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Master of Science


Music Education

First Advisor's Name

Catherine Rand

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Committee Chair

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Erskine Dottin

Third Advisor's Name

Janet Duguay Kirsten


Performance Anxiety, Adjudicator Influence, Sight Reading, Band

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The primary purpose of this research paper was to study performance anxiety among middle school students during a sight-reading audition. Furthermore, this sutdy asks whether the manner in which directions are presented by the sight-reading adjudicator during the course of an audition has significant impact on the performance outcome.

Participants (n=75) were middle school students attending a highly rated band program in the Miami-Dade County (Miami, FL) area. By use of investigator-derived surveys, levels of trait and state anxiety were determined before and after the sight-reading performance.

Means and standard deviations were calculated for perceived anxiety and for the resulting scores of the performance. A t-testcompared the control and experimental groups perceived level of anxiety, where statistically significant results were found at the p<.05 level. A t-test revealed a statistically significant difference between the experimental and control groups in regards to performance outcome at the p<.10 level.