Models Describing the Sea level rise in Key West, Florida

Karm-E Jean, Florida International University

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Lately, we have been noticing an unusual rise in the sea level near many Floridian cities. By 2060, scientists believe that the sea level in the city of Key West will reach between 22.86 to 60.96 centimeters (Strauss et al. 2012). The consequences of sea level rise are unpleasant by gradually tearing away our beaches and natural resources, destroying our homes and businesses, etc. Definitively, a continual increase of the sea level will affect everyone either directly or indirectly. In this study, the sea level measurements of four Floridian coastal cities (including Key West) are collected in order to describe their trend toward sea level rise over the past 100 years. After the comparisons, some models describing the sea level rise in the city of Key West, Florida, are developed. Any inferences for these above cities may well be extended to similar ones.