The Selective Advantages of Anthocyanins in Developing Leaves of Mango and Cacao

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Althought he developingl eaves of mango and cacao containa ppreciablec oncentrationosf anthocyaninns ot presenti n mature leaves,t hesec ompoundsa re a smallp roportiono f the totalp henolicc oncentrationF.o r thisa nd otherr easonsa nthocyanindso not seem to be importantin the developingl eaves as: (1) a screena gainstu ltravioletr adiation;( 2) a mechanismf ore levatingl eaf temperature(;3 ) a means of defenseo r aposematicc olorationa gainsth erbivorya;n d (4) a part of any postulatedp hysiological mechanism,a s photosynthesiAs.n thocyanico lorationm ay be a by-producto f the metabolismo f otherf lavonoidc ompoundsi n theser apidlyg rowingo rgans.

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