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Biomedical Engineering

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Anuradha Godavarty

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Committee Chair

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Armando Barreto

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Wei-Chiang Lin


Optical Imaging, Breast Cancer Diagnostics, Automation, Optical Tracking, Co-Registration

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The Optical Imaging Laboratory has developed a hand-held optical imaging system that is capable of 3D tomographic imaging. However, the imaging system is limited by longer imaging times, and inaccuracy in the positional tracking of the hand-held probe. Hence, the objective is to improve the performance of the imaging system by improving imaging time and positional accuracy. This involves: (i) development of automated single Labview-based software towards near real-time imaging; and (ii) implementation of an alternative positional tracking device (optical) towards improved positional accuracy during imaging. Experimental studies were performed using cubical tissue phantoms (1% Liposyn solution) and 0.45-cc fluorescence target(s) placed under various conditions. The studies demonstrated a 90% reduction in the imaging time (now ~27 sec/image) and also an increase from 94% to 97% in the positional accuracy of the hand-held probe. Performance enhancements in the hand-held optical imaging system have improved its potential towards clinical breast imaging.