The English Department at Florida International University teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Literature, Creative Writing, Writing & Rhetoric, Linguistics, Film Studies, and Exile Studies. Originally established in 1965, the English Department operates on two campuses in Miami-Dade County and at the FIU Pines Center in Broward County. In addition, faculty members teach in several programs overseas at partnering universities and colleges. Distinguished faculty in the English Department regularly earn both recognitions and accomplishments locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally


Submissions from 2015


Cognitive Reserve in Parkinson’s Disease: The Effects of Welsh-English Bilingualism on Executive Function, John V. Hindle, Pamela A. Martin-Forbes, Alexandra J.M. Bastable, Kirstie L. Pye, Anthony Martyr, Christopher J. Whitaker, Fergus I.M. Craik, Ellen Bialystok, Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole, and Linda Clare


Interface strategies in monolingual and end-state L2 Spanish grammars are not that different, Maria C. Parafita-Couto, Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole, and Hans Stadthagen-Gonzalez

Submissions from 2014


Does language dominance affect cognitive performance in bilinguals? Lifespan evidence from preschoolers through older adults on card sorting, Simon, and metalinguistic tasks, Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole, Enlli M. Thomas, Ivan Kennedy, Cynog Prys, Nia Young, Nestor Vinas Guasch, Emily J. Roberts, Emma J. Roberts, and Leah Jones