FCE LTER Journal Articles



Articles from 2016


Carbon storage in seagrass soils: long-term nutrient history exceeds the effects of near-term nutrient enrichment, A. R. Armitage and James W. Fourqurean


Mechanisms That Generate Resource Pulses in a Fluctuating Wetland, Bryan A. Boston, Dale E. Gawlik, and Joel C. Trexler


A review of subtropical community resistance and resilience to extreme cold spells, Ross E. Boucek, Evelyn E. Gaiser, H. Liu, and Jennifer S. Rehage

A once in 10 year drought alters the magnitude and quality of a floodplain prey subsidy to coastal river fishes, Ross E. Boucek, Mariajesus Soula, Felipe Tamayo, and Jennifer S. Rehage


Contributions of organic and inorganic matter to sediment volume and accretion in tidal wetlands at steady state, James T. Morris, Donald C. Barber, John C. Callaway, Randy Chambers, Scott C. Hagen, Charles S. Hopkins, Beverly J. Johnson, Patrick Megonigal, Scott C. Neubauer, Tiffany Troxler-Gann, and Cathleen Wigand


InSAR-Based Mapping of Tidal Inundation Extent and Amplitude in Louisiana Coastal Wetlands, Talib Oliver-Cabrera and Shimon Wdowinski


Knocking back invasions: variable resistance and resilience to multiple cold spells in native vs. nonnative fishes, Jennifer S. Rehage, Jesse R. Blanchard, Ross E. Boucek, J. J. Lorenz, and M. Robinson


The adaptive evolution of herbivory in freshwater systems, Jessica L. Sanchez and Joel C. Trexler


Nitrogen export from a boreal stream network following forest harvesting: seasonal nitrate removal and conservative export of organic forms, J. Schelker, R. Sponseller, E. Ring, S. Löfgren, and H. Laudon


Resilience of a tropical sport fish population to a severe cold event varies across five estuaries in southern Florida, P. W. Stevens, D. A. Blewett, Ross E. Boucek, Jennifer S. Rehage, B. L. Winner, J. M. Young, J. A. Whittington, and R. Paperno


Remote sensing of seasonal changes and disturbances in mangrove forest: a case study from South Florida, Keqi Zhang, Bina Thapa, Michael S. Ross, and Daniel Gann


Global parameterization and validation of a two-leaf light use efficiency model for predicting gross primary production across FLUXNET sites, Yanlian Zhou, Xiaocui Wu, Weimin Ju, Jing M. Chen, Shaoqiang Wang, Huimin Wang, Wenping Yuan, T. Andrew Black, Rachhpal Jassal, Andreas Ibrom, Shijie Han, Junhua Yan, Hank Margolis, Olivier Roupsard, Yingnian Li, Fenghua Zhao, Gerard Kiely, Gregory Starr, Marian Pavelka, Leonardo Montagnani, Georg Wohlfahrt, Petra D'Odorico, David Cook, M. Altaf Arain, Damien Bonal, Jason Beringer, Peter D. Blanken, Benjamin Loubet, Monique Y. Leclerc, Giorgio Matteucci, Zoltan Nagy, Janusz Olejnik, Kyaw Tha Paw U, and Andrej Varlagin

Articles from 2015

Behavior-Based Aggregation of Land Categories for Temporal Change Analysis, Safaa Zakaria Aldwaik, Jeffrey A. Onsted, and Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr.

Predators help protect carbon stocks in blue carbon ecosystems, Trisha B. Atwood, Rod M. Connolly, Euan G. Ritchie, Catherine E. Lovelock, Michael R. Heithaus, Graeme C. Hays, James W. Fourqurean, and Peter I. Macreadie

Evaluation of RADARSAT-2 Acquisition Modes for Wetland Monitoring Applications, Brian Brisco, Kevin Murnaghan, Shimon Wdowinski, and Sang-Hoon Hong

Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Based Profiling of Alkyl Coumarates and Ferulates in Two Species of Cattail (Typha domingensis P., and Typha latifolia L.), Ding He, Bernd R.T. Simoneit, Blanca Jara, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Occurrence and Distribution of Monomethylalkanes in the Freshwater Wetland Ecosystem of the Florida Everglades, Ding He, Bernd R.T. Simoneit, Blanca Jara, and Rudolf Jaffe´


Evaluation of Polarimetric SAR Decomposition for Classifying Wetland Vegetation Types, Sang-Hoon Hong, Hyun-Ok Kim, Shimon Wdowinski, and Emanuelle Feliciano

Connecting Groundwater and Surface Water Sources in Groundwater Dependent Coastal Wetlands and Estuaries: Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, Quintana Roo, Mexico, David Lagomasino, René M. Price, Jorge Herrera-Silvera, Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Gonzalo Merediz-Alonso, and Yadira Gomez-Hernandez

Modeling the Impact of Restoration Efforts on Phosphorus Loading and Transport through Everglades National Park, FL, USA, Stephanie A. Long, Georgio I. Tachiev, Robert Fennema, Amy Cook, Michael C. Sukop, and Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm


Ecosystem Resistance in the Face of Climate Change: a case study from the freshwater marshes of the Florida Everglades, Sparkle L. Malone, Cynthia Keough, Christina L. Staughammer, Michael G. Ryan, William J. Parton, Paulo Olivas, Steve F. Oberbauer, Jessica Schedlbauer, and Gregory Starr

On the Mismatch Between Salinity Tolerance and Preference for an Invasive Fish: A Case for Incorporating Behavioral Data into Niche Modeling, Jennifer S. Rehage, D. P. Lopez, and J. E. Serafy

Reciprocal Transplant Reveals Trade-off of Resource Quality and Predation Risk in the Field, Clifton B. Ruehl and Joel C. Trexler

Environmental Assessment of Vegetation and Hydrological Conditions in Everglades Freshwater Marshes using Multiple Geochemical Proxies, Colin J. Saunders, Min Gao, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Utilization of PARAFAC-Modeled Excitation-Emission Matrix (EEM) Fluorescence Spectroscopy to Identify Biogeochemical Processing of Dissolved Organic Matter in a Northern Peatland, Malak M. Tfaily, Jane E. Corbett, Rachel S. Wilson, Paul H. Glaser, Kaelin M. Cawley, Rudolf Jaffe´, and William T. Cooper


Associations Between the Molecular and Optical Properties of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Florida Everglades, a Model Coastal Wetland System, Sasha Wagner, Rudolf Jaffe´, Kaelin Cawley, Thorston Dittmar, and Aron Stubbins

Articles from 2014


Seasonal Evapotranspiration Patterns in Mangrove Forests, Jordan G. Barr, Marcia S. DeLonge, and Jose D. Fuentes


Understanding Coastal Carbon Cycling by Linking Top- Down and Bottom-Up Approaches, Jordan G. Barr, Tiffany Troxler-Gann, and Raymond G. Najjar

Climate Extremes Drive Changes in Functional Community Structure, Ross E. Boucek and Jennifer S. Rehage

Examining the Effectiveness of Consumer Diet Sampling as a Nonnative Detection Tool in a Subtropical Estuary, Ross E. Boucek and Jennifer S. Rehage

Temporal Variability of Carbon and Nutrient Burial, Sediment Accretion, and Mass Accumulation over the Past Century in a Carbonate Platform Mangrove Forest of the Florida Everglades., Joshua L. Breithaupt, Joseph M. Smoak, Thomas J. Smith III, and Christian J. Sanders


Relating Freshwater Flow with Estuarine Water Quality in the Southern Everglades Mangrove Ecotone, Henry O. Briceño, Gabriel Miller, and Stephen E. Davis III

Ocean Acidification Outweighs Nutrient Effects in Structuring Seagrass Epiphyte Communities, Justin E. Campbell and James W. Fourqurean

Evaluation of Forest Disturbance Legacy Effects on Dissolved Organic Matter Characteristics in Streams at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, Kaelin M. Cawley, John Campbell, Melissa Zwilling, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Using Optical Properties to Quantify Fringe Mangrove Inputs to the Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) Pool in a Subtropical Estuary, Kaelin M. Cawley, Youhei Yamashita, Nagamitsu Maie, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Biogeochemical Effects of Simulated Sea Level Rise on Carbon Loss in an Everglades Mangrove Peat Soil, Lisa G. Chambers, Stephen E. Davis, Tiffany Troxler-Gann, Joseph N. Boyer, Alan Downey-Wall, and Leanord J. Scinto

Biogeochemical Effects of Simulated Sea Level Rise on Carbon Loss in an Everglades Mangrove Peat Soil, Lisa G. Chambers, Stephen E. Davis, Tiffany Troxler-Gann, Joseph N. Boyer, Alan Downey-Wall, and Leonard J. Scinto


Effect of Water Management on Interannual Variation in Bulk Soil Properties from the Eastern Coastal Everglades, R. M. Chambers, R. L. Hatch, and T. M. Russell

Photo- and Bio-reactivity Patterns of Dissolved Organic Matter from Biomass and Soil Leachates and Surface Waters in a Subtropical Wetland, Meillian Chen and Rudolf Jaffe´

The Degree of Urbanization Across the Globe is not Reflected in the δ15N of Seagrass Leaves, Bart Christiaen, Rebecca J. Bernard, Behzad Mortazavi, Just Cebrian, and Alice C. Ortmann


Restoring the Heart of the Everglades: The Challenges and Benefts, Stephen E. Davis, G. Melodie Naja, and Aida Arik

Environmental Dynamics of Dissolved Black Carbon in Wetlands, Yan Ding, Kaelin M. Cawley, Catia Nunes da Cunha, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Dissolved Black Carbon in Boreal Forest and Glacial Rivers of Central Alaska: Assessment of Biomass Burning Versus Anthropogenic Sources, Yan Ding, Youhei Yamashita, Jeremy Jones, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Tropical Cyclone Impacts on Coastal Regions: the Case of the Yucatán and the Baja California Peninsulas, Mexico, Luis M. Farfan, Eurico J. D'Sa, Kam-biu Liu, and Victor H. Rivera-Monroy

Assessing Mangrove Above-Ground Biomass and Structure using Terrestrial Laser Scanning: A Case Study in the Everglades National Park, Emanuelle A. Feliciano, Shimon Wdowinski, and Matthew D. Potts

Boundary Effects on Benthic Microbial Phosphorus Concentrations and Diatom Beta Diversity in a Hydrologically-modified, Nutrient-limited Wetland, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Pamela Sullivan, Franco A.C. Tobias, Andrew J. Bramburger, and Joel C. Trexler


Seasonal Fish Dispersal in Ephemeral Wetlands of the Florida Everglades, Charles W. Goss, William F. Loftus, and Joel C. Trexler

Evaluating Effects of Everglades Restoration on American Crocodile Populations in South Florida Using a Spatially-Explicit, Stage-Based Population Model, Timothy W. Green, Daniel H. Slone, Eric D. Swain, Michael S. Cherkiss, Melinda Lohman, Frank J. Mazzotti, and Kenneth G. Rice


Ecological Homogenization of Urban USA, Peter M. Groffman, Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Neil D. Bettez, J Morgan Grove, Sharon J. Hall, James B. Heffernan, Sarah E. Hobbie, Kelli L. Larson, Jennifer L. Morse, Christopher Neill, Kristen Nelson, Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne, Laura Ogden, Diane E. Pataki, Colin Polsky, Rinku Roy Chowdhury, and Meredith K. Steele


Timescales for Detecting a Significant Acceleration in Sea Level Rise, Ivan D. Haigh, Thomas Wahl, Eelco J. Rohling, René M. Price, Charitha B. Pattiaratchi, Francisco M. Calafat, and Sönke Dangendorf


Genetic Evidence for Multiple Sources of the Non-Native Fish Cichlasoma urophthalmus (Günther; Mayan Cichlids) in Southern Florida, Elizabeth Harrison, Joel C. Trexler, Timothy M. Collins, Ella Vazquez-Domínguez, Ulises Razo-Mendivil, Wilfredo A. Maramoros, and Christian Barrientos

Assessing Source Contributions to Particulate Organic Matter in a Subtropical Estuary: A biomarker approach, Ding He, Ralph N. Mead, Olivia Pisani, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Analysis and Simulation of Propagule Dispersal and Salinity Intrusion from Storm Surge on the Movement of a Marsh–Mangrove Ecotone in South Florida, Jiang Jiang, Donald L. DeAngelis, Gordon H. Anderson, and Thomas J. Smith III

Recent Fish Introductions Into Everglades National Park: An Unforeseen Consequence of Water Management?, Jeffrey L. Kline, William F. Loftus, Kevin Kotun, Joel C. Trexler, Jennifer S. Rehage, Jerome J. Lorenz, and Michelle Robinson

Examining Seasonally Pulsed Detrital Transport in the Coastal Everglades Using a Sediment Tracing Technique, Gregory R. Koch, Scot Hagerthey, Daniel L. Childers, and Evelyn E. Gaiser

Taylor Slough Hydrology, Kevin Kotun and Amy Renshaw

Estimating Major Ion and Nutrient Concentrations in Mangrove Estuaries in Everglades National Park Using Leaf and Satellite Reflectance, David Lagomasino, René M. Price, Dean Whitman, Petya K.E. Campbell, and Assefa M. Melesse

Morphology and Typification of Mastogloia Smithii and M. Lacustris, with Descriptions of Two New Species from the Florida Everglades and the Caribbean Region, Sylvia S. Lee, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Bart Van De Vijver, Mark B. Edlund, and Sarah A. Spaulding

Benthic Exchange of C, N, and P Along the Estuarine Ecotone of Lower Taylor Slough, Florida (USA): Effect of Seasonal Flows and Phosphorus Availability, Kung Jen Liu, Hsuiu Ping Li, and Stephen E. Davis III


A Review of the Effects of Altered Hydrology and Salinity on Vertebrate Fauna and Their Habitats in Northeastern Florida Bay, Jerome J. Lorenz


The Relationship Between Water Level, Prey Availability and Reproductive Success in Roseate Spoonbills Foraging in a Seasonally-Flooded Wetland While Nesting in Florida Bay, Jerome J. Lorenz

Effects of Land Use on Sources and Ages of Inorganic and Organic Carbon in Temperate Headwater Streams, Yue Han Lu, James E. Bauer, Elizabeth A. Canuel, R. M. Chambers, Youhei Yamashita, Rudolf Jaffe´, and Amy Barrett


Dissolved Organic Matter Dynamics in the Oligo/Meso-Haline Zone of Wetland-Influenced Coastal Rivers, Nagamitsu Maie, Satoshi Sekiguchi, Akira Watanabe, Kiyoshi Tsitsuki, Youhei Yamashita, Lulie Melling, Kaelin M. Cawley, Eikichi Shima, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Seasonal Patterns in Energy Partitioning of Two Freshwater Marsh Ecosystems in the Florida Everglades, Sparkle L. Malone, Christina L. Staudhammer, Henry W. Loescher, Paulo Olivas, Steven F. Oberbauer, Michael G. Ryan, Jessica Schedlbauer, and Gregory Starr


El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Enhances CO2 Exchange Rates in Freshwater Marsh Ecosystems in the Florida Everglades, Sparkle L. Malone, Christina L. Staudhammer, Steve F. Oberbauer, Paulo Olivas, Michael G. Ryan, Jessice L. Schedlbauer, Henry W. Loescher, and Gregory Starr


Multi-Tissue Stable Isotope Analysis and Acoustic Telemetry Reveal Seasonal Variability in the Trophic Interactions of Juvenile Bull Sharks in a Coastal Estuary, Philip Matich and Michael R. Heithaus

Distribution of Diatoms Along Environmental Gradients in the Charlotte Harbor, Florida (USA), Estuary and Its Watershed: Implications for Bioassessment of Salinity and Nutrient Concentrations, Emily R. Nodine and Evelyn E. Gaiser

Evidence of Recent Phosphorus Enrichment in Surface Soils of Taylor Slough and Northeast Everglades National Park, T. Z. Osborne, K. R. Reddy, L. R. Ellis, N. G. Aumen, D. D. Surratt, M. S. Zimmerman, and J. Sadle

Perceptions and Preferences of Commercial Fishers for Dedicated Access Privilege Framework in a Multispecies Fishery, Brett Pierce and Pallab Mozumder

Turning Passive Detection Systems into Field Experiments: An Application Using Wetland Fishes and Enclosures to Track Fine-Scale Movement and Habitat Choice, Jennifer S. Rehage, Ross E. Boucek, E. A. Cline, M. I. Cook, R. M. Kobza, and Amartya Saha

Fish Community Responses to the Combined Effects of Decreased Hydroperiod and Nonnative Fish Invasions in a Karst Wetland: Are Everglades Solution Holes Sinks for Native Fishes?, Jennifer S. Rehage, S. E. Liston, K. J. Dunker, and W. F. Loftus

Fish Community Responses to the Combined Effects of Decreased Hydroperiod and Nonnative Fish Invasions in a Karst Wetland: Are Everglades Solution Holes Sinks for Native Fishes?, Jennifer S. Rehage, S. E. Liston, K. J. Dunker, and W. F. Loftus

Fluorescence Characteristics of Size-Fractionated Dissolved Organic Matter: Implications for a Molecular Assembly Based Structure?, Cristina Romera-Castillo, Meilian Chen, Youhei Yamashita, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Fluorescence Characteristics of Size-Fractionated Dissolved Organic Matter: Implications for a Molecular Assembly Based Structure?, Cristina Romero-Castillo, Meilian Chen, Youhei Yamashita, and Rudolf Jaffe´

New Record of Everglades Mink in Everglades National Park from the Stomach of an American Alligator, Adam Rosenblatt, James C. Nifong, Michael R. Heithaus, Mark W. Parry, and Frank J. Mazzotti

Are Seeds Consumed by Crocodilians Viable? A Test of the Crocodilian Saurochory Hypothesis, Adam Rosenblatt, Scott Zona, Michael R. Heithaus, and Frank J. Mazzotti

Compositional Effects of Sea-Level Rise in a Patchy Landscape: The Dynamics of Tree Islands in the Southeastern Coastal Everglades, Michael S. Ross, Jay P. Sah, J. F. Meeder, Pablo L. Ruiz, and G. Telesnicki


Trajectories of Vegetation Response to Water Management in Taylor Slough, Everglades National Park, Florida, Jay P. Sah, Michael S. Ross, S. Saha, P. Minchin, and J. Sadle


Towards a Cohesive, Holistic View of Top Predation: A Definition, Synthesis and Perspective, Fabrizio Sergio, Oswald J. Schmitz, Charles J. Krebbs, Robert D. Holt, Michael R. Heithaus, Aaron J. Wirsing, William J. Ripple, Euan Ritchie, David Ainley, Daniel Oro, Yadvendradev Jhala, Fernando Hiraldo, and Erkki Korpimäki

Metacommunity Structure Along Resource and Disturbance Gradients in Everglades Wetlands, Eric R. Sokol, J. Mathew Hoch, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Joel C. Trexler

Hydrologic Dynamics of a Subtropical Estuary Using Geochemical Tracers, Celestún, Yucatan, Mexico, Jeremy C. Stalker, René M. Price, Vicotr H. Rivera-Monroy, Jorge Herrera-Silverira, Jorge A. Benitez, and David Alonzo-Parra

The Effect of Nutrient-Rich Effluents from Shrimp Farming on Mangrove Soil Carbon Storage and Geochemistry Under Semi-Arid Climate Conditions in Northern Brazil, M. Suarez-Abelenda, T. O. Ferreira, M. Camps-Arbestain, V. H. Rivera-Monroy, F. Macias, G. N. Nobrega, and X. L. Otero

The Influence of Vegetation on the Hydrodynamics and Geomorphology of a Tree Island in Everglades National Park (Florida, United States), Pamela L. Sullivan, Vic Engel, Michael S. Ross, and René M. Price

Wetland Ecosystem Response to Hydrologic Restoration and Management: The Everglades and its Urban- Agricultural Boundary (FL, USA), Pamela L. Sullivan, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Donatto Surratt, David T. Rudnick, Stephen E. Davis, and Fred H. Sklar

The Role of Recharge and Evapotranspiration as Hydraulic Drivers of Ion Concentrations in Shallow Groundwater on Everglades Tree Islands, Florida (USA), Pamela L. Sullivan, René M. Price, Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Michael S. Ross, Leanord J. Scinto, Thomas W. Dreschel, and Eric Cline

The Role of Recharge and Evapotranspiration as Hydraulic Drivers of Ion Concentrations in Shallow Groundwater on Everglades Tree Islands, Florida (USA), Pamela L. Sullivan, René M. Price, Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Michael S. Ross, Leonard Scinto, and Thomas W. Dreschel

The Influence of Hydrologic Restoration on Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in a Karst Wetland, the Everglades (FL, USA), Pamela L. Sullivan, René M. Price, Jessica L. Schedlbauer, Amartya Saha, and Evelyn E. Gaiser


Applying Downscaled Global Climate Model Data to a Hydrodynamic Surface-Water and Groundwater Model, Eric Swain, Lydia Stefanova, and Thomas Smith

Photo-Reactivity of Natural Dissolved Organic Matter from Fresh to Marine Waters in the Florida Everglades, USA, Stephen A. Timko, Cristina Romera-Castillo, Rudolf Jaffe´, and William J. Cooper

Drivers of Decadal-Scale Change in Southern Everglades Wetland Macrophyte Communities of the Coastal Ecotone, Tiffany G. Troxler, Daniel L. Childers, and Christopher J. Madden

In Situ Response of Phytoplankton to Nutrient Additions in a Tropical Coastal Lagoon, (La Mancha, Veracruz, Mexico), Francisco Varona-Cordero, Francisco J. Gutierrez-Mendieta, and Victor H. Rivera-Monroy

Molecular Characterization of Dissolved Black Nitrogen via Electrospray Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry, Sasha Wagner, Thorsten Dittman, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Composition of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in Rivers Associated with Wetlands, Akira Watanabe, Kiyoshi Tsutsuki, Yudzuru Inoue, Nagamitsu Maie, Lulie Melling, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Cross-fertilizing Aquatic and Terrestrial Research to Understand Predator Risk Effects, Aaron J. Wirsing, Michael R. Heithaus, and Alejandro Frid

Assessing Dissolved Organic Matter Dynamics and Source Strengths in a Subtropical Estuary: Application of Stable Carbon Isotopes and Optical Properties, Chao Ya, William T. Anderson, and Rudolf Jaffe´

Articles from 2013


Relative roles of dispersal dynamics and competition in determining the isotopic niche breadth of a wetland fish, Robin N. Abbey-Lee, Evelyn E. Gaiser, and Joel C. Trexler

Paleoenvironmental change in wetlands of the Florida Everglades, southeast USA, William T. Anderson and Evelyn E. Gaiser

Stoichiometry, growth, and fecundity responses to nutrient enrichment by invertebrate grazers in sub-tropical turtle grass (Thalassia testudinum) meadows, Lesley P. Baggett, Kenneth L. Heck Jr., Thomas A. Frankovich, Anna R. Armitage, and James W. Fourqurean


Modeling Light Use Efficiency in a Subtropical Mangrove Forest Equipped with CO2 Eddy Covariance °C, Jordan G. Barr


Summertime Influences of Tidal Energy Advection on the Surface Energy Balance in a Mangrove Forest, Jordan G. Barr, J. D. Fuentes, M. S. DeLonge, T. L. O'Halloran, and J. C. Zeiman