlos M. Duarte, James W. Fourqurean, Marianne Holmer, Núria Marbà, and Jack J. Middleburg

Hydrological Conditions Control P Loading and Aquatic Metabolism in an Oligotrophic, Subtropical Estuary, Gregory R. Koch, Dan Childers, Peter A. Staehr, René M. Price, Stephen E. Davis, and Evelyn E. Gaiser

Benthic diatom assemblages as indicators of water quality in the Everglades and three tropical karstic wetlands, Josette M. La Hée and Evelyn E. Gaiser


Applying stable isotopes to examine food-web structure: an overview of analytical tools, Craig A. Layman, Marcio S. Araujo, Ross Boucek, Caroline M. Hammerschlag-Peyer, Elizabeth Harrison, Zachary R. Jud, Philip Matich, Adam E. Rosenblatt, Jeremy J. Vaudo, Lauren A. Yeager, David M. Post, and Stuart Bearhop

Nonnative African jewelfish are more fit but not bolder at the invasion front: a trait comparison across an Everglades range expansion, D. P. Lopez, A. A. Jungman, and J S. Rehage

Application of excitation emission matrix fluorescence monitoring in the assessment of spatial and seasonal drivers of dissolved organic matter composition: Sources and physical disturbance controls, N. Maie, Y. Yamashita, R. M. Cory, Joseph N. Boyer, and Rudolf Jaffe´


Effects of an extreme temperature event on the behavior and age structure of an estuarine top predator, Carcharhinus leucas, Philip Matich and Michael R. Heithaus

Segregation of Palaemonid Shrimp Along an Everglades Estuarine Gradient: Do Multiple Species Have Similar Trophic Function?, Lauren C. Mccarthy, William F. Loftus, and Jennifer S. Rehage

American Alligator Digestion Rate of Blue Crabs and Its Implications for Stomach Contents Analysis, James C. Nifong, Adam E. Rosenblatt, Nathan A. Johnson, William Barichivich, Brian R. Silliman, and Michael R. Heithaus

Multiple predator effects and native prey responses to two non-native Everglades cichlids, Ashley E. Porter-Whitaker, Jennifer S. Rehage, Shawn E. Liston, and William F. Loftus


Slow Isotope Turnover Rates and Low Discrimination Values in the American Alligator: Implications for Interpretation of Ectotherm Stable Isotope Data, Adam E. Rosenblatt and Michael R. Heithaus

Effect of leaf-cutting ant nests on plant growth in an oligotrophic Amazon rain forest, Amartya K. Saha, Karine S. Carvalho, Leonel da S.L. Sternberg, and Paulo Moutinho

A Hydrological Budget (2002–2008) for a Large Subtropical Wetland Ecosystem Indicates Marine Groundwater Discharge Accompanies Diminished Freshwater Flow, Amrtya K. Saha, Christopher S. Moses, René M. Price, Victor Engel, Thomas J. Smith III, and Gordon Anderson


Controls on Ecosystem Carbon Dioxide Exchange in Short- and Long-Hydroperiod Florida Everglades Freshwater Marshes, Jessica L. Schedlbauer, Jay W. Munyon, Steven F. Oberbauer, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Gregory Starr

The role of recharge and evapotranspiration as hydraulic drivers of ion concentrations in shallow groundwater on Everglades tree islands, Florida (USA), Pamela L. Sullivan, René M. Price, Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Michael S. Ross, Leonard J. Scinto, Thomas W. Dreschel, Fred H. Sklar, and Eric Cline

Patterns of Soil Bacteria and Canopy Community Structure Related to Tropical Peatland Development, Tiffany Troxler-Gann, Makotot Ikenaga, Leonard Scinto, Joseph N. Boyer, Richard Condit, Rolando Perez, George D. Gann, and Dan Childers

Contributions of humic substances to the dissolved organic carbon pool in wetlands from different climates, Akira Watanabe, Kunio Moroi, Hiromu Sato, Kiyoshi Tsutsuki, Nagamitsu Maie, Lulie Melling, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Articles from 2011


Long-Term Effects of Adding Nutrients to an Oligotrophic Coastal Environment, Anna R. Armitage, Thomas A. Frankovich, and James W. Fourqurean


Novel methodology for in situ carbon dioxide enrichment of benthic ecosystems, Justin E. Campbell and James W. Fourqurean

Patterns of Root Dynamics in Mangrove Forests Along Environmental Gradients in the Florida Coastal Everglades, USA, Edward Castaneda-Moya, Robert R. Twilley, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Brian D. Marx, Carlos Coronado-Molina, and Sharon M. L. Ewe

Sustainability Challenges of Phosphorus and Food: Solutions from Closing the Human Phosphorus Cycle, Dan Childers, Jessica Corman, James J. Elser, and Mark Edwards


Spatio-temporal patterns and nutrient status of macroalgae in a heavily managed region of Biscayne Bay, Florida, USA, Ligia Collado-Vides, Viviana Mazzei, Travis Thyberg, and Diego Lirman


Antipredator behavior and cue recognition by multiple Everglades prey to a novel cichlid predator, K. L. Dunlop-Hayden and Jennifer S. Rehage

Pattern of nutrient availability and plant community assemblage in Everglades Tree Islands, Florida, USA, J. L. Espinar, Michael S. Ross, and Jay P. Sah

Five new species of yeasts from fresh water and marine habitats in the Florida Everglades, Jack W. Fell, Adele Statzell-Tallman, Gloria Scorzetti, and Marcelo H. Gutierrez

Integrated Ecological Modeling and Decision Analysis Within the Everglades Landscape, H. Carl Fitz, Gregory A. Kiker, and J. B. Kim

Benthic Macrophyte Distribution and Abundance in Estuarine Mangrove Lakes and Estuaries: Relationships to Environmental Variables, Thomas A. Frankovich, Douglas Morrison, and James W. Fourqurean


Book Review: Lodge, T. 2010. The Everglades Handbook: Understanding the Ecosystem. 3rd Edition. CRC Press., Evelyn E. Gaiser


Landscape patterns of periphyton in the Florida Everglades, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Paul V. McCormick, Scot E. Hagerthey, and Andrew D. Gottlieb

Everglades Periphyton: A Biogeochemical Perspective, Scot E. Hegerthey, Brent J. Bellinger, Kristin Wheeler, Miroslav Gantar, and Evelyn E. Gaiser

Projected Reorganization of Florida Bay Seagrass Communities in Response to the Increased Freshwater Inflow of Everglades Restoration, D. A. Herbert, William B. Perry, Bernard J. Cosby, and James W. Fourqurean

Biogeochemistry of Nitrogen Across the Everglades Landscape, P. W. Inglett, V. H. Rivera-Monroy, and J. R. Wozniak

Recent and Historic Drivers of Landscape Change in the Everglades Ridge, Slough, and Tree Island Mosaic, Laurel Larson, Nicholas Aumen, Christopher Bernhardt, Vic Engel, Thomas Givnish, Scot Hagerthey, Judson Harvey, Lynn Leonard, Paul McCormick, Christopher Mcvoy, Gregory Noe, Martha Nungesser, Kenneth Ritchey, Fred Sklar, Tiffany Troxler-Gann, John Volin, and Debra Willard

Temporal Population Genetic Structure of Eastern Mosquitofish in a Dynamic Aquatic Landscape, Thomas C. McElroy, Karen L. Kandel, and Joel C. Trexler

A tidal creek water budget: Estimation of groundwater discharge and overland flow using hydrologic modeling in the Southern Everglades, Béatrice Michot, Ehab A. Meselhe, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Carlos Coronado-Molina, and Robert R. Twilley

Using data from an encounter sampler to model fish dispersal, A. Obaza, D. L. DeAngelis, and Joel C. Trexler


Radiative forcing of natural forest disturbances, Thomas L. O'Halloran, Beverly E. Law, Michael L. Goulden, Zhuosen Wang, Jordan G. Barr, Crystal Schaaf, Mathew Brown, José D. Fuentes, Mathias Göckede, Andrew Black, and Vic Engel

The inclusion of differentially assessed lands in urban growth model calibration: a comparison of two approaches using SLEUTH, Jeffrey Onsted and Keith C. Clarke

Disturbance regime and limits on benefits of refuge use for fishes in a fluctuating hydroscape, Joseph J. Parkos III, Carl R. Ruetz III, and Joel C. Trexler

Photo-dissolution of flocculent, detrital material in aquatic environments: Contributions to the dissolved organic matter pool, Oliva Pisani, Youhei Yamashita, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Derivation of lake mixing and stratification indices from high-resolution lake buoy data, Jordan S. Read, David P. Hamilton, Ian D. Jones, Kohji Muraoka, Luke A. Winslow, Ryan Kroiss, Chin H. Wu, and Evelyn E. Gaiser

Experimental determination of effects of water depth on Nymphaea odorata growth, morphology and biomass allocation, Jennifer H. Richards, Tiffany Troxler-Gann, David W. Lee, and Michael S. Zimmerman

The Role of the Everglades Mangrove Ecotone Region (EMER) in Regulating Nutrient Cycling and Wetland Productivity in South Florida, Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Robert R. Twilley, Stephen E. Davis, Daniel L. Childers, Marc Simard, Randolf Chambers, Rudolf Jaffe´, Joseph N. Boyer, David T. Rudnick, Kequi Zhang, Edward Castañeda-Moya, Sharon M.L. Ewe, René M. Price, Carlos Coronado-Molina, Michael S. Ross, Thomas J. Smith III, Beatrice Michot, Ehab Meselhe, William Nuttle, Tiffany G. Troxler, and Gregory B. Noe

Does variation in movement tactics and trophic interactions among American alligators create habitat linkages?, Adam E. Rosenblatt and Michael R. Heithaus

Forest Resource Islands in a Sub-tropical Marsh: Soil–Site Relationships in Everglades Hardwood Hammocks, Michael S. Ross and Jay P. Sah

Comparison of snail density, standing stock, and body size between Caribbean karst wetlands and other freshwater ecosystems, Clifton B. Ruehl and Joel C. Trexler

Sea level rise and South Florida coastal forests, Amartya K. Saha, Sonali Saha, Jimi Sadle, Jiang Jiang, Michael S. Ross, René M. Price, Leonel S.L.O. Sternberg, and Kristie S. Wendelberger


Indirect and direct controls of macroinvertebrates and small fish by abiotic factors and trophic interactions in the Florida Everglades, Brooke L. Sargeant, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Joel C. Trexler


Controls on sensible heat and latent energy fluxes from a short-hydroperiod Florida Everglades marsh, Jessica L. Schedlbauer, Steven F. Oberbauer, Gregory Starr, and Kristine L. Jimenez


Solar radiation–enhanced dissolution of particulate organic matter from coastal marine sediments, G. Christopher Shank, Anne Evans, Youhei Yamashita, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Hydrologic processes on tree islands in the Everglades (Florida, USA): tracking the effects of tree establishment and growth, Pamela L. Sullivan, René M. Price, Michael S. Ross, Leonard J. Scinto, Susana L. Stoffella, Eric Cline, Thomas W. Dreschel, and Fred H. Sklar

Possible climate change impacts on the hydrological and vegetative character of Everglades National Park, Florida, M. Jason T, R. Muneepeerakul, F. Miralles-Wilhelm, and A. Rinaldo